Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Holes and Psychoanalyst

I assigned for me the task of bridging holes, mind reader and psychoanalyst together. I said that any phenomena in nature is seen in a continuum; in a spectrum of very weakly or rarely observable to  stronger more accentuated and more observable.

I mentioned periodic table as one of the strongest evidences of such assertion. Moving from left of the table to the right we go from the strong chemistry of metallic forms to non-metals and at last to the so called inert elements. Inert elements are there to prove that, in the spectrum, somewhere you can not have any chemistry of bonding. Even the last assertion appears in a continuum. At the top of the inert elements you find neuteronium; it is one isolated neutron. It is radioactive and unstable and after a while it decays to a hydrogen atom. As it should, it has zero electron as it has no proton; hence, no chemical affinity. Its state is not gaseous, liquid or solid. Next, towards bottom, there is helium which is completely inert and only can be solidified in extreme low temperatures. It is almost an ideal gas. As you go to the bottom of inert elements, towards the heavier ones, solidification becomes more possible and they become farther from being an ideal gas. It is conceived that beyond the last natural inert element, radon, the inert elements if ever could be realised in observable amounts will be in solid form and even metallic with easily possible chemical bonding. On the other side we have alkaline metals. As you go down, the melting point of alkaline elements decreases and any conceivable element beyond francium might appear as gaseous. Inside the table you find any incipience of all the phenomena. For example, suddenly nature stops to create an element in certain points, such as technetium, which by all expectation should occur naturally similar to other elements. Nature, has got another secret to be observed for that incipience.

Psychoanalyst in its advertisement didn't consider this principle of spectrum, while at around the same time, theory of evolution with such principle was in full swing. When you observe behaviour of humans they swing in an n-dimensional (arguably in an infinite dimensional)  state space; in each dimension we can observe a continuous spectrum. Such cluster of dimensions makes it beyond simplicity of those simple observations that one beholds inside the periodic table. For human, you need to sum up whatever you see in the realm of living things on our planet. Whatever any plant or animal has intrinsically had, from the dawn of creation of life on earth, might be hidden in a corner of our behaviour. We are in a consensus that human is at the top of evolution. What is the gauge for this assertion. It is just an axiom we accept. Simply, birds might believe that they are at the top of evolution as they can navigate distances as far as the distance between two continents above and over any terrain, or salmons who return to their birth place swimming up stream, up the cliffs with no fear of annihilation, with no map and no compass. There are other magnificent examples, too. Therefore, this is just an axiom, as we observe ourselves. Based on this axiom we should have hidden every capacity that can be seen around the living nature. Remember again, this blog is not about proving Almighty by science or psychology or such ideas. It is not to prove anything. I try only to make an abstraction. That starts with axioms and tries to infer some propositions.

You respond that human has the largest brain as the sign of being the highest evolved animal. Golden Eagle believes the widest span of the wings is the sign of being at the top of evolution. Bring the question among the humans. Which one is more evolved: a martial artist, an orator, a millionaire or a mathematician. The last one in the real life becomes easily overpowered by the other three. All of them have the same brain and if you believe to something extra as the mind, all of them, even the martial artist actually, use their minds to perform their skills.

Now let me go back to the dance floor. I said that if you do not be accompanied by your partner and you do not be groovy enough, then under any exciting conditions, you do not join the boogie and you are going to sit in a corner. At this point you feel another invisible partner, similar to the imaginary invisible groovy holes already I described, and friendly with you, comes and attaches to you. Yes, it is attaching rather than keeping the distance and sitting respectfully. This new type of hole, being slimy, viscose and attaching is the first point of bridging into the world of psychoanalysis. Is that you or part of you or half of you? Is it the "other-half" as they say? No, you can recognise yourself. How do you recognise? From the suffering that you feel in your soul. (I use the word, soul, in its linguistic use not as a philosophical term.) You want to repel it and be left alone and enjoy watching dance floor and go back to your friends. You are suffering. That suffering is the beginning of understanding the pain of Messiah. It is the bridge from psychoanalyst to Messiah.