Friday, June 19, 2009

Modern Mind (1)

Universe in the modern mind is not that small pond and human as a big fish in it. Earth is not even a dot of dust in the hurricane of creation. The whole solar system is that dot. Human has no significance in this universe. For the universe, he does not exist with any effect at all. The entire chain of human evolution is just a fraction in a fraction of life time of universe. For human something is happening there but for the universe nothing is happening here. Our humble events happens among the tumult of explosion of galaxies that accommodate billions star similar to our sun and birth of new galaxies and billions of stars inside them, crash of such unimaginable bodies together and collapse and crush of such immense bodies into the smaller bodies. In such a scene we expect that Messiah should be resurrected to prepare armies and battalions for an expedition around the good ancient Levant for the sake of few hundred angry people.  That means that God is not a cosmological concept. He is a political activist in search of popularity and winning over a rival political party. If God is in charge of such troublesome universe, then why he does not change the result of polls? This is another reason that tells human that he should put away whatever he already believes is the reason for Messiah resurrection.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Leave Ancient Mind (2)

So we are used to think about God as equivalent to our ignorance, similar to what atheists criticize about the idea of God and religion. God means ignorance in this approach. If we know about something, then God does not exist at that dominion for ever. If we know partially, then God exists partially. If we get to next ignorance, the next unsolved puzzle then God comes back and only God knows that thing. The solution for that is to find a view that interweaves God and nature and our knowledge and our ignorance in a unified texture. This is what can be achieved only by prophets. By that I mean Jesus Christ included. Many of us believe Him not as a prophet but as the Son of the God. That makes Him, nonetheless, a prophet, a messenger from the Heavenly Father, God. Prophets experience the universe in that unified beholding. They see, and they ask people to believe them. People will not believe, except a dozen people or less who can see, but not with all details. Prophets ask people to experience the universe as much that they have the endurance but if they believe the message from a deep understanding and empathy to the messenger then they will get to the same position as the prophet. We have conceived in our cognition that it is a high position. We know a higher position safer with more freedom and choice. Freedom means whim to choose. Choice means to fulfil our whims. And we are the actor in between these two boundaries. These two boundaries make our universe. Whatever human thinks from now to eternity comes between these two boundaries.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's Leave Ancient Mind (1)

When we think to religions, we start to become inconsistent and to negotiate with our modern thoughts. We separate wisdom and faith as two entities one belongs to mind - wisdom - and the other belongs to heart: religion. We say and gradually believe that we can live with such dualism. If we get a simple flu that can be managed with over the counter pain killers then it is all due to modern biochemistry, but if it is an unknown harsh flu with muscle pains we stay at bed, will have natural soups made by God given vegetables full of natural remedies and moaning "Oh, my God!" As if God is a management mentor and gradually empowers us for delivery of new missions already done by him. Our philosophy, psychology and scientific outlook is also fits in that simple attitude of flu patient. Atheists and materialist philosophers and positivists also reason in a similar fashion that fits in that simple example to refute it. Scientists and philosophers were amazed of creation of God when they were looking in night sky, seeing God has created holes in the sky such that part of the ethereal light of heaven can penetrate to earth people who had sacrificed for His altar to give them a sign of his omnipresence at night and scare daemons. When all that replaced with a solar system and a fiery object as the sun at its center they were amazed of creation of God when beholding spectrum of elements burning in a flame. Then they were amazed of electrons circling in a vast emptiness around a dense nucleon. Then they were amazed of quarks and strings. This was the reason for sacrilegious people to deny any god or religion, let alone the idea of appearance of Messiah promised in ancient time as a saviour or son of the God or a prophet.