Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pain of Messiah

Beginning of our arguement is pain. We say Christ was suffered for the sin of man. So if we want to ask god for alternative creation of world, a world relieved of pain why should that god's incipience should be accompanied by pain? Is it similar to delivering a child accompanied with pain of labour?

Significance of Time

We have come to this point of discussion that there is a material world outside of us, or inside of our mind that overpowers us and there is "us" who wants to overpower that world. We are used to idea of god outside of time and place, out of this material world and the world as its creation, if we believe to such being. Then we say a saviour comes at the beginning of each millennium. We never ask ourselves, "For such almighty being what is the significance of a millennium, specially now with the apparent knowledge that we have accrued regarding events in that have happened in the universe in billions of years. Hence, we do not enter the present discourse if we want to put our basics upon things such as "Why the almighty has not created all of us with the highest qualities that we desire and within an environment that is ideal for our perpetual joy?" Or when disaster happens to us, "Why the almighty repeatedly and on a minute by minute basis does not intervene and relieve our disasters and we should toil overcoming difficulties of material world with a promise - never reported by anybody as being verified - of a bless after death from this material world?" If already we are engraved with these ideas, usually we do not approach to such domains of discussions that we have here. In that case we belong to a group of "others" with "other" outlooks and attitudes. They might become converted in future and enlightened with "other" ideas and then come back and taste yet "other" outlooks and horizons, our outlooks and horizons. For those who are interested n present discussion, "They should wash them of any judgements they ever had." This is the meaning of baptizing.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Messiah Is the Perfect Human

But nature is not a simple domain of understanding except with an open eye. Using knowledge and science and arguments of reason is subject to variation in different individuals. Messiah is not an idea dedicated to a certain group of learned people. There is something common, but, in all levels and stages of material world. Dead crystals of matter grow layer by layer to augment and fill more space. Simple building blocks of universe make themselves in more organised shapes. Plants grow to touch more lights from environment and animals move around with curiosity to find out more until their curiosity shapes something transcendental as human "mind." And human mind, still searches in hope of a higher level of beingness. This belongs to all human being as a generality not particularity of learned individual. Messiah says now, "There is no individuality!" We have only one. That one is Messiah, the Perfect Human who suffers for the ancient sin of man.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Messiah Is Understandable

All that discussion is aimed at the result that if one is to accept ideas such as Messiah and Antichrist, then arguments and evidences should be limited to whatever that limits the others: all should be explainable within usual of this material world. Does that mean that these are just symbols, as many followers of religions interpret theirs? Answer from Messiah is not affirmative. Messiah is a real human in this side. He is the "perfect human." Antichrist looks in all aspects like a human being in this side. IT is the "perfect enemy" of human being, the "perfect plotter." These two are not symbols within "now." They'll be symbols in future generations when saved humans help to salvage other human beings.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reason for Being

My raison d'etre that is the reason for coming in this world is to prove that such a being, Ahriman or Satan can exist. You have different pictures in your mind as "Antichrist" or "Satan" or "Ahriman" or "Devile" that has come as symbolic description of that entity. It is not correct that to believe that Antichrist is a being that has horns and tail and teeth like knife and fiery eyes or having hoofs instead of feet. There is no way that in nature such things can be created without being related to other creations of nature, without evolution and without having any relation with human realities. Devil should be in a way that Christ can prove ITS existence, using the reasonings and knowledge of human, but put humans on a fork road branching of believing or denial in ordinary capabilities of ordinary people such that non-believers cannot bring excuse that they had offered something beyond the grasp of human mind and believers accept it by reason not by dogma. Motive of believers should be faith and not gaining power and wealth over the other people and non-believers should not believe upon regret of loss of power and wealth, but should come forward as a conversion and transcend of mind. It is not true also to attribute normal disabilities of human beings to Ahriman as a sign for recognizing IT. Those disabilities such as having one blind eye or limping or crawling on the earth are partly stigmas usual at ancient times to show hostility towards enemies, used to show enemity to Devil and partly they were symbols for enlightening human beings about behaviour of Devil.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Antichrist Is a Blank in the Darkness

I use the pronoun [IT] and adjective [ITS] for the Antichrist. I sometimes use this bracket [ ] to underline it. It is due to the fact that I use English language and in this language "he" is used for referring to male and "she" refers to female. The Antichrist is not male or female or any object of human relation such as an animal. IT is a non-being. IT is a pseudo being. IT is a blank in a blank background that cannot be seen. How can you recognize a blank in a blank background? You should dye IT with some paint. IT is painted with carcass of a human. IT is a darkness in a pitch dark background. IT can be seen by reflecting light that IT steals from Messiah. IT is in thirst of that light. It is the reason that IT chases Messiah, 'The Christ'.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christ and Antichrist and Impostor-christ

Coming of Messiah needs only three elements to be realized: Christ, Antichrist, and impostor-Christ. Christ or Messiah is the holly saviour of human. Antichrist is the enemy of human and enemy of Christ. Impostor-Christ is the tool of Antichrist and the horse of ITS carriage. Christ has two entity or two sides. One side is heavenly and godly and the other side is His earthly, human entity. Antichrist is not a human. It has carcass of human that drags IT around and makes IT able to talk. It lacks human soul. Impostor-Christ is a human with two sides: one devilish side attached to the will of Antichrist. His other side is a human in ambition of gaining power of god over all humans. He works for Antichrist to learn from IT how he can reach to this materialistic power. Antichrist is something like an ape. IT is enemy of human like a germ not for having any human aim. IT just wants not human exists by instinct not by having a goal. This two complete each other Impostor provides for Antichrist and Antichrist promises power to him, in return.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A One-man Army

How One man could convince other people that he is the promised Messiah. What characteristics and attributes he has got that others do not have? I discuss these things for any possible period of time until only one person becomes convinced. That is, then, the end of Messiah's mission on earth. From that one person many come in future generations. It is like creation of Adam. Up to this point is anything non-scientific? Is anything against the evolution and physics and biology? Could you solve the story of creation of "man" from a single one?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Messiah Is not a Preacher

You should not confuse me with a preacher, or a monk, a rabbi, or a mullah or similar individuals. I have come to accredit all of them and to eradicate all of them.

Obstacles on the Road

Before I advertise my mission, I should clear the way for future believers many obstacles from the road.