Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (2)

We could not see any thing being unnatural in artificial elements. They are part of the nature but very unstable, very short living compared to other elements. Anti-matter is another artificially made phenomenon of science. In this form nature of atoms is antagonist with the material elements of our world. Every electrical charge of antimatter is contradicting ours. Our electrons have negative charges, theirs have positive charge. If these two meet they annihilate and burn each other to pure energy without any ashes remain out of them. There remains no charge or matter to be confined at a point. they becomes all something like heat of an oven dissipating. The proton of our world is a positive charge, the protons of antimatter have negative charges. Again these two are antagonist and cannot live together. They annihilate each other if they meet. For those things that have not any charge, like neutrons also there exist some antimatter neutron. If they meet there will be annihilation too. They are like to tops one turns clockwise the other turns the other way. If they meet each other they cannot decide which way they should turn so better to dissipate than not to turn. We can imagine a world that every bit is made out of the antimatter and has not any contact with our material world. In that world also everything is natural and smooth moving and we have a table of eighty ninety elements and there is nothing surprising for its intelligent inhabitants or for humans. Only that we cannot find a way to their world and they cannot find one to ours. Except that in each world advanced scientists can artificially made few atoms of the anti-matter, of the anti-world for demonstration of such a possibility. Those anti-atoms can live for fraction of seconds before meeting the material body of our world and burn into the annihilation. These anti-atoms are natural regularity of their own world.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (1)

These ideas help me to give insights to accepting what you might consider as impossible, or improbable. It is known that all the world, all the living and non-living things are made out of some 85 chemical elements. These elements have been discovered, separated and studied by humans and by some law of nature are arranged in a table, periodic table of elements. By those laws, few places in the table had been left empty without humans know any element in the nature to put in those places and no reasonable attempt of scientists could conclude to their discovery until scientists became convinced that due to known rules of nature those places will be left empty forever. The elements that should occupy those places were too unstable and had been decayed hastily to other elements just after they had been forged in the furnace of nature. Thus never got the opportunity to wait for the creation of life and intelligent life to discover them. But from the middle of twentieth century, scientists could imitate that process of forging elements and artificially created them. Though normally they exist with their elemental identities for a short time and quickly decay to more stable elements nevertheless chemists could study their chemical behaviour and became certain that they are the same elements that should put in the empty boxes of the table. Besides these empty places there were places beyond the last discovered elements of nature. Scientists further advanced to create artificial elements for these extra places until the point that it seems impossible or very difficult at present time to go further. These attempts have resulted to have a table of one hundred and eighteen elements of naturally occurring (eighty eight)and artificially made elements (thirty) all together at present time. Some of these elements came to be so useful that factories are built to produce them in tons and being used as commodities of commerce. We should consider that even the artificial elements are natural but their short lives prohibited them to come in human hands after billions years that has passed from the creation of elements. There is nothing surprising or unusual in terms of nature for them more than what we know regarding the natural elements. They are all at their right places as dictated by the law of nature. This was for artificial elements. Next we get to topic of "Anti-matter."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

HE Stays

Then, we have not stars and galaxies and this or that. We have only a proton that stays. HE is here to stay. If HE decompose then the whole universe goes. Then a new universe should come out. Then a new God should appear. We do not have trees and gnats and fish and eagle and Socrates and Jesus and Heisenberg. We only have that very first "RNA" who decided to make a copy of himself and put in a corner in case of his decomposition a copy remains here to stay. If HE goes then the life should begin anew. The solar system should be created again. The stars should begin to come. The proton should be created anew. It needs a new God to come to the throne, then. A new King claims the kingdom of heaven. It is necessary that Messiah resurrects. We are at the end but at the beginning. This is that happens every day. It is written in every language and creed and sign and hint. It is written everywhere: on trees, on mountains, on rivers, on clouds. This looks poetical. Is not it? You know it that way. Proton has the blue print of all the decomposing universe in one code, "Stay!" RNA has the blue print of all the universe in one code, "Stay, proton stay!" And Messiah has the blue print of all, "All stay!"