Sunday, May 31, 2009

Universe in Antique Mind

Considering the most recent religion. Its message comes to human around fourteen hundred years ago. What was the size of universe and also the attitude of humans at that time. Earth was limited to a twenty million square kilometer round the Mediterranean sea with boundaries in unknown places in western sides of India Central Asia, Caucasus north and south of Mediterranean sea and somewhere in Ethiopia. During six hundred years from Jesus Christ to Mohammad, individuals from Christendom had gone to expeditions further North, East and West of Europe, converted many but not all of scattered inhabitants of those regions. Earth was a lonely place in the universe inhabited by humans who were living just few miles far from the heaven above that was like a neighbourhood filled with Deity or deities and angles and familiar phenomena. God, from heaven or Olympus or similar places, all the time was watchful of its small dominion in Levant or Hellas or small islands of Polynesia in shape of an old man or a powerful father or a parrot and in constant need of golds and sacrifice and prayers and burning scents, who was administrating those people living there with immediate contingents of angles and daemons and thunders or diseases.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Messiah and Modern Science

Modern science, what ever created as experience of human in observing the nature from mostly sixteenth century to present times is based on the "objective" and empirical data gathered from such observations, in contrast to scholastic and "cloister walking" discussions and theories of pre-modern eras. This scientific "outlook" has been absorbed, digested, assimilated and integrated with the texture of the minds of all human beings who are living on the earth right now. This modern consciousness is regardless and usually opposing to the legacy of "faith" that modern people identify themselves as followers. As I said, Messiah cannot invite people to His righteousness by denying this new consciousness or declaring that all fossils and traces of birth of the earth and the sun and galaxies and big bangs are created by almighty six thousand years ago at the same time of creation of Adam to test us if we are believer or not. Neither Messiah can say that these are just theories and have not been proved yet. And He cannot say that He is reconciling the religions and their ancient books with modern science nor says that by careful reading of those texts one can find all theories of evolution and atoms and galaxies explained correctly in symbols and codes inside those texts. Messiah cannot say that those texts are for comfort of souls and invitation to psychological conversion of spirits in their own turn and modern knowledge is for the overcoming on the material world and the body and flesh of humans in another perspective. These are cliches of preachers and clerics to mostly run a successful career and personal life style. Messiah is the most important fact of nature and His invitation should not be confused and desecrated with such trivialities tested times and times again. Messiah suffers for the original sin of man. The sin that threw man out of Garden of Eden.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Millennium: A Rough Chronology

Is there a secrete in millenniums? I have created a rough chronology of messengers of God. Dates are not certain for humans. Already I discussed briefly if the time has a significance for God. I discuss further, but later. Adam came to earth six thousand years ago. After six hundred years came Noah. It was five thousand four hundred years ago. After one thousand four hundred years came Abraham. It was four millennium ago, and two millennium after Adam. After six hundred years came Moses. Almost three thousand four hundred years ago and two millennium after Noah. Then after one thousand four hundred years Jesus Christ came to earth. It was two millennium after Abraham. Six hundred years after him Mohammad came among people. It was two millennium after Moses. Now it is one thousand four hundred years after Mohammad and two millennium after Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chains of Messengers of God

In our western christian culture we believe in a chain of messengers bringing good news from God. Some names are very familiar for us from our childhood. Many of us are namesake to these prophets or names from their stories and the people related to them as respectful. Among them we know a handful most important. These are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. In this chain with continuation of their tradition in another branch of descendants of Abraham we also are familiar with name of prophet Mohammad that in our studies we find his experience similar to experience of other prophets in that chain. From other nations we find two more names with similar attributions. One is Siddhartha Buddha from India and the other is Zoroaster from Iran. We have not any information of such claims, accepted by great number of populations during a long period of time, similar to those handful of people that I named as prophets.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obstacles Are Numerous

Having a look at previous posts reveals it for us that such a claim as being Messiah and descriptions of Antichrist and Impostor-Christ comes out to be extremely difficult to prove. Every day we have a claimant and his voice soon becomes suffocated among the plethora of arguments and counter-claims. I should exhaust all these to categories and bring reasons to make them clearer. We also have not a unified understanding of mission of Messiah accepted by all controversing sides and any reason to guide us to believe that such a phenomena can happen. That gives an insight to the fact that why people believe that Jesus Christ could convince only twelve people in his lifetime to his righteousness; the next one he tried to add to his followers came to be a traitor according to stories. We know that even the number "twelve" has a load of ancient believes and could be just a symbol of a handful of followers and perhaps he could convince only one person or two. When Moses came back from the mountain he found only his brother and his wife waiting for him. The remaining of followers had already joined to the "Antichrist" and "Impostor," enemies of Moses and humans at that time. In story of Noah he could only convince a handful of people during eight hundred years of his campaign to believe in a flood, not even his own son among them. We have heard this about Lot at story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Story of Adam comes to me in this shape. If I can convince only one person, he will be Adam to multiply later to all human race. Messiah says, "You shall not confuse my very existence and my good news as symbols. Symbols are for future humans to interpret my message, not for me when I deliver them."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prophets Are Consistent with Science

This is always centre of all controversies. We have soul contradicting with body. We have spiritual contradicting with material. We have mind contradicting with matter. We have subjectivity of the world in contradiction to objectivity. And these pairs are endless. One group attach to the idea that first is the truth and the other group attach to truthfulness of the second. Some believe that each part is the enemy of the second part of the pair and each side of animosity brings about its own adversary to fight and then reconcile and co-exist to bring their enemy out and this goes and goes. These are not part of mission of Messiah to say pros for or cons against, as if Messiah talks for yellow flowers and rejects red flowers. Those discussions are part of beauty of human mind and they continue until human continues and they remain in the mind of universe forever. Human is not supposed to solve them. When there is no such mission for human mind to solve these conflicts then in first place it is the mission of Messiah that not to solve them, either. All the war is about this simple notion. Only it is for the Satan that "knows." Only that enemy of human puts an end to this eternal problem. Messiah says as, "This conflict shall never stop! This is the meaning of the War of God with Satan!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Messiah and Contemporary Science

One dimension of previous assertions was using scientific knowledge of the time for understanding Messiah, The Christ, and enemies of human Antichrist, and Impostor-Christ. Good news is that these concepts are consistent with the scientific knowledge of human gathered by observation of nature contemporary to the era that Messiah appears in His earthly appearance. That event creates only controversy among the learned people who live at that time. Some accept Him with signs that He has. Some reject Him as a superstition or mocking him as insane or accuse Him of not being righteous. Some argue that they are waiting for such a saviour and they do all preparations but this one is not their expected one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Faith or Reason?

To know Messiah should we rely on findings of science and look into nature, or we know Him by faith and conversion of mind and passion of heart? Everything points to Him if we have kept our intuition and curiosity alight. The world that previous known messengers of God claimed their invitation to people were much simpler and smaller than us. We only know stories mostly narrated by words of mouth without details that now we are interested in our investigations. I said things without already have cleared them such as "God" or "messenger" or "invitation." Most important is we used modifier "previous." Those of us who believe in idea of Messiah believe He is resurrection of the same identity as "Jesus Christ" of Nazareth. Hence there is no "previous" modifier to be used. We should say "same" not "previous." It is correct. Messiah says, "It is correct all are the same entity. He is all. It is the meaning of Him was son of God." It is easy. Just open your heart in search of truth.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Difficult or Easy?

At the end is it easy or is it difficult to recognize who is Messiah or what is Satan? We have heard that there is a bridge narrower than a hair and sharper than a blade that takes us to beatitude, to perpetual never ending happiness.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Satan Looks Like?

We understand that in our material world it is not possible to find out a being that can force humans to obedience and that being looks different from us. If he has got blazing eyes and knife-like teeth and picket ears and these attributions we visualize as Satan or Ahriman then that thing makes us so frightened that it can not deceive us anymore. we all recognize it as a devil enemy and start to fight back with it. Moreover what that things might ask us to fulfill for it? IT does not need anything with that shape to be affordable by us to offer. Is It single and uniquely created out of what and where and when? Has it a type with other individuals of its kind? Why those others do not join to its communion? Therefore if we decide to believe that there is a deceit and there is an enemy, it is not as easy as seeing an unusual creature and decide that it is Satan. Likeliness of finding this type of creation in nature is nil.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Messiah: The Defender

Messiah is defender of all. There is no difference for Him if one is poor or rich or innocent or sinful, or one who has committed murder, incest, molesting, robbery or violence, or he is pious and benevolent. Messiah looks to them indifferently. Messiah mission is something completely categorically different. All these things, rebuking or encouraging these, fall inside the missions of all human. Messiah is doing something unique. He has a unique function. We should separate Him from others. There should be a way for ordinary human to differentiate Him. It is not a game of hide-and-seek that he comes and goes and suffers and we do not understand. Should we look through the history and behold some one that has horns and tail and hooves and some one who walk on the water and then decide that that was Antichrist and this one was Christ. Such easy observation does not need to have faith. Why such thing should happen at all? Based on what experience or what knowledge of human such thing should become feasible?

Saturday, May 09, 2009


From that, a name attributed to Messiah is "Defender."

Monday, May 04, 2009

Evolution of Nature

I said either we have the material world inside our minds or we have it outside it independent of our existence.Both will get us to the same position. Both are in context. Then I said that Messiah uses the knowledge and wisdom of His contemporaries. Otherwise, He cannot argue for his trueness. One important knowledge of contemporaries is acceptance of evolution. It is said as the "survival of fittest." Does that mean that Messiah is in favour of fittest? Fittest is known to nature a posteriori. A priori only fittest is in favour of fittest and nobody knows that who is to be fittest. It is not a matter of a single element and single factor to determine who or what is fittest. Messiah has to protect all equally regardless of any quality that they have. Messiah is the "defender" of all as it is promised.