Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Put Your Night Dreams All Away

To further explain, let me put forward few terms in way that I use.
  • Psychology : Whatever any of you understand from this word, whether on consensus or not. It is study of one person regardless of others.
  • Family : Man plus woman plus zero or more child(ren).
  • Sociology :  Study of aggregate of humans when they are establishing something, a structure, out of more than one family.
  • Social psychology or psychological sociology: philosophers might emphasise to choose and use one or the other; it is the study of psychology of an entity such that that entity constitutes of more than one person in its sociological background.
  • There is no such thing as study of one imaginary person grown from his birth, alone and in isolation, in a remote island.
This introductory paragraph helps us to recognise different instances of bad holes in their different sizes, and in different settings from very unrecognisable instance to one that I described as the one who is lacking any human host inside its body. We are unmasking bad holes when we encounter pathologies. Pathologies are exaggerated  and amplified demonstration of inner and most of the time invisible bad holes that at its final form comes as embodiment of Satan:
The bad hole that now has got his own body is hungry, and there is no human inside it to satiate [IT].
Whatever man produces as dream-thoughts could be daydreams, i.e., good holes or night dreams, i.e. bad holes. Regression is also of the texture of good holes. I define regression as going back in time in your mind and remembering your experiences of life and in a daydream forgetfulness repairing faults, revenging miseries and in a quantum leap restarting your life from that point in all glory and success that you believe you deserve.

Hence, when you are sleeping and you see the dreams, know all of them from the bad hole not from you; not anything related to you and not to your existence what so ever. Source of all of them is the bad hole. You find yourself and part of your affairs among random pieces of those dreams but they are actually constituents of the enemy inside visualised in that way, using your  vocabulary to communicate with you.

I already said that psychoanalyst knows the dreams important as keys to your fears and to your fearful experiences and tries to use them in interpreting the root and episodes of your past frightening and fearful events that suffer your soul in an attempt to heal them. This is very rudimentary understanding of bad holes as the complexities of bad holes are already in level of human mind by itself and they act with that complexity so also, especially when it gets so powerful that might appear as a dysfunction or malaise against normal behaviour of average human.

That entity should be burned completely as we see in the book of Moses when he encountered the burning tree and then he came out all white and his staff (his phallus that already had been raped by the antichrist) live and lively again and he in charge of it. That staff anihilated the staff of antichrist which is not the phallus of human but actually the tail of serpent. He kneeled down the power of chicanery of Satan.

If one needs to interpret anything should interpret his own daydreams and regressions when his soul is in charge and in control.

Satan I said is the carcass of human filled with the bad hole and empty of any human residual entity. It is interpreted by Messiah as a human filled with the serpent as if the head of serpent coincides with the head of man and its tail coincides with what the phallus of the man should be.

This is the reason that man circumcise to physically differentiate between phallus and tail of snake. Man also believed that clitoris of woman is the tail of serpent in the sense of this discourse and knew women the source of influence of Satan. This is absolutely wrong and inspired by Satan. Satan only has carcass of human and inside is all bad hole. It has no gender and physically  perhaps hermaphrodite. As we see in the book of Women, man and woman are two complementing pieces that together make one unit of human, each bring a part of human phallus to make a whole phallus.