Saturday, December 07, 2013

Bad Holes are Independent Entities

You are eager to know if the bad hole is part of you or independent of you and what is "bad" in it. It is not part of you. "You," means all things which are in favour of you. Similar to good holes bad holes are out there waiting,  non-causal, until they attach to you by a cause. That cause is not related to you. If your dance partner has not received their cards or received it very late it is not your fault. This is the first step that you can take, to get rid of the bad holes. Viruses use the machinery of your cells into their possession and destroy the life or make it miserable. Cancer cells are human flesh but they are not part of the human body and their goal is not improve or sustaining life for the inflicted person. Psychoanalysis did not recognise this and confused them with you. I hope I can progress further, if Messiah stays with us. Bad hole jumps on your nerve like an independent living individual and ruin your night out. Otherwise, you can sit and enjoy many hours there. You need not to be one of the dancing individuals to have a pleasing time. You can sit and drink and watch the dancers. You can listen to different tunes played by the orchestra, enjoy the lighting and decoration of arena. Think about forms, sounds, solve something you had at the back of your mind from work, home, or school. Suddenly a bright idea could come to your head. You could easily feel being inside the social bonding of the dancing group firmly bound into their lattice. You are human with infinite dimensions to play with. But the bad hole knocks you only about the sole activity that you did not commite to: the dance. IT tries to blame you and keep you busy with its blame. You are being knocked. Your being blamed. IT is knocking. IT is blaming. It gives the feeling of humiliation by belittling you. The amount that you surrender to its influence, will be the amount of miserable feeling in you; that is being beaten and stung by an alien invisible enemy within you. You succumb to Satan - your enemy - in its burgeoning form. Psychoanalysis calls this a burgeoning neurosis. You avoid infinite activity of mind and accept surrender to some ignorable retreat.
Bad hole, even in its dwarf stage, like a good hole is a full human with all intelligence of a human. IT does not like to remain dwarf and unnoticed. IT wants to replace you in the society and fill you and move your physical body like a cloak, like a carcass of a zombie around and to show all the arts that it has, to other humans. IT likes to be mobile and flowing in society and activate dormant members of ITs kind inside the others into the rebellion phase. IT moves inside your psyche, inside your mind, your soul, you memory in search of pieces useful for its mission to tighten its grip on you. You have just missed an opportunity, a very unimportant one. Your partner could be with you and by all fairness one of you could be very tired from the daily chores and would prefer to sit and to talk. But the bad hole has no forgiveness for you. Bad hole wants to make a disaster from you are being left alone. Bad hole takes a full picture, a full copy of your psyche at that miserable situation with all shades, colours and details and keep it somewhere usurped in your memory for ITs future referral. It smears your soul with its own footprints and saliva and its insectile fecula.

Bad holes have four essential characteristics. They are in charge of creating almost all of your dreams. They create undesirable somatic discomfort. They talk to your psyche as if being an authorised in charge and owner of you and lastly they try to shut you down and talk in place of you with people, mostly through the body language and your unwanted lapse of tongue.

Most human beings experience them as dreams, and that is it. Then they talk about those dreams and sometimes believe them or become frightened and thoughtful of those dreams then the bad hole becomes satisfied. Bad hole tries to materialise itself from that launch pad.
Bad hole partially shuts down you.