Sunday, January 22, 2012

More on Holes and on Dance Floor

You know the room is full of holes waiting to grab an unpaired individual, when excited. I said that already: One individual enters the party without his couple accompanying him. He has left alone. All couples are dancing. He is watching. Until the music becomes more exciting and more groovy, then couples "coupling" becomes loose and also the lone boy becomes excited towards rugged edge of the dancing people and grabs the next girl at the edge nearest to him. The girl's partner grabs one from the inner crowd and so on. We said, assume at the same time a lone girl enters from the diagonally opposite door and starts the same process. We said each one has got an opposite sex hole with them. Therefore we have two holes in the room: one girl and one boy. We said we can actually arrange experiments to take picture from them. We said they are not as groovy as others but a bit sluggish. And there will be a point in the middle that they reach together. Now all people are paired. What happens to our hole couples? They go and sit on chairs at a corner waiting if new singled out individual arrives. They have not names. They are not invited. They do not know how to dance. They do not have any acquaintances in the crowd. They do not have a body of flesh materialised. They are just nobody. They just wait for a lonely individual and an excited dance floor to start to groove. How many of them exists? There is no difference. Holes do not exist at all. You can say, many pairs, or just one or just none, until the floor becomes degenerated: If you invite fifty couple and forty of them come singled then with no genre of musics you are able to excite the dance floor.