Monday, March 17, 2014

Four Characteristics of Bad Holes

I try to engage further with psychoanalysis, without using their ideas. It is my own ideas but could coincide with theirs or use their type of discourse.
First characteristic of bad hole is that IT likes to talk with you. Its talk is not friendly. It talks as if it has got its authority from the god, or as if you are its slave or a child under its guardianship. It talks only to blame you as if you have done an unforgiveable sin. Remember, story of Adam and garden. Satan seduced man to something then god forgave man. If the sin was serious god would not forgive him. Seriousness of the sin is the blame that man receives from Satan. You can sort out things with god but you can't with Satan. You are from the material of god but you have not anything with Satan. Satan is like a shadow and you can't fight with a shadow. Bad hole means lack of something. It looks real since you are the real one.

Second, the bad hole tries to connect to your body and asserts itself. Bad hole has not a body and needs your body to move around and brings the dormant bad holes into the life such that in human society only bad holes move around and human succumbs to their overwhelming dominance and human race becomes annihilated.  Later we'll see if the bad holes can get enough soldiers they will annihilate the entire universe. That is a future proposition that we might infer from our arguments. Well, back to dance-floor, you might become ashamed not joining the boogie and that is a somatic condition triggered by the bad hole. When you are bashful, your body is passing a stage synchronising with state of your mind. Your mind is busy analysing the environment and planning strategies to attach to social lattice. It commands secretion of a modest amount of chemical to engage with situation. It is a good potion for the body. You have seen a four-year-old child  taken to a friend's house. At the beginning she is silent and "polite" and behaving, sitting in an armchair next to mum. You say that he is bashful. After an hour you have to leave the friend to take the child out before she demolishes your friend's house beyond any economical repair. Therefore, that shyness is part of human nature and fades upon reconnaissance of place . One is not sure if the visiting environment is friendly or hostile. It is not fear (which is a kind of shyness and vice versa). It is not a sin (again shyness). "God put me in this garden. I am not sure if that tree is something edible or poisonous. But, anyway, I am bashful to approach and examine. Let me wait for a while and then taste." And, after a couple of days, god has to take you out before you demolish the garden beyond any repair. At the point that you are bashful to examine, bad hole finds the opportunity to realise itself towards becoming existing. It compresses all the information of that point of the time-space-chemistry-etc. in a code, adds fear to it and save it somewhere for ITS own future reference. How can IT do that job? Where in nature you have seen that a chunk of information can be encapsulated? Yes, remember ants. The ant who returns from its search gets encapsulated information of the address of its colony from the coming ants and gives encapsulated information of address of the food to them: "Where is the queen?" and the other "Where is the food that you have found?" And we said, "Where is the path to brain?" and next door neuron or something asks, "Where is the point of burning?" When the ant gets to home it is yet another ant; he cannot remember where was the food. He only remember the address of colony. When signal of burning gets to brain then it is not burning anymore; it is a pain inside the brain

Third specification of the bad hole is that it creates dreams. When you are sleeping, you are rejuvenating your body. Your mind allows your body to sort out itself and make up for sufferings you have received during the day. Your mind allows its slave to rest. Primitive man in nature had another way of sleeping. Modern man should wake up and connect with and check the environment every ninety minutes. That is similar to the point that you were bashful. You are excited to face the arena. It is deeper than entering your friend's and chemicals are more readily available for the bad hole to jump. Your mind does not accompany you as coordinated as should be. While you are in preparation, the bad hole makes your cognition full of the scattered points of bashfulness capsules.

Last characteristic is that the bad hole, upon acquiring certain level of control over you, starts to talk with people. IT completely overpower you in many arenas of activity where IT has got its keys to switch you off.

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