Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is Anti-Christ?

That helps me to explain further what Satan could be. Messiah is not busy fighting Satan like a normal usual fight with goals ascribed to other affairs of humans. If it was that should not be categorised as something supernatural. That would be included into other famous entities and would be remembered in the same way. Messiah should have a unique mission and position not volunteered by other individuals. The position already offered to heavens, to earth to mountains and all rejected to accept. It should be the lowest so that all humans loath to accept. Should be the most difficult such that no other human can achieve to fulfill. See, Julius Caesar was living around the time of Jesus Christ. He has no attribution to us, people who are living right now. Everything around him are like him. They are not of significance to us let alone die or live for them. He was a political military leader with extreme capacity of a conqueror; a general, a statesman with power over a big part of earth that even in present time is almost impossible to rule in unification without dispute. All the time try to compare him with Jesus Christ with his donkey, his worn out robe with humble voice and demeanour. Well, you say statesmen and political and military leaders with any capacity cannot project them on a long history of humans. Everybody whether on the side of Jesus or against him approve this assertion. So this excludes Jesus Christ long standing position among humans due to he being a political leader. That also excludes the idea that He had been any type of rebellion or revolutionary leader since that capacity belongs to a man who is on the path to become a statesman or a general or a conqueror, like Julius Caesar, but perhaps with a bit more agreeable slogans. We do not know any instance of a rebellion leader who ever had come to lead the mind of humans for long enough time to rival the position of Jesus Christ. But we keep such an idea for further examinations. We compare a rebel with Jesus Christ to ratify appropriateness of that leader as a just leader. But, conversely, we never compare Jesus Christ with a rebel leader to ratify capacities of Jesus Christ. People follow Jesus not for his art of planing a rebel. There are certain zealots of religions who try to attribute such art to Jesus. That more happens in followers of Mohammad and Moses since these two messengers of god had to show some political leadership in certain part of their lives. Similarly, for Jesus we saw that he needed food and sleeping, and He said that he had an earthly material being as he appeared among the sons of man. We should separate these two parts and we are doing this.


For the reasons I wrote in previous post, people searching to know about "Messiah" when they come here or to the Messiah's website become disappointed of not finding what they want. They want Messiah follow them in their religions and their desires. They wrongly believe Messiah is something as their private asset to help them to fight with the rival local church or to a rival religion. They believe Messiah should repair their Mosques and temples and start a war with infidels and sides for a group. We know Jesus Christ said that He belonged to all humanity even those who committed atrocity to him. One can deprive himself from Messiah but Messiah cannot deprive Him from the others. If Messiah is the peace and justice crystallised in form of human how could he be property of a certain faith or certain aggregate of people. That fact is true for Abraham, and Moses and Mohammad and Buddha and Zoroaster, too. They belong to all humanity. They all were the same element cast in different times. Where they are there is no time passing by so they are only one. No time passing Him by; He passes by the time. They pass by the time, seen to the eyes of humans as different people. All came to humans to suffer and to show to human that Satan, is their enemies. Ahriman can exist and can be seen by material eyes in the material form and every time Antichrist cheats the human again with the same trick and human repeats the original sin, as if no lesson has learned and then Messiah pays for the sin of man with suffering anew and save the humanity towards eternity, towards eternal existence towards "coming here to stay!"