Sunday, August 07, 2011

Man in Panopticon

I have written frequently that my aim is not to prove the god and religion by using science. Modern science and the idea of god and religion as we know them are contradictory. I said that I do not mean that the idea of god is good for the psychological benefits of human and giving him comfort and insight for his daily behaviour or inspire and frighten him towards a better moral behaviour. Everything that you claim is so vast and vaguely understood by man that excludes me to commit. Each claim goes into the realm of dedicated scholarships of individuals and groups of people. Why should god sends his son or a messenger who has a very partial knowledge of human affairs let alone to help them to eternal salvage. Messiah only brings some news and some people could only believe him and mostly people could not believe except by conversion, by a sudden transformation of soul. I have shown the contradictory nature of these two discourse: science and religion. Hence, what is all that about the excitons and psychoanalysis? I want to show that there are things that are conceivable. I want to show that the idea of god and Satan is in the spectrum of human thoughts without creating a contradiction or using glib of preachers in bypassing and jumping over those contradictions. I want to show that if modern science tries in denying my argument it similarly has to jump and bypass its own contradictions. In this way I'll be able to demonstrate a unified outlook. Exciton is something in a spectrum - spectrum of artificial elements -  that has been created in a very unusual conditions. It is part of the nature but man cannot find it in the nature. On the other hand, I want to show that an instance of the language has been created by the modern man that puts locks and knots on the human mind and when the man tries to open it, that instance overpower the human mind and converts it to a new lock and knot such that when man believes that he is opening and opening he is sealing and locking and knotting. He makes the wall around his individuality thicker and thicker and imprison him in a prison that there is no escape for him but it is crystal clear and hurdle-less for intrusion of Satan and inflicting of pain, misery and hopelessness upon man. I want to show that we modern humans cannot and are not allowed to communicate with each other and when we do it, Satan assertively and immediately outreaches to us to punish us. This is the panopticon that some recent humans have recognised as the last retreat of humans into his loneliness.