Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Excitons and Psychoanalyst (2)

First, allow me to discuss exciton in nature. When you dope some impurity in a semiconductor material, inside the crystal structure of that material you can create an additional electron coupled with a lack of electron (a positive hole). They act like a Hydrogen atom: Hole is a light weight positive charge with a mass a little more than  mass of an electron. You can create many of these atoms. All modern electronics and lasers and LED's are working on this basis. There is a hope that you can create such an immense concentration of Excitons to turn them into a metallic form similar to metallic hydrogen. (Hydrogen is actually a metal with properties similar to lithium and sodium, but it shows those physical metalic properties, such as electrical conduction, under unbelievable pressure to keep its atom in a metallic structure.) Then there is a hope that you can increase concentration of doping to degenerate that metal into a superconductor (similar to super-conducting high temperature metallic hydrogen ); a superconductor inside a semiconductor. In that case it is possible to manufacture computer parts that do not need cooling and can work with a torch battery. They do it, though in fifty years. Then what is a hole in our ball room party? It does not exist on the dance floor as far as all dancers are paired. When there comes an unpaired individual, the dance floor becomes a little excited due to that presence, but not enough to create an Exciton, as far as the dance lattice remains stiffed due to a calm music. It should become excited by applying a more exciting music to the environment. When an unpaired individual enters then a hole is created. What is that? It is an effect due to presence of an unpaired one. It becomes created with speed of infinity (in nature we do not have speed more than speed of light, but that hole defies that postulate). It is non-causal: Hole is there before its cause enters the room. It is not the matter. It is somewhere. It is a spirit. You know the room is full of holes waiting to grab an unpaired individual, when excited.