Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Future of Human Beings: Version Two

At these days, it is possible that if some one's heart becomes very ill, they replace it for him if a donor heart can be found. What is bad about it? Nothing! It makes your life longer. Well, it has not details of the original heart. For example you do not enjoy exercise. You do not have blood pressure and feedback to your mind in that sense. Exercise is the fight with death. You already had lost that fight. It is better, notwithstanding, than being all dead. But don’t worry Herr Sinclair1. Sooner or later they will be able to clone your heart with all of its nerves in-place. They put a seed there and it grows into your genetically natural heart. They'll do it though it takes one hundred years from now. You do not believe? In nineteen oh six university professors of fluid dynamics were teaching their students that if a train gets a speed more than one hundred and forty miles (200 Kilometers per hour)the air inside the wagons would vacuum out and nobody survives. Therefore they believed no machine could fly due to the fact that it should accelerate to two hundred kilometres per hour and air being vacuumed kills any passenger. Now it has passed one hundred years and millions are flying everyday without any suffocation. They are going to do that ‘in-place’ and 'fast' cloning with other parts of your body, too, if you are damaging them or if they become old and dysfunction. What if your head explodes on your way to holiday on Mars? Then you are beyond economic repair. Happily a solution exists. From the time that you are born from the incubator (nobody will toil to become pregnant in those days) a small chip transmits, uploads, all your moment-by-moment experience of life to a secure centre to be kept on a yotta-byte sim-card. The uploaded information includes, among other things, details of all biochemistry of your body (emotions) at any moment of your life. That sim-card, then, is ‘you’! If something happens to your brain, they clone all of ‘you’ and download your ‘you’ from your sim-card to your brain and you restart (reboot) from the moment after brain death. You even have the experience of the moment of that accident, beyond the point of death. Well, they do it say in one thousand year from now, but they'll do it. Then why do you need any ‘body’ at all?
You can remain a sim-card forever and inside that 'you' can create books and planets and galaxies and population and friends and get energy from sunshine and live forever. You can create images of sim-cards who like caricatures believe that they exist and can walk and have philosophical minds, and while they are just passing of humble photonic pulses (or what I may call it in future) inside your sim-card, they figure out big pictures about creation and aims of their supposed universe. How they can wake up from that horror, from their nightmare?
foot note: 1. Herr Sinclair, by Hermann Hesse

Future of Human Beings: Version One

Hundred billion years ago there was a whim but there was not a world
Ten billion years ago there was a universe but there was not the Earth
One billion years ago there was the earth but nobody was walking there
Hundred million years ago there was something walking there but it was not an ape
Ten million years ago there was an ape but it was not a man
One million years ago there was a man but he had not fire.
Hundred thousand years ago there was a fire but there was not a village
Ten thousands years ago there was a village but there was not a book
Thousand years ago there was a book but nobody could fly
Hundred years ago they could fly but not to the moon
Ten years ago they went to moon but not to the mars
Now they can go to mars but they have not enough money
After ten years they’ll have money but not for every one
After hundred years everyone goes there but they whim to put Jupiter ablaze
After thousand years they put Jupiter ablaze but they cannot move the sun
After ten thousand years they do it then they like to move the galaxy
After hundred thousand years they move the Milky Way but remains the remaining of the universe
After a million years they engineer the whole universe but they want to conquer the time
After ten million years they conquer the time and the space but they cannot push them to one point
After hundred million years they can push them to one point but they do not know what else they want
After a billion years they know what they want: a whim.
After hundred billion years they’ll have that whim
So they'll create me
And with that, the universe.
I become the father of God.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Then What?

I talked about some phenomena that modern human has beheld.Among all of them I find the idea of "muonium" most useful for my objective. It appears in the world of atoms and molecules in a short time. When it goes into that society, into aggregate of hydrogens working inside the chemicals, none of them hydrogen or others recognize IT as a strange phenomenon, as something that does not belong to world of elements. IT becomes co-occupant with hydrogen in the same box. IT looks as if IT is a hydrogen. Nobody recognize IT as stranger. IT is not a bad thing in ordinary definition of bad. IT is not good. It is not useless. IT is not useful. The essence of the truth is that that IT just does not belong to the world of elements. IT is a look-alike. No world is conceived of being built out of Muoniums. There is no such a goal or such a capacity in muonium to exist and IT is of no help for other elements in achieving such a goal. IT has something, an electron of our world, in ITs outer shell that confuses the other elements. But in the core it is a muonium. IT is not a proton to fuel, to taste and to flourish the existence of the universe. IT is just a flare of a moment, a sparkle of a fire work that attracts the eyes of children. I used the capital letters and pronoun "IT" for thae muonium to pave the way for future use of this as an unstable hypothetical element. I also might use that with a bracket, "[IT]" in fashion of chemistry for radicals in a reaction. Satan is muonium among humans.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (3)

The third kind of elements I discuss are the artificial atoms. Now these never happen or occur in nature. Not that they are very unstable and annihilate soon after their creation but also that they are impossible to exist in nature. Briefly, an atom in our world is a positive charge surrounded and encircled by an equal amount of negative charges. The centre material is very dense and very heavy comparing with the encircling entity which is very light and some how in a considerable distance whirling round the centre. In the simplest form, hydrogen is one heavy positive charge, called a proton surrounded by one electron of equal negative charge. This has specific chemical behaviour that causes it to be in a specific place of its own in the table of elements. This is a natural atom. Equally in the anti mater world we have an anti-atom of a negative charged centre encircled by a positive electrons. This one is also a natural creation in its own world. Now, people have been successful to create endless streams of positively charged electrons (that is, anti-electrons of anti-matter world). If they slow down this stream of positive electrons to a certain speed they can capture negative electrons of our world to encircle the positive electrons as if the negative electrons have mistaken them with the centre of hydrogen. These two, positive electron in centre and negative electron encircling and turning around it, create an artificial atom that behaves just like a hydrogen in its chemical properties, although the centre is not heavy like the centre of hydrogen. But in having a positive charge it is completely like the hydrogen centre. This artificial atom does not belong to any conceived world. Well, they are very short living comparing with any life span in this world, but people could investigate that whatever you can do chemically with hydrogen you can do with this atom which is called "positronium." (Scientists call a positive-charge electron a positron and frequently call a negative-charge electron a negatron.) Some say that it should go to the same place as hydrogen goes and they are both co-occupant of the same box in the table of elements. It is, though, eighteen hundred times lighter than a hydrogen atom. One might appreciate that both negative electrons of our world and the positive electron of anti-matter world are normality of two world that might make a short living system for a fraction of a second. More amazing than this artificial atom is another artificial atom called muonium. Muon is a positive charged particle. It is two hundred times heavier an electron, still it is nine times lighter than a proton at centre of hydrogen. It is completely like a positive electron as if fatter and heavier. This exists in radiation that days and nights showers from the sky. People can create it in machines called particle accelerators. Again, if one of this becomes slow enough, it can capture an electron and makes the electron to circle and turn around it and becomes something like hydrogen; a positive center and a negative orbit. But muonium is nine times lighter than a hydrogen atom. This artificial atom can exist for fractions of a second but enough to be studied like a chemical element with all properties of an hydrogen. For example hydronium is a water with an additional hydrogen. You can replace that additional hydrogen with a muonium and investigate its properties.It is very interesting we can have anti-muonium, with a negative charged muon in center and positive electron in orbit. We can have mu-muonium, a positive muon in center and a negative muon in orbit instead of electron. When there is a phenomenon, then there is a range of similar phenomena waiting to be discovered. And still, we have mesonic atoms. In this type we have an ordinary chemical element with one or many electrons turning round a heavy center. One electron might be replaced by a negative muon. That atom still shows its characteristic chemical properties as before, in spite of the fact that a fat negative muon of two hundred times heavier has sit in place of one of its orbiting electrons.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (2)

We could not see any thing being unnatural in artificial elements. They are part of the nature but very unstable, very short living compared to other elements. Anti-matter is another artificially made phenomenon of science. In this form nature of atoms is antagonist with the material elements of our world. Every electrical charge of antimatter is contradicting ours. Our electrons have negative charges, theirs have positive charge. If these two meet they annihilate and burn each other to pure energy without any ashes remain out of them. There remains no charge or matter to be confined at a point. they becomes all something like heat of an oven dissipating. The proton of our world is a positive charge, the protons of antimatter have negative charges. Again these two are antagonist and cannot live together. They annihilate each other if they meet. For those things that have not any charge, like neutrons also there exist some antimatter neutron. If they meet there will be annihilation too. They are like to tops one turns clockwise the other turns the other way. If they meet each other they cannot decide which way they should turn so better to dissipate than not to turn. We can imagine a world that every bit is made out of the antimatter and has not any contact with our material world. In that world also everything is natural and smooth moving and we have a table of eighty ninety elements and there is nothing surprising for its intelligent inhabitants or for humans. Only that we cannot find a way to their world and they cannot find one to ours. Except that in each world advanced scientists can artificially made few atoms of the anti-matter, of the anti-world for demonstration of such a possibility. Those anti-atoms can live for fraction of seconds before meeting the material body of our world and burn into the annihilation. These anti-atoms are natural regularity of their own world.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (1)

These ideas help me to give insights to accepting what you might consider as impossible, or improbable. It is known that all the world, all the living and non-living things are made out of some 85 chemical elements. These elements have been discovered, separated and studied by humans and by some law of nature are arranged in a table, periodic table of elements. By those laws, few places in the table had been left empty without humans know any element in the nature to put in those places and no reasonable attempt of scientists could conclude to their discovery until scientists became convinced that due to known rules of nature those places will be left empty forever. The elements that should occupy those places were too unstable and had been decayed hastily to other elements just after they had been forged in the furnace of nature. Thus never got the opportunity to wait for the creation of life and intelligent life to discover them. But from the middle of twentieth century, scientists could imitate that process of forging elements and artificially created them. Though normally they exist with their elemental identities for a short time and quickly decay to more stable elements nevertheless chemists could study their chemical behaviour and became certain that they are the same elements that should put in the empty boxes of the table. Besides these empty places there were places beyond the last discovered elements of nature. Scientists further advanced to create artificial elements for these extra places until the point that it seems impossible or very difficult at present time to go further. These attempts have resulted to have a table of one hundred and eighteen elements of naturally occurring (eighty eight)and artificially made elements (thirty) all together at present time. Some of these elements came to be so useful that factories are built to produce them in tons and being used as commodities of commerce. We should consider that even the artificial elements are natural but their short lives prohibited them to come in human hands after billions years that has passed from the creation of elements. There is nothing surprising or unusual in terms of nature for them more than what we know regarding the natural elements. They are all at their right places as dictated by the law of nature. This was for artificial elements. Next we get to topic of "Anti-matter."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

HE Stays

Then, we have not stars and galaxies and this or that. We have only a proton that stays. HE is here to stay. If HE decompose then the whole universe goes. Then a new universe should come out. Then a new God should appear. We do not have trees and gnats and fish and eagle and Socrates and Jesus and Heisenberg. We only have that very first "RNA" who decided to make a copy of himself and put in a corner in case of his decomposition a copy remains here to stay. If HE goes then the life should begin anew. The solar system should be created again. The stars should begin to come. The proton should be created anew. It needs a new God to come to the throne, then. A new King claims the kingdom of heaven. It is necessary that Messiah resurrects. We are at the end but at the beginning. This is that happens every day. It is written in every language and creed and sign and hint. It is written everywhere: on trees, on mountains, on rivers, on clouds. This looks poetical. Is not it? You know it that way. Proton has the blue print of all the decomposing universe in one code, "Stay!" RNA has the blue print of all the universe in one code, "Stay, proton stay!" And Messiah has the blue print of all, "All stay!"

Monday, September 28, 2009

You know

If you know, then there is no God there. If you do not know, then there is God there. It sounds familiar. There is an outer and there is inner. Shapes in the inner world come into the surface as symbols and thoughts. Now consider the fat that animal consumes in hunger. Animal is not aware of any other being around. That fat is personal and is used solely for his survival. Cell does not share it with other beings. So he knows that there is some food in a corner for emergency for him. What about his replica. He knows that he has a replica in a corner as a back up that in case "exists." Just that! Not that it exists independently. In an "existence space" there are not two things. There is only one thing. If "number one" decompose, then "number two" is there as if nothing has happened. Each replica is just a shadow. There is only one. Beyond science of RNA there is a meta-science of knowledge in all replicas: they are just substitutes. They are one. They are globally one and the same thing. They are personal replicas of the same global RNA. They are not shared. All have this knowledge. It is beyond the science. Science never can prove or disprove this knowledge. It is not scientific. You cannot find it under scanning tunnel electron microscope or more powerful device. You have to believe it or reject it to the end of the world. Sometimes you accept. Sometimes you cannot believe. You and I are the same as, that very "first" RNA, only to prevent his decomposition. If he decompose then I am here just to be used as the replica and that is all, no importance, no uniqueness, no mission, just a replica to prove that HE has come here to stay. When all die I am here still. From proton came to RNA then it came to my turn. Perhaps after me there is something more robust, more persisting to stay in the ascending ladder of existence. Something more enduring than proton and RNA and me is in the next step: just a piece of knowledge that, "I am here to stay!"

He knows!

Therefore, there is a knowledge engraved in protons, in terms of something, that he is there to stay and not decompose. You say, likewise scientists, that many other things decompose and the universe shrugs her shoulders and the universe does not recognize our "good" staying proton from the decomposing entities. I say that I am looking for staying entities and the universe showing them to me as if it is different for her. RNA says, "I know all things become rotten away. I want not to be one of them. I want to stay!" So he creates a replica of himself as a back up of him. He is in two places. Look in this way if you are here to stay, my friend. He is in two places. none can be recognized from the other. You, that is the cruel undifferentiating nature, cannot destroy him except to find him in two places. You never search for an entity in two places. Hence, it remains as if not attacked. The fearful creature "knows" that it is not the end. He can remember well of horrors of swelling and exploding stars and galaxies and all those. The killing cold above, the burning heat below. He continues replicating. They are all one. And the one is globally all. They know they are many but connected globally by the knowledge that they are here to stay. Where is God, then. He is right here. He is that knowledge. God does not want that that knowledge become discovered. If that comes to surface, the replication stops. Each RNA becomes lonely and naked of his desire to stay.

Monday, September 14, 2009

They ask, "Why?"

When you study the rituals of present religions of the world they have certain restrictions on eating. Some ask the followers not to eat any animal, or certain animals, or in doing that they should follow certain rules. People, especially scientists ask them why the religions have these abstains and rules. Different followers also argue that the practice of the other religion is not correct and theirs is correct. They use much reasoning for their propositions. It all return to the division of RNA. To start to appreciate or get an answer I ask why animals become fat in summer by eating too much? People know the answer. Human also have such a nature if left in nature. In summer there are more foods available in the cycle of life and in winter that food becomes scarce. So animals consume more and save it in the form of fat and in winter body of animals can consume that fat and compensate for the scarcity of food. So when there is no food there is fat there to keep you alive, to help you survive by asking from that bag of fat. You want to live forever once endowed with the gift of life. You have come here to stay, not to leave. It is consistent with the work of universe. First there was only a shapeless “something” then it evolved to “forms;” say to quarks and leptons. Quarks came together built proton. Protons come here to stay, to stay forever. It is not their decisions. It is the universe as it exists. Quarks Grip together to keep protons here. It is part of the machinery of nature. The next more complex structure has the same destiny: to stay. Crystals already I mentioned. So animals and humans have come here to enjoy the life not for a short sojourn but to stay permanently. If they get food they consume too much not as a greed but as the nature wants them to live. Structure of RNA “knows” it in this way. What happens if this structure decays. That structure knows that the machinery of nature has turned and turned until that RNA as the next ultimate structure is created and that creation is here to stay. So there should be a mechanism to keep it here. If it decays and get destroyed a replica should be available somewhere to be used as the substitution, similar to the fat that is saved in the cell in case of starvation. Hence RNA creates a replica of itself not as its “child” but as his own entity to stay and enjoy the new type beingness endowed to him in extremely complex environment and complicated form. The whole solar system is engineered in a very careful design to nurture creation of such being. If I need food and food does not exist I call fat. If my own structure destroyed I am somewhere else to be replaced. I have a back up of my blueprint.
As usual we remember that I said that I never mean that we should observe the nature and from that to understand a gracious being is hidden in a corner who can create wonderful things and we should know him and pray him out of our amazement. These are clich├ęs of preachers and similar people who have their own agenda. This is not my claim. I am only explaining a mechanism and answering a “Why?” I am not amazed of these things.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Ask, "Why?"

I concluded that many of our questions cannot be solved in the domain of modern science with the scope that scientists have put forward for them. I said that it is their choice and Messiah does not ask them otherwise. You invite a musician to play violin for you. Thus you have invited a violinist. Now, you cannot ask him to cook for you or even ask him to play cello instead of violin. It is beyond your agreement.Only by a chance, he might become volunteer for other tasks. My first question is not whether we need a Messiah. My first question within the universe of my own discourse looks as if a scientific question but it is not. It is a "Why?" Before that I explain why it looks like a scientific one. It is related to biological creation of life at its earliest stage: "Why a cell divides?" I do not ask how it divides. I do not like any lecture in biology in present position. I am interested in but in other usual situations of daily life, not right now. I go to much earlier stages of life and ask why an "RNA" divides. RNA is more primitive than a cell and created earlier. Perhaps the answer to that could be easier. We have similar questions about more basic entities in nature such as, "Why crystals stack over each other and grow?" These questions do not take us to domain of science. We do not allow that. As they have closed that path for us we do not trespass either. We give our answer; the answer that keeps us on our own way.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Should not Ask Why, or Should We?

Some scientists ridicule philosophers that philosophers always ask, "Why." Scientist’s job is to answer "How." I exhausted all these categories of people who do not engage with our discussions in previous posts. If somebody has not any question or any qualm or interest in knowing about the beyond, this place has nothing to add to his knowledge. Those classes of people do not exist in our world and we do not exist in their world. I categorized different groups that never enter in our discourse. Those scientists are among them. One can enter into argument with another if both party can negotiate on some basic, fundamental starting points for their argument. After this reminder, I am interested to see if there is any non-scientific discourse in the world. From the ancient time the question exist in our mind that if all of our knowledge is gained through the experiment of nature or we know things from the beginning by ourselves. For instance, when you leave your house every morning to go to your work place, you do not comeback every hour or every ten minutes to check that the house is not on fire or being looted. How are you certain? Or why are you certain? Is it due to experience? experience by induction? Have you ever checked it once or twice and then decided that it is safe to be far for a long time perhaps weeks or months in a trip or in a journey abroad? Or from the first day you were confident that you could leave your house without checking it frequently? Or did it start from the time that we were in the caves, or perhaps earlier when we were on the trees, and gradually we gained experience? We do not know if this is an individual insight or it is a collective insight shared by other humans. Our experience frequently breached in centuries when we were back and bandits had attacked our houses. But sooner or later we had to leave it again for a long time for gaining the bread. So for having such a feeling we become engaged in a philosophical argumentation. Even we could not decide what should we use: how or why.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Between Two Layers

To begin our study of human life we have to inspect our environment that has cradled, nurtured and flourished the life of ours and other living things. For a moment disregard the destructions and fouls created recently by humans, the last two centuries or better try to imagine the earth twelve thousand years ago when villages were proliferating on the face of earth. Just visualise it in your mind. Yes, it is like a paradise resort that you can find only in advertisements. Even the horrifying diseases we know in middle ages did not exist at those times. Those diseases were due to populated spots and travel of population to other places who carried germs of illness to other populated areas and made the death of masses of people possible. This is one paradise lost. You might believe that at that time there were cold and strife for food and attack of beasts using human flesh as a prey for their own survival, and incurable ailments of individuals and overall fear and ignorance of human about the natural phenomena and other terrorising factors. Still, these shortages did not have any effect on the fact that the earth was a paradise as far as we consider the existence of the life and with all destruction still has kept many of its original features. Where this beautiful safe habitat is placed in the whole universe? It is a thin layer between two layers. It is with all its diversity of objects inside it a layer of at most fifteen kilometre in its thickness, from the bottom of deepest ocean that you might find any shape of living thing to the top of highest point in the atmosphere that life can sustain. Arguments of observing very basic elements of life such as the amino acids in the dust of galaxies does not falsify my present discussion. This thin layer is confined immediately by two hostile layers: one under very hot and suffocating and one at the top very cold and again suffocating. That goes to infinite at the top. As far as you go in either direction there is no place to host any type of meaningful life. Well, as much we are busy of any non-sense the reality is what I described. There is no help, no miracle, no solution in either direction. It is death and death and death without any angel, any way around any bypass path. How can you grab galaxies as marbles in your hand. Have a look at night sky. Invent something to make a relation between you and that at the top or under the bottom.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spectrum of Natural Phenomena

One very observed consequence of modern mind is recognition of spectrum in all phenomena happening in nature. It means that when you single out a class of inter-related events in nature you can infer that those come in a full spectrum. You can see it in very weakest form. Then you can see it in stronger form. Then you move towards more stronger and at last it become very dominant to the extreme. Usually you start to categorise the phenomena at hand. At first different types inside the class seems to become separated easily and strongly but when you want to start to describe them then individuals of each category show border line characteristics that blur their boundaries with the neighbouring category and defuse together the lines that you have drawn to separate cases. For instance, in their chart, among chemical elements you say this group of elements are halogens. They are not metal and they are in gaseous form, aha except bromine which is liquid. And now you have another halogen which is solid and you become happy that bromine is transition from gaseous halogens to solid halogens. Yes iodine is solid but not as solid as iron. Even for attributing the modifier "solid" you cannot sharply categorize ideas. Iodine is solid but it easily sublimes due to the partial pressure of its surface layers that do not satisfy a sharp definition of solidness. It is solid but it shows characteristics of a gas besides, as you expect from a halogen. It is this and it is that. Then again there is another halogen, astatine, if we could have it enough we could not say halogens are non-metals. Astatine is a complete metal and you can imagine that any halogen a layer after astatine is as metal as iron. If you study that little place that you call the chart of chemical elements all the laws of nature until the end of the world are outlined from the view point of philosophy of science. You start from the element then you have to modify every attribution, and attributions of attributions need to be modified again and at the end you are at the beginning. You have one hundred items and one hundred types, only vaguely categorised in groups perhaps just to satisfy a taste. They are all different from each other as they should and they come in a full spectrum from the lightest to heaviest and each item has attributions that again cannot be described comprehensively with a fully agreed phrasing. You only compromise for the practicality: to be practical and pass to another stage. You draw the curtain back but behind the curtain there is no news; there is only another curtain. The satisfaction comes from drawing the curtain and from the fact that human lives span but for a short moment in the life of the material world and he has not a goal of understanding the entire creation and the truth of the world but likes to solve the problems of living with less fear and hardship while he is alive. He is pragmatic all the way. The beauty of the world and appreciation of its ultimate truth only remains for god, and human to get rid of this qualm assumes that such a being exists who in surrogacy is capable of such an endeavour. But there comes moments in the life of any human that he hears a voice, a sweet melody, from afar that invites him to something unknown and something familiar and something very sweet and something lost that he craves to feel and see and hear and touch and taste and embrace and he knows that none of these feelings are helpful for him to satiate that crave and to quench that thirst.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Towards More Understanding

We so far briefly discussed few trivial facts observable in front of any inquiring faithful of any religion. I recapitulate these predicates:
  1. Messiah is as if an ordinary average human being.
  2. Antichrist looks like other humans.
  3. Messiah does not resurrect to solve some earthly problem of some special groups of humans.
  4. Messiah should be explainable to average humans with average understanding of contemporary knowledge.
  5. Messiah is part of the texture of universe even if conceived by contemporary knowledge.
  6. Messiah, hence, is as natural phenomenon as the other phenomena of nature.
Even these assertions are enough to prove that, “I am the Messiah,” since no other believer or unbeliever yet has looked to this phenomenon in this way.  There are similar issues that my bright reader can appreciate. For example,
  1. Pain of Messiah is not what we have conceived so far.
  2. Miracles of Messiah are not those mentioned in the history and we might expect.
Messiah resurrects similar to the way that we know about Jesus Christ or Moses or Mohammad or Abraham or Noah. Messiah at our time is not a privileged prophet different with those. That phenomena repeats and separates a group of people from the others. Believers get bliss. Non-believers burn in the fire of hell as it is ready in front of us.
Similar to those, Messiah at our time does not ask to be rewarded. He does his ontological mission whether to become appreciated by anybody or not. That mission is winning the God in war with Satan. Son of God, the human being, should overcome, by passing the test of Satan, over the Satan.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Modern Mind (2)

We got to the point that Messiah, or Jesus Christ comes to take Jerusalem from the hands of infidels and gives it to the hands of faithful people. Then who are infidels and who are faithful people? On the other hand Mahdi comes and take yet another group to the rule of the world. On the third place Siddhartha comes and destroys mosques in India and rebuild temples of worshipers. In another place Bahraam  comes and fights with Ahriman and rebuilds Zoroastrians fire-temples in place of other temples. We have Cyrus (the same as Christ) and Hormuz (Lord in Zoroastrian faith)  as well, and numerous promised ones for smaller groups. Hence, instead of a promised peace, a great chaos is on the way by resurrection of a promised war? And the God among such a business of galaxies and billions stars and black holes should come and intervene in settlement of boarder lines between neighbouring countries and rebuilding of different types of ancient temples.You, who is waiting for Him, where is your ancient temple you want to rebuild? It is not far. Messiah is that temple. In that temple galaxies are small marbles in your hands. When you and Him become unified, you see that everything is just. You are after the sanctuary to house you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Modern Mind (1)

Universe in the modern mind is not that small pond and human as a big fish in it. Earth is not even a dot of dust in the hurricane of creation. The whole solar system is that dot. Human has no significance in this universe. For the universe, he does not exist with any effect at all. The entire chain of human evolution is just a fraction in a fraction of life time of universe. For human something is happening there but for the universe nothing is happening here. Our humble events happens among the tumult of explosion of galaxies that accommodate billions star similar to our sun and birth of new galaxies and billions of stars inside them, crash of such unimaginable bodies together and collapse and crush of such immense bodies into the smaller bodies. In such a scene we expect that Messiah should be resurrected to prepare armies and battalions for an expedition around the good ancient Levant for the sake of few hundred angry people.  That means that God is not a cosmological concept. He is a political activist in search of popularity and winning over a rival political party. If God is in charge of such troublesome universe, then why he does not change the result of polls? This is another reason that tells human that he should put away whatever he already believes is the reason for Messiah resurrection.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Leave Ancient Mind (2)

So we are used to think about God as equivalent to our ignorance, similar to what atheists criticize about the idea of God and religion. God means ignorance in this approach. If we know about something, then God does not exist at that dominion for ever. If we know partially, then God exists partially. If we get to next ignorance, the next unsolved puzzle then God comes back and only God knows that thing. The solution for that is to find a view that interweaves God and nature and our knowledge and our ignorance in a unified texture. This is what can be achieved only by prophets. By that I mean Jesus Christ included. Many of us believe Him not as a prophet but as the Son of the God. That makes Him, nonetheless, a prophet, a messenger from the Heavenly Father, God. Prophets experience the universe in that unified beholding. They see, and they ask people to believe them. People will not believe, except a dozen people or less who can see, but not with all details. Prophets ask people to experience the universe as much that they have the endurance but if they believe the message from a deep understanding and empathy to the messenger then they will get to the same position as the prophet. We have conceived in our cognition that it is a high position. We know a higher position safer with more freedom and choice. Freedom means whim to choose. Choice means to fulfil our whims. And we are the actor in between these two boundaries. These two boundaries make our universe. Whatever human thinks from now to eternity comes between these two boundaries.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's Leave Ancient Mind (1)

When we think to religions, we start to become inconsistent and to negotiate with our modern thoughts. We separate wisdom and faith as two entities one belongs to mind - wisdom - and the other belongs to heart: religion. We say and gradually believe that we can live with such dualism. If we get a simple flu that can be managed with over the counter pain killers then it is all due to modern biochemistry, but if it is an unknown harsh flu with muscle pains we stay at bed, will have natural soups made by God given vegetables full of natural remedies and moaning "Oh, my God!" As if God is a management mentor and gradually empowers us for delivery of new missions already done by him. Our philosophy, psychology and scientific outlook is also fits in that simple attitude of flu patient. Atheists and materialist philosophers and positivists also reason in a similar fashion that fits in that simple example to refute it. Scientists and philosophers were amazed of creation of God when they were looking in night sky, seeing God has created holes in the sky such that part of the ethereal light of heaven can penetrate to earth people who had sacrificed for His altar to give them a sign of his omnipresence at night and scare daemons. When all that replaced with a solar system and a fiery object as the sun at its center they were amazed of creation of God when beholding spectrum of elements burning in a flame. Then they were amazed of electrons circling in a vast emptiness around a dense nucleon. Then they were amazed of quarks and strings. This was the reason for sacrilegious people to deny any god or religion, let alone the idea of appearance of Messiah promised in ancient time as a saviour or son of the God or a prophet.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Universe in Antique Mind

Considering the most recent religion. Its message comes to human around fourteen hundred years ago. What was the size of universe and also the attitude of humans at that time. Earth was limited to a twenty million square kilometer round the Mediterranean sea with boundaries in unknown places in western sides of India Central Asia, Caucasus north and south of Mediterranean sea and somewhere in Ethiopia. During six hundred years from Jesus Christ to Mohammad, individuals from Christendom had gone to expeditions further North, East and West of Europe, converted many but not all of scattered inhabitants of those regions. Earth was a lonely place in the universe inhabited by humans who were living just few miles far from the heaven above that was like a neighbourhood filled with Deity or deities and angles and familiar phenomena. God, from heaven or Olympus or similar places, all the time was watchful of its small dominion in Levant or Hellas or small islands of Polynesia in shape of an old man or a powerful father or a parrot and in constant need of golds and sacrifice and prayers and burning scents, who was administrating those people living there with immediate contingents of angles and daemons and thunders or diseases.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Messiah and Modern Science

Modern science, what ever created as experience of human in observing the nature from mostly sixteenth century to present times is based on the "objective" and empirical data gathered from such observations, in contrast to scholastic and "cloister walking" discussions and theories of pre-modern eras. This scientific "outlook" has been absorbed, digested, assimilated and integrated with the texture of the minds of all human beings who are living on the earth right now. This modern consciousness is regardless and usually opposing to the legacy of "faith" that modern people identify themselves as followers. As I said, Messiah cannot invite people to His righteousness by denying this new consciousness or declaring that all fossils and traces of birth of the earth and the sun and galaxies and big bangs are created by almighty six thousand years ago at the same time of creation of Adam to test us if we are believer or not. Neither Messiah can say that these are just theories and have not been proved yet. And He cannot say that He is reconciling the religions and their ancient books with modern science nor says that by careful reading of those texts one can find all theories of evolution and atoms and galaxies explained correctly in symbols and codes inside those texts. Messiah cannot say that those texts are for comfort of souls and invitation to psychological conversion of spirits in their own turn and modern knowledge is for the overcoming on the material world and the body and flesh of humans in another perspective. These are cliches of preachers and clerics to mostly run a successful career and personal life style. Messiah is the most important fact of nature and His invitation should not be confused and desecrated with such trivialities tested times and times again. Messiah suffers for the original sin of man. The sin that threw man out of Garden of Eden.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Millennium: A Rough Chronology

Is there a secrete in millenniums? I have created a rough chronology of messengers of God. Dates are not certain for humans. Already I discussed briefly if the time has a significance for God. I discuss further, but later. Adam came to earth six thousand years ago. After six hundred years came Noah. It was five thousand four hundred years ago. After one thousand four hundred years came Abraham. It was four millennium ago, and two millennium after Adam. After six hundred years came Moses. Almost three thousand four hundred years ago and two millennium after Noah. Then after one thousand four hundred years Jesus Christ came to earth. It was two millennium after Abraham. Six hundred years after him Mohammad came among people. It was two millennium after Moses. Now it is one thousand four hundred years after Mohammad and two millennium after Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chains of Messengers of God

In our western christian culture we believe in a chain of messengers bringing good news from God. Some names are very familiar for us from our childhood. Many of us are namesake to these prophets or names from their stories and the people related to them as respectful. Among them we know a handful most important. These are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. In this chain with continuation of their tradition in another branch of descendants of Abraham we also are familiar with name of prophet Mohammad that in our studies we find his experience similar to experience of other prophets in that chain. From other nations we find two more names with similar attributions. One is Siddhartha Buddha from India and the other is Zoroaster from Iran. We have not any information of such claims, accepted by great number of populations during a long period of time, similar to those handful of people that I named as prophets.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obstacles Are Numerous

Having a look at previous posts reveals it for us that such a claim as being Messiah and descriptions of Antichrist and Impostor-Christ comes out to be extremely difficult to prove. Every day we have a claimant and his voice soon becomes suffocated among the plethora of arguments and counter-claims. I should exhaust all these to categories and bring reasons to make them clearer. We also have not a unified understanding of mission of Messiah accepted by all controversing sides and any reason to guide us to believe that such a phenomena can happen. That gives an insight to the fact that why people believe that Jesus Christ could convince only twelve people in his lifetime to his righteousness; the next one he tried to add to his followers came to be a traitor according to stories. We know that even the number "twelve" has a load of ancient believes and could be just a symbol of a handful of followers and perhaps he could convince only one person or two. When Moses came back from the mountain he found only his brother and his wife waiting for him. The remaining of followers had already joined to the "Antichrist" and "Impostor," enemies of Moses and humans at that time. In story of Noah he could only convince a handful of people during eight hundred years of his campaign to believe in a flood, not even his own son among them. We have heard this about Lot at story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Story of Adam comes to me in this shape. If I can convince only one person, he will be Adam to multiply later to all human race. Messiah says, "You shall not confuse my very existence and my good news as symbols. Symbols are for future humans to interpret my message, not for me when I deliver them."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prophets Are Consistent with Science

This is always centre of all controversies. We have soul contradicting with body. We have spiritual contradicting with material. We have mind contradicting with matter. We have subjectivity of the world in contradiction to objectivity. And these pairs are endless. One group attach to the idea that first is the truth and the other group attach to truthfulness of the second. Some believe that each part is the enemy of the second part of the pair and each side of animosity brings about its own adversary to fight and then reconcile and co-exist to bring their enemy out and this goes and goes. These are not part of mission of Messiah to say pros for or cons against, as if Messiah talks for yellow flowers and rejects red flowers. Those discussions are part of beauty of human mind and they continue until human continues and they remain in the mind of universe forever. Human is not supposed to solve them. When there is no such mission for human mind to solve these conflicts then in first place it is the mission of Messiah that not to solve them, either. All the war is about this simple notion. Only it is for the Satan that "knows." Only that enemy of human puts an end to this eternal problem. Messiah says as, "This conflict shall never stop! This is the meaning of the War of God with Satan!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Messiah and Contemporary Science

One dimension of previous assertions was using scientific knowledge of the time for understanding Messiah, The Christ, and enemies of human Antichrist, and Impostor-Christ. Good news is that these concepts are consistent with the scientific knowledge of human gathered by observation of nature contemporary to the era that Messiah appears in His earthly appearance. That event creates only controversy among the learned people who live at that time. Some accept Him with signs that He has. Some reject Him as a superstition or mocking him as insane or accuse Him of not being righteous. Some argue that they are waiting for such a saviour and they do all preparations but this one is not their expected one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Faith or Reason?

To know Messiah should we rely on findings of science and look into nature, or we know Him by faith and conversion of mind and passion of heart? Everything points to Him if we have kept our intuition and curiosity alight. The world that previous known messengers of God claimed their invitation to people were much simpler and smaller than us. We only know stories mostly narrated by words of mouth without details that now we are interested in our investigations. I said things without already have cleared them such as "God" or "messenger" or "invitation." Most important is we used modifier "previous." Those of us who believe in idea of Messiah believe He is resurrection of the same identity as "Jesus Christ" of Nazareth. Hence there is no "previous" modifier to be used. We should say "same" not "previous." It is correct. Messiah says, "It is correct all are the same entity. He is all. It is the meaning of Him was son of God." It is easy. Just open your heart in search of truth.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Difficult or Easy?

At the end is it easy or is it difficult to recognize who is Messiah or what is Satan? We have heard that there is a bridge narrower than a hair and sharper than a blade that takes us to beatitude, to perpetual never ending happiness.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Satan Looks Like?

We understand that in our material world it is not possible to find out a being that can force humans to obedience and that being looks different from us. If he has got blazing eyes and knife-like teeth and picket ears and these attributions we visualize as Satan or Ahriman then that thing makes us so frightened that it can not deceive us anymore. we all recognize it as a devil enemy and start to fight back with it. Moreover what that things might ask us to fulfill for it? IT does not need anything with that shape to be affordable by us to offer. Is It single and uniquely created out of what and where and when? Has it a type with other individuals of its kind? Why those others do not join to its communion? Therefore if we decide to believe that there is a deceit and there is an enemy, it is not as easy as seeing an unusual creature and decide that it is Satan. Likeliness of finding this type of creation in nature is nil.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Messiah: The Defender

Messiah is defender of all. There is no difference for Him if one is poor or rich or innocent or sinful, or one who has committed murder, incest, molesting, robbery or violence, or he is pious and benevolent. Messiah looks to them indifferently. Messiah mission is something completely categorically different. All these things, rebuking or encouraging these, fall inside the missions of all human. Messiah is doing something unique. He has a unique function. We should separate Him from others. There should be a way for ordinary human to differentiate Him. It is not a game of hide-and-seek that he comes and goes and suffers and we do not understand. Should we look through the history and behold some one that has horns and tail and hooves and some one who walk on the water and then decide that that was Antichrist and this one was Christ. Such easy observation does not need to have faith. Why such thing should happen at all? Based on what experience or what knowledge of human such thing should become feasible?

Saturday, May 09, 2009


From that, a name attributed to Messiah is "Defender."

Monday, May 04, 2009

Evolution of Nature

I said either we have the material world inside our minds or we have it outside it independent of our existence.Both will get us to the same position. Both are in context. Then I said that Messiah uses the knowledge and wisdom of His contemporaries. Otherwise, He cannot argue for his trueness. One important knowledge of contemporaries is acceptance of evolution. It is said as the "survival of fittest." Does that mean that Messiah is in favour of fittest? Fittest is known to nature a posteriori. A priori only fittest is in favour of fittest and nobody knows that who is to be fittest. It is not a matter of a single element and single factor to determine who or what is fittest. Messiah has to protect all equally regardless of any quality that they have. Messiah is the "defender" of all as it is promised.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pain of Messiah

Beginning of our arguement is pain. We say Christ was suffered for the sin of man. So if we want to ask god for alternative creation of world, a world relieved of pain why should that god's incipience should be accompanied by pain? Is it similar to delivering a child accompanied with pain of labour?

Significance of Time

We have come to this point of discussion that there is a material world outside of us, or inside of our mind that overpowers us and there is "us" who wants to overpower that world. We are used to idea of god outside of time and place, out of this material world and the world as its creation, if we believe to such being. Then we say a saviour comes at the beginning of each millennium. We never ask ourselves, "For such almighty being what is the significance of a millennium, specially now with the apparent knowledge that we have accrued regarding events in that have happened in the universe in billions of years. Hence, we do not enter the present discourse if we want to put our basics upon things such as "Why the almighty has not created all of us with the highest qualities that we desire and within an environment that is ideal for our perpetual joy?" Or when disaster happens to us, "Why the almighty repeatedly and on a minute by minute basis does not intervene and relieve our disasters and we should toil overcoming difficulties of material world with a promise - never reported by anybody as being verified - of a bless after death from this material world?" If already we are engraved with these ideas, usually we do not approach to such domains of discussions that we have here. In that case we belong to a group of "others" with "other" outlooks and attitudes. They might become converted in future and enlightened with "other" ideas and then come back and taste yet "other" outlooks and horizons, our outlooks and horizons. For those who are interested n present discussion, "They should wash them of any judgements they ever had." This is the meaning of baptizing.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Messiah Is the Perfect Human

But nature is not a simple domain of understanding except with an open eye. Using knowledge and science and arguments of reason is subject to variation in different individuals. Messiah is not an idea dedicated to a certain group of learned people. There is something common, but, in all levels and stages of material world. Dead crystals of matter grow layer by layer to augment and fill more space. Simple building blocks of universe make themselves in more organised shapes. Plants grow to touch more lights from environment and animals move around with curiosity to find out more until their curiosity shapes something transcendental as human "mind." And human mind, still searches in hope of a higher level of beingness. This belongs to all human being as a generality not particularity of learned individual. Messiah says now, "There is no individuality!" We have only one. That one is Messiah, the Perfect Human who suffers for the ancient sin of man.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Messiah Is Understandable

All that discussion is aimed at the result that if one is to accept ideas such as Messiah and Antichrist, then arguments and evidences should be limited to whatever that limits the others: all should be explainable within usual of this material world. Does that mean that these are just symbols, as many followers of religions interpret theirs? Answer from Messiah is not affirmative. Messiah is a real human in this side. He is the "perfect human." Antichrist looks in all aspects like a human being in this side. IT is the "perfect enemy" of human being, the "perfect plotter." These two are not symbols within "now." They'll be symbols in future generations when saved humans help to salvage other human beings.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reason for Being

My raison d'etre that is the reason for coming in this world is to prove that such a being, Ahriman or Satan can exist. You have different pictures in your mind as "Antichrist" or "Satan" or "Ahriman" or "Devile" that has come as symbolic description of that entity. It is not correct that to believe that Antichrist is a being that has horns and tail and teeth like knife and fiery eyes or having hoofs instead of feet. There is no way that in nature such things can be created without being related to other creations of nature, without evolution and without having any relation with human realities. Devil should be in a way that Christ can prove ITS existence, using the reasonings and knowledge of human, but put humans on a fork road branching of believing or denial in ordinary capabilities of ordinary people such that non-believers cannot bring excuse that they had offered something beyond the grasp of human mind and believers accept it by reason not by dogma. Motive of believers should be faith and not gaining power and wealth over the other people and non-believers should not believe upon regret of loss of power and wealth, but should come forward as a conversion and transcend of mind. It is not true also to attribute normal disabilities of human beings to Ahriman as a sign for recognizing IT. Those disabilities such as having one blind eye or limping or crawling on the earth are partly stigmas usual at ancient times to show hostility towards enemies, used to show enemity to Devil and partly they were symbols for enlightening human beings about behaviour of Devil.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Antichrist Is a Blank in the Darkness

I use the pronoun [IT] and adjective [ITS] for the Antichrist. I sometimes use this bracket [ ] to underline it. It is due to the fact that I use English language and in this language "he" is used for referring to male and "she" refers to female. The Antichrist is not male or female or any object of human relation such as an animal. IT is a non-being. IT is a pseudo being. IT is a blank in a blank background that cannot be seen. How can you recognize a blank in a blank background? You should dye IT with some paint. IT is painted with carcass of a human. IT is a darkness in a pitch dark background. IT can be seen by reflecting light that IT steals from Messiah. IT is in thirst of that light. It is the reason that IT chases Messiah, 'The Christ'.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christ and Antichrist and Impostor-christ

Coming of Messiah needs only three elements to be realized: Christ, Antichrist, and impostor-Christ. Christ or Messiah is the holly saviour of human. Antichrist is the enemy of human and enemy of Christ. Impostor-Christ is the tool of Antichrist and the horse of ITS carriage. Christ has two entity or two sides. One side is heavenly and godly and the other side is His earthly, human entity. Antichrist is not a human. It has carcass of human that drags IT around and makes IT able to talk. It lacks human soul. Impostor-Christ is a human with two sides: one devilish side attached to the will of Antichrist. His other side is a human in ambition of gaining power of god over all humans. He works for Antichrist to learn from IT how he can reach to this materialistic power. Antichrist is something like an ape. IT is enemy of human like a germ not for having any human aim. IT just wants not human exists by instinct not by having a goal. This two complete each other Impostor provides for Antichrist and Antichrist promises power to him, in return.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A One-man Army

How One man could convince other people that he is the promised Messiah. What characteristics and attributes he has got that others do not have? I discuss these things for any possible period of time until only one person becomes convinced. That is, then, the end of Messiah's mission on earth. From that one person many come in future generations. It is like creation of Adam. Up to this point is anything non-scientific? Is anything against the evolution and physics and biology? Could you solve the story of creation of "man" from a single one?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Messiah Is not a Preacher

You should not confuse me with a preacher, or a monk, a rabbi, or a mullah or similar individuals. I have come to accredit all of them and to eradicate all of them.

Obstacles on the Road

Before I advertise my mission, I should clear the way for future believers many obstacles from the road.