Sunday, February 26, 2012

Holes Are Real!

If you are too shy they are like real partners; they are groovy and they do not like to mix with shy people. Another hole comes to you ask you to sit in a corner and talk together. You talk with something that does not exist out there. Or, rather, something that does not exist out there talks with you. It is your choice you can go and dance with them or sit and converse. Well, there are plenty of holes around to mix with. Remember that holes are as real as you. I did not mean allegory or symbolism. They need two factors to be realised. First a single individual and then an excited environment. You can arrange the ballroom with uniformed people and similar caps such that pictures taken from the ceiling do not reveal their sex and their individual features. From the left door enters a single; immediately from the right door enters a hole. You can take picture that he or she snatches the first partner at the side and left alone partner of the snatched dancer takes his next door dancer until at the other end, at the left door, a singled out partner becomes kicked out of the salon by the bouncer. When you enter as a single in the dancing room you already bring some discomfort with you as an excitement into the room, but this is not enough. Further excitement will come with the music. I had to add this small post to emphasise that the holes are real and as physically observable as humans in such an arrangement. They are actually invisible humans, perhaps a little heavier, if all the individuals in the room have equal shape and weight in a thought experiment.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Causality and the Holes?

I said that the holes on the dance floor break causality of events. It means that before stimulation comes response is there (do not confuse it with the response in anticipation of stimuli, which is actually causal). This might make you surprised since you know causality the most sacred knowledge of human. Even if you say there are experiments that break causality you implicitly have acknowledged causality. Those experiments are cause of the knowledge you get from the experiment. But wait a minute. We know that a low-pass filter, say in your radio, an ideal low pass filter breaks the causality. To have an ideal low pass filter your system should be turned on from infinite time ago; should be turned on before you switch it on. Hence, it is not realisable. You cannot build an ideal low pass filter and even if you build the best digital radio, there always will be some noise mingled with the desired signal that you like to listen to, because the filters are not ideal at all. You can make a good filter but not an ideal one. We have a saying that "he is so groovy that dances before the music plays." Holes are that groovy. They are dancing before the guest enters the dancing room. They are there grooving and when the individual with no partner enters they attach to him. They wait until the environment becomes excited. They attach to you with the speed of infinity. This is their second breach of nature's law. It is believed that nothing can move faster than light. Well, some say that when you think about a galaxy one million light years away your thought flies with speeds much faster than the light. It is an allegory. You have that information in your mind and you retrieve it very fast; perhaps with the speed of light, and we do not know more than that. But the hole gets information of your presence and that you are a left-alone immediately; with speed of infinity. You cannot decide if the hole is already in the salon or it joined to you in the parking or if it was with you before any time from infinite time ago. Holes become your dancing partner if the environment becomes exited not when it is gelid. If you are too shy they are like real partners they do not come to you. Another hole comes to you ask you to sit in a corner and talking together. This bridges the holes to the psychoanalysis that I have selected as the name of this site.