Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Overcoming the Other Loud Voices

Not all the campaign is with the scientific minds. It contains less than ten percent of the effort. There are more powerful sectors of the society to fight the idea of "Messiah" resurrection. Most of them are from previous religions. Many have a legacy of religion in their minds without practicing a religion or without being sacrilegious or atheist. If they are asked they claim themselves as, say, a Christian. Sometimes they say that their parents were belonged to such and such religion but they only believe in God or a super gracious being as the God. Many are deeply drenched in superstitions rather than being religious and normally the boundary between two is vague and blurred for them. There are fights inside them that which is the orthodoxy of religion and which are the superstitions from ancient stories and paganism among them. For a scientific minded atheist there is no difference between religion and superstition but inside the doctrine of religion such a boundary exist and is the subject of much controversy. For example, a monist theologian might become philosophically skeptical of the existence of the material world based on the idea that the Almighty abstract God why needs a material world to exist and how matter might emanate from the all abstract mind of God. Then he knows conceiving of the God as an old man on a throne a superstition of commoner masses and a blasphemy if that idea proposed by an educated priest. All the existing religions are based on the idea that their religion is the most perfect and ultimate instruction of God and they have a scientific positivist kind of reason for that as that after their prophet or messenger human beings have entered in a phase of being mature and grown up enough such that no further direct contact of human with the God is necessary anymore. Only if a bad happens to the faith it is because the followers do not carefully follow the rules as originally advertised by the God and their messenger and are written in their scripts. And, they assume, if they do that they can overcome to other religions and blasphemies and injustice that has gripped the earth.

Friday, January 22, 2010

How Much Knowledge?

So far, hence, I put myself in front line of scientific thinking in campaigning with all superstitions already advertised by all religions regarding the "Messiah." In doing so I cannot eliminate further counter-claims of scientifically minded modern humans. How? For the first, because not all my readers who believe they are scientific minded are so as they assert. These are one group: assume that you are an atheist young student of engineering, then I assert that one cannot measure the position and velocity of a particle at the same time without sacrificing the precision of one quantity in favour of the second quantity. I further assert that it is inherent of nature; nature blocks your measurement not your skill, knowledge and tools. As my young atheist is not familiar with "Quantum Mechanics" and only he has got some familiarity with classical mechanics he might vilify me as saying a non-scientific proposition. Then he does not continue listening to me, rejecting everything as a whole erroneous package of frequently told and falsified dogmas of the antiquity. The second group could be time tasted people of some cultivation and education such as an artist, a physician, a journalist who have other dogmas wrongly and in a scrambled shape resided in their minds such as "Galileo Galilei proved that there was no God and any angel in the heaven by looking into a telescope and for this reason burnt at steak by the order of Inquisition!" They also do not listen any further to me. Another group does not come to the frontiers of human unknown for discovery. They are not eager to come. I cannot drag them to that place. There is another group who recognises the humble predicaments of vague origin as the scientific truth. One example of that I could find in a TV commercial that, "such a cream can eliminate the wrinkles of your face skin!" Said with a scientific tone. Then it was based on the (subjective) idea of eighty persons who used that cream.
A very important group I have found are those who seek "Messiah" as the embodiment, resurrectimn, of their ancient prophet. That could be true but needs and waits for your investigation to prove or reject.

Friday, January 08, 2010


People have become scientific minded these days. They say, the idea of Messiah is fanaticism, superstition and something belonged to past times when people could not solve the problems of nature and had to attribute them to one or more super beings. Although all of these propositions are easily subject to challenge, I have tried not to become engaged with them until I feel that the backgrounds and foundations are built enough. So far, I have not said anything that could be in contradiction to any scientific achievements of human. In contrast, I have refuted, doubted and rejected any previous idea regarding this phenomenon, Messiah, as it is taught mostly by religions.On the other hand, I do not say that such an idea, the Messiah is weird and rejected. By no means it is so. Almost more than ninety five percent of humans deeply believe in a way or other way in such phenomenon among them very great living and deceased scientists. Many people, earn money by publishing books and gathering people and associations and organizations, even armies and fans around them, selling this idea to masses and masses of humans. Nothwithstanding, they are in the first line of defence together with sacreligious groups if such a person with all correct descriptions attributed to him emerges in front of their face.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Conversion of Faith

I discussed many sound scientific ideas, so far, to show that my claim for existence of Messiah in nature, similar to other phenomena, is within the reach of investigation of ordinary humans. Although, I reiterate that believing it, at the end, is a matter of conversion. This conversion can be seen in every aspect of scientific and daily life. For example, you have seen that repeatedly you want to prove a fact for your colleague, for your spouse, for your students and children. They do not accept it from you. This is the nature of human (and other beings) for protection of integrity of its individuals. Overweight people do not accept your advice. Smokers do not accept your advice. People of high blood pressure do not commit them to a diet. All these happen in face of scientifically proven and globally observable facts. Suddenly, one smoker quits and never comes back to smoking. One overweight becomes slim. The seriousness of some of these facts is a matter of life and death, a matter of better life and more miserable life. Still, only a conversion of faith can help the victim to accept the scientific propositions involved. All the time human finds the devil easier to follow than what is good for him. Human is not rational. That irrationality is part of his nature to sustain his existence against unpredictable and random adversaries. If human was rational then his blue print and pattern of life would become revealed for his adversaries, the destructive forces of nature, and they could foil human plans for survival. Human and other animals are like guerrillas fighting deep inside the enemies territories. They should not carry any identification, weapon or anything that makes their enemies suspicious. If suddenly an engagement with enemy patrols occurred they should be able to use any improvised idea against it. This is partly physical, partly spiritual and partly definable in terms of "information." For example, language or dance in humans are such weapons. I used the term spiritual. It has my own meaning here. By that I do not mean preaching anything you already familiar with.