Sunday, October 09, 2016

On Messiah Complex and Similar Issues

Yes this could have been true: Messiah Complex. If you have carefully read and understood what I have put here then you already have got the idea of such 'complex.' People come and declare that they are the promised messiah.

There are different classes of such people. Most of the time they are already from  certain groups of preachers. They are familiar with books and teachings of the religions that they used to preach; they are sometimes very educated in those religions.

They use debates about validity of  their assertion by referencing to those educations. They go to the other preachers of the said religion trying to convince them that based of certain verses they are true and they are the promised one.

They start to prove that the other preachers are ignorant, vile, pervert and for the earthly profits deny the acclaimed messiah his righteousness.

What is the test of the other preachers to accept the claim of the candidate Messiah? It is the same things that claimant condemns. They ask him to fly, to go to war for them and in a breath defeat their enemies; to bring golds and foods from heaven.

We are sure that no one can do any of theses things; otherwise, he would not come to preachers for any debate. He would not need any helping hand.

Preachers say that for example, Jesus could walk on water. Well, did he do it in front of people? They say that they are positive about it. Then why only twelve people accepted him and thirteenth could not believe and betrayed him?

People swarm and applaud magicians and illusionists for much more basic feats then why people killed Jesus Christ seeing his miracles.

Followers of religions, after some debate to convince the claimant of his invalidity, or even without any debate, will kill him for blasphemy if the time and place allow them. They have done that with Jesus Christ, even though we believe that he is righteous.

What if someone right now walks on the water in front of you and tells you that he is messiah or is from the god or such things. You won't believe him. Doctor tells someone that he dies if he continues taking salt with food. Some believe and some do not.

Those who believe already have a belief in doctors by some conversion of 'heart.'

(to be continued)

Friday, April 01, 2016

Conscience and Mind Reader

(This chapter is not conclusive in being exhaustive enough and will be expanded. However, keeps all propositions as put forward here.)
I said bad holes begin from very weak instances of fear. And sometimes not even from the fear but from the fear camouflaged with other names such as being left alone, being tired, being curious which all are fears. See, we do not have anything as anger or shame or any other thing. We only have fear; that is, the protection of phallus. All the levels and shades of fear boils down to protection of phallus, to the reproduction of a copy of a human.

In this modern time that I write people discuss if the man and women are biologically equal or as I have extended the idea of equality to the idea of being similar. I said in the chapter on women that they are equal but not similar. That proposition is sociological/biological. Ontologically we do not have a male human and a female human as separate entities to be able to describe their relation.  Reproduction means creating an instance of a copy of a human. This is the reason that we have a half and half population of females and males.

You are at a height; say, at the top of a cliff. You know that you might fall and lose the life. You become aware and cautious. A voice comes to your mind asks you that to relieve yourself from the fear; it calls you as its friend: "Friend, jump down!" The voice is your friend wants you not to be scared, wants you to be relieved. Now, it starts to blame you for not betraying yourself. Meanwhile you hear or rather you feel that there is a desire, an inclination a want of an unknown entity alien to you that likes to push you down. As you like to stay as you are here to stay you push that unknown entity back. Your fight begins. Then psychologists interpret it as the desire to self harming and self annihilation. Psychologists all are wrong. No one wants to self-harm.You are this side, side of yourself. But that voice is on the other side. We discover it when it becomes extreme and pathological; becomes far from normal experience of average population of humans. Pathology shows that certain people, known as the voice hearer, describe that thing in the form of a voice as commanding them. They hear a very cruel, inhumane voice with no feeling with no reason that ask them to annihilate themselves.

Most of people tolerate that command and safely pass the height. Some people do that due to their life style or just train themselves as pleasure such that the voice completely becomes overpowered and never could be heard.

Some people a small portion of population become on the other hand so overpowered that avoid any height or so terrified that they might faint or scream and escape. See, the spectrum is not on a two dimensional line. Here just as an example we found three directions. One who climbs up a 100 meter tower to tighten a screw. One who succumbs to command and throw themselves down. One who totally avoid. Most of population behave moderately between these extremes. Many constantly think about such a situation. Many never think. One who obeys the command of the voice  has got a very big bad hole that has occupied most of his existence. He constantly feels at the verge of the cliff and hears the relieving command of the enemy for self-annihilation. He is feeble and cannot overpower that malicious voice. He confuses the voice with his own self. He believes in voice and knows it good and helpful. He recognises the voice as something Devine and his own psyche as something bad.

This was for a natural situation. Now, lets discuss something known as bad among humans. Is stealing bad? There is no answer to this question. You do not know anything as belong-ness in nature. If one gets a piece of bread in his hand and you are hungry you attack him and take it and eat it except that he has got enough power to repel you.  When you are not hungry you have no motive to take it. You won't notice he is having a bread in his hand.

In our society if you take a candy from a child and eat it then when you go home and want to sleep a voice starts to blame you. Your "conscience" blames you. You are a conscientious person as modern people now say. You can't sleep. Without further ado this is the same voice that asks you to jump and relieve yourself from the fear of falling. The voice asks you to betray yourself go and surrender to police and feel relief. Conscience have more plans for you after that surrender. Why it is the same voice. As people train themselves to go to the top of the tower, people can silence the voice for taking the candy from the children. In kindergartens you frequently can find staff who pilfer candy bars that children bring from home for their midday snack. Those staff sleep comfortably at nights.

Between  that situation in nature that you were allowed to take the bread from the weaker human without having any qualm to the situation that you could not sleep for stealing the candy bar there are immense layers of social structure fears and socialisation:

"Thou shalt not steal"

This command is from the good hole. It is from out of your head, from another human, but still you do not know what is the 'stealing' in above command.

Assume, you were hungry and more powerful and took the bread from the weaker who had that or had earned it.

Now, consider that you were not hungry, but took the candy bar from a child just because you liked a dainty snack.

The voice inside your head, the bad hole, does not recognise the difference.

How? You are hungry and have earned a bread then you see some one who can't earn and he begs you for that bread. Either you give it to him or you deprive him; in both cases, the voice blames you.

If you do not give then at the time that the voice blames you, at that time you might think that it is "your" conscience as something on the side of or as the defender of good actions.

If you  give the bread then the voice blames you that "why when you are in need you give the result of your toil to someone who is lazy." It is enough that you put your head on the bed while you are hungry then the voice comes to you.

More complex social structures bring more from the voice such as,  "you gave the bread as you are a hypocrite, self deceiving person, you should not be proud, you should not show off, you should be this you shouldn't be that."

You are walking on a rope at a height and every moment that voice tilt you to one side and you become constantly stressful lest to fall. As it is quoted that Moses killed the man and said that it was Devil  who killed the man. I do not believe that Moses killed anybody as I later explain why. But it is actually the Devil who kills not the man.

When some people say that a certain person, say a politician or a wealthy man is evil or is Satan or is antichrist is wrong. Vastness of occupation and control of bad holes is manifested by callousness of the en-captured human entity. Depending on to how callous a man to be towards pain of the other humans he is nearer to be Devil. This closes the gap between recognition of altruism against conscience.

Assume you never follow the voice of your conscience, the what decides that you are a good human?Only altruism decides. It is because religions in general do not recognise the conscience as the source of moral behaviour.

Conscience is the sitting room of the bad holes, Devil. It does not make morality among humans. It creates stress as you expect from the bad holes. A religious morality means following external examples of moral-practicing entities.

How it happens? In the same way that you create your language. You listen how adults talk. Then you imitate it. Then you create a sketch of grammar. Then you put that in work and you experience if that has been to the fineness of environment. Then you make that sketch more fine-tuned.

If you grew in an environment that uses sign language you do not develop talking, but you only will be able to communicate by using sign language.

You have no external source and examples of talking and from inside there is no helping hand to teach you the correct way of talking.

They say there is pattern there, an instinct for communication. It is actually 'you'  pure and immune to the intervention of bad holes: the perfect human or the Messiah.

You are Garden of Eden without the 'serpent'.

Conscience is a recent idea from enlightenment and humanism. It is precursor to accepting Satanism.