Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is Anti-Christ? (2)

Therefore, we excluded Messiah of being a political leader, a rebellion, a general. No other occupation or extraordinary talent you might attribute to Messiah. One never says that Messiah is a great athlete, or a great violinist. The great violinist becomes a great violinist. A great athlete becomes a great athlete. Spartacus, the gladiator who rebelled near the time of Jesus Christ and had many great personal characteristics and cruelly was crucified was a great athlete and suffered what you might believe similar to Jesus Christ, but he only is remembered where and when you might remember Jesus Christ good messages and not by his own.
People might say that Jesus Christ was a great orator or a great philosopher. Around the time of Jesus Christ there were living very great orators such as Cicero, speaking in the mother tongue of Romans, great philosophers like Plotinus with deep understanding of God as an abstract entity in creation of the world. Ideas advertised by Jesus, or old testament, or Mohammad looks humble comparing with them. Do you know how great are Plato, and Aristotle, even in our modern philosophy? They were recognised already by the learned people of the time as having a sound and sane social position why Jesus Christ should be preferred who was companion of vagabonds and centre of attention of illiterate people. Learned people of temple did not argue with Jesus. They knew him of no intellectual value to argue with him in a valid way. This much was attitude of his own people, let alone Romans who were ruling half of the world and constantly were in conflict with rebels and native ideas and cultures behind those rebels. Frequently, they had to send big armies and finest generals and warriors and great amounts of bribes for opposing chieftains and warlords to settle such conflicts. They just did not consider to talk with Jesus for a second. They sent a couple of illiterate villain soldiers to finish whatever was the cause of the buzz. With no ordinary reason  you ever know why each one of you hangs a cross of Jesus, or a star of David on his neck or one blows himself for the name of Mohammad, but name of Plotinus is hidden in few books in dusty libraries. Do you believe ideas of Marx with all greatness with all compassion that exists in them, with all mobilization that they have given to minds and hearts of modern man will endure a century from now? What is in their names, Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha that does not exist in Marx, Hegel, Plotinus, Plato, and Aristotle?