Thursday, April 18, 2013

On Suffering of Jesus Christ and Flood

People say that Romans nailed the wrists of Jesus Christ to the cross and this was the suffering of the 'Son of the God'; he even did not die. He survived the cross! People also attribute to Jesus a lot of useless knowledge of every preacher that one should be kind with his neighbours and give a coin to beggars and so on. Accordingly, this is all that Jesus suffered for the stupid sin of someone (Adam) who lost easy life of paradise to hunger and death on the earth. And he did that for a humble apple, and it was because his wife intrigued him. What was the tool of the wife for intriguing? Before eating the apple they were not aware of the sexual organ of each other; peacefully were next to each other naked without noticing that they were naked. They even were not aware that they had that organ, let alone use it for intriguing or become intrigued. When there is no other man or woman around and no sexual life then what is the meaning of intriguing? Why human being needs such a nonsense story for generations and so vehemently embrace such a myth? You might say that it is symbolic. Then go and ask Pop or archbishops, or ayatollahs or rabies or Dalai Lama what is the meaning of the symbol. Do they know? No, only Jesus knows. In Roman Empire even a wealthy person could crucify his chef if the chef could not provide prestigiously for his special banquets, without any court or answering anybody. Every week Roman authorities crucified scores of people mostly innocent who had little children and were thirsty and had half grey beards and looked very humble in talking and demeanour.
In the stories we read that Noah had eight hundred years time to convince people that a flood would come and take them with, and Noah would be safe and  had the know-how to tell them how they could survive safely by joining to him. He received harassment and mockery and almost nobody joined to him and a lot of other unbelievable things such as flooding the earth to the top of highest mountains and taking all the animals to a humble one-man-made do-it-yourself ship. You say it is a nonsense fable, or it is a symbolic story about fights of human being against the nature. Your reasons are feasibility and possibility and so on. Why for many thousands years people have accepted this story? You say that they are fanatics. Well, why do they depict people of Noah's time so intellectual and objective? Why not those people were fanatics? Why they were not simpletons and scary and start to pray and beg Noah to do something for them to save them? They were intellectuals and asked Noah for hard evidence such as some satellite pictures and data and atmospheric models, but after them people lost their wisdom and started to believe in retrospect that such things had actually happened and they did not enquire for any evidence. Moreover, situation became reversed and non-believers became object of harassment and mockery.

My story is like that. No one will believe it as much as I try to write it down and expand it even in eight hundred years.