Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Psychoanalyst?

They teach to children that during the Moses' time witches and their witchcraft were the most important feat one could achieve. During the Jesus' era medicine was considered the prodigy to follow. During Muhammad's time and place creating literature was what one should show to gain the attention of public. Perhaps you might think that I have selected psychoanalysis as people of our time are infatuated with that kind of rhetoric to be compelled to follow. In all of those childish catechisms you are wrong. It is the idea of preachers who believe these historical figures are extraordinary humans or demi-gods with perfections in talents of humans as the winners of some Olympiad games. I heard from one follower of Muhammad that formula for solving the quartic equations could be extracted from their holly book. He was familiar only with a high school basic algebra and that problem seemed very difficult for him. I have had a look at the holly books of Abraham's descendants including Muhammad and also at the holly books of Buddhists and Zoroastrians. There is nothing about witchcraft or medicine or literature or equations in them. You can exhaust all of them in one sentences: God is gracious and human has an enemy in a corner that is so easily can be seen but even god cannot over-power it. That was all. That entity, called Satan, wages a war against the God on the excuse of the "mistake" of god in creation of human. It knows that the God exists; in certitude, not like humans in all the time doubt. It knows that the God is almighty and omnipotent. It KNOWS. But in the face of god, It rebels. Modern humans, in spite of accepting the idea of god among ninety-five percent of them, if asked about their belief, become perplexed admitting such trivial contradicting story. Satan declares war against god but god has no asset to be violated but His humble creature, the man. (My Christian friend, now do you understand why Christ is the son of the Lord?) Such a vast universe is of no value for invasion of Satan except a feeble couple that god has created as His only sign of power. The amazing quad-polar neutron star was not enough for God to appreciate His own power. God could only be satisfied if a human discovers that. Hmm? Hence, Satan an angel in a corner unknown to god came out of its amorphous background he had among other angels at the same time that man was created. After finishing delivering Its ultimatum to god it sneaks into the Paradise, the honey moon resort god booked for the newly coupled, to corrupt the man and his wife.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

How to Win?

Hence, proton only stays but RNA stays and replicates. He builds him times and times again. He is one step upper. Man stays and replicates and "knows" that there should be one step upper than RNA. Proton has a doubt that he can stays so joggles all the time its constituents to become sure. RNA has doubt that it can stays and it actually has one of himself -replicated- in a corner. Hence it replicates and replicates. Man joggles with his mind all the time to quench the thirst of doubt he has got about being a mind. We know that there are myriad of stages between being a proton and being an RNA. There are myriads of stages between being an RNA and being a man. But those stages are not sharp enough to help to define a special position for them. We know there are groups of people who interpret world scientifically to deduce existence of God from those interpretations. For instance, they say there should come together say sixty or seventy factors to make the creation of life on earth possible. Say in solar system earth should be in a narrowly defined distance from the Sun and from the Jupiter and should have a moon of this size, pattern of radiation of the Sun, iron core of the earth, spatial coordination of carbon orbitals, polarity of water molecule and its amazing angle (between hydrogen bonds). Yes, I admit that it is fascinating but in terms of understanding of beyond they are not more amazing than this: How can you become millionaire in a night in a casino? Assume you  shuffle cards and the outcome of the shuffling be a straight flush for you. Are you a winner, guaranteed? Definitely, no; since you are a winner if at least one opponent has got a hand near to yours to multiply the table "pot." Best is that you shuffle in a way that everybody has got a good hand. Normally in the next round you lose all you have earned except that the same pattern of hands happens to you. If you win quite a few hands, some large size but otherwise polite employees of the casino inform you that you look too tired out to be allowed to remain in casino just due to their concern for your health. Hence, what is the likeliness that shuffling of brand new cards becomes tandem together for you and your opponents and with a fair casino who let you win all through the night? Now, try to figure out the likeliness of the next story. There are rare fluctuations in nature that break all the laws of nature based on pure statistics. For example, it can cause half of the water in the glass in front of you boils and the other half becomes frozen as the expense for boiling the other half. This is against the laws of thermodynamics, but it is probable. Any thermodynamic event can have such a free paid casino winning. What is the odd that you can take on a jet-liner and it takes you to your destination by such a gamble wining process? Having said that, there are fluctuations that can happen in a very remote future of the world even after all the black holes who devoured all the galaxis then, they themselves become evaporated and all the most stable nucleon of irons (which are even more stable than black holes) become evaporated and the universe turns to an amorphous uniform, almost in zero degree Kelvin, magma of "leptons" those fluctuations can act against the odds and do the impossible and create a world. The first hand is not a winner. Needs another fluctuation. The second hand is winner but has not good hands for opponents. It shuffles and serves hands until a tandem of shuffles and servings set you behind a computer but without a nose so the world collapse to another round of shuffling until everything is at their right and correct places as this moment. Next round of shuffles should sustain the physical laws of the universe to prevent its collapse back to an unknown situation. Why this story is probable but your casino night is not? It is because if you want to win in that way in the casino you should own all the money of the world and the night should be as long as a million nights. That amorphous magma has all the necessary materials and a time to infinity so it can shuffle and serve until it wins. As if children are playing with fake money and show their cards to their opponents when they feel pity for him. I told this story to say that those groups with their rare fascinating sixty seventy factors of life cannot over-power a serious atheist equipped with story of fluctuations. If you do that you are continuing to admit your ignorance. You have to retire your proposition until the next discovery amaze you. You cannot prove anything. Still, if you are a preacher of a religion you might decide that those amazing findings might help your audience to juggle with their minds to discover, what they can discover, alone into a conversion and transcend of their minds towards higher tiers of evolution.