Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Religion Is Abstraction

I frequently reiterate that I am not one who wants to preach any of the existing religions. I am not one who wants to prove that any of the existing religions is actually consistent with the modern science or modern psychology, or modern politics and is good for the well being and moral behaviour though they look superstitious and old fashioned. I do not want to prove that modern life is analytic and people should have a synthetic soul and should escape from the maddening tumult and lust of their environment in cities to comfort and peace of religions in the convents and monasteries and meditate.
No, I want to say that religion is not religion. Pyramids supposedly were built as being very big tombstones for a wealthy and powerful person as the symbol of his religion. And archaeologists go there and clean bones with a fine brush and sit there for years to find a piece of charcoal. For me it shows practical people sitting together, calculating, knowing materials, managing workforce, and defending projects to sponge more money from the king for their wild imaginations. It means they knew formulas of trigonometry. They were true when they told the king that with such a project he would be resurrected. They were true when they said that the king needed all those paraphernalia when he would resurrect. He needs the golden mask to be recognised as with his real face as a king. They were true that he needed those paintings and writings on the walls with servants and ministers and story of his daily life when he should be resurrected. They were not fools to put stones on top of the stones because of their wrong stupid idea of resurrection of their king.
Now listen to people who were descendants of builders of those pyramids and were living millenniums after those builders. They had all kinds of stories about those pyramids such as being built by monsters and jennies and such; couldn't believe their great great grandfathers were in that capacity they attribute to monsters. Even in modern times some people said that man could not build such colossal buildings. They say that those were built by aliens from other worlds. They say that those were built by whipping slaves. You can gather not slaves, but a million of paid workers and start to shout at them to build a mound of dirt and then go and come back after a year and see if anything has been done. But, we have Euclid who could make an elegant abstraction out of those builders' rough ideas; abstractions that did not include monsters and aliens and slaves.
In the similar way we have other types of stories such as a garden and a married couple and a mesmerising snake who could defy the sanctuary of god and could tempt the woman to eat from a forbidden tree. What is its abstraction? Here, a most dreadful animal for human becomes tempting. Why that thing should not come in a more presentable form?
Then we get to the story of a flood that covers all the earth since in a village a group of people were making fun of a crazy person who was building a ship far from any water in the middle of the desert. This is more acceptable story than the tempting snake.
Then Abraham's and after him Moses' gradually become more acceptable: There is no tempting snake and Sweden will not become flooded for the sin of a village in the Middle East.
Until we get to story of Jesus Christ which includes even less supernatural events. Still, he has some strange arts such as converting water to expensive wines but people kill him instead of making a profitable business out of him. When it gets to Muhammad it becomes so realistic that "Muhammad goes to mountain if mountain does not come to him." Then people know very detailed account of his time and day to day life of him.
What is the abstraction of these. You might say that it is enough since you can guess that I am going to paraphrase them as symbols of something earthly. No, remember, Euclidean geometry is abstraction of the facts and by itself it is divine. It is not earthly

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mind Reader, Holes, and Psychoanalyst

We were talking about the holes in the semiconductors, then we promised to connect it to psychoanalysis. Then we jumped on the dance floor until we got to the shy person who was not groovy and we said that we relate it to psychoanalysis. Another leap took us to the mind reader in the ancient societies. What is the synthesis of camel, cow, and leopard; a giraffe? We have seen holes in the semiconductors actually exist; they are not a convenience. A hole is an extra positive charge, but if you examine a piece of semiconductor its total charge is zero; it is neutral. Dance floor analogy is also quite convincing.

But the mind-reader has not any precedence in our knowledge, or in preachers language and teaching of religions. You might say, "Enough; existence of such a thing as a mind-reader seems pure delusion!"

We said that when we look at natural phenomena we should look at a spectrum of each phenomenon. We should look at the continuity of that in evolution. We should see what has changed a fish to a crocodile. What has changed a fish to a dove. What has changed a crocodile plus dove to a horse and what has changed a horse to an ape and ape to human and what will be the next stage. The next stage should be searched inside the human evolution. Human is the tip of the arrow. That does not mean that evolution of fish has been stopped. Human evolution is vertically upward, but laterally we can see very shocking events. There is a type of fish living in pitch dark caves, where even a gleam of light cannot be seen for thousand and thousands of years. They look like a trout. They are actually trouts, but that they have not eyes. They have eyes in the same place that a trout has, but as if they have eyelids and they have closed their eyelids. They do not need seeing, hence they have lost their eyes as being a redundant item. They eat and reproduce and play and jump up and down and find their ways around and defend themselves without being able to see. Trees are green and human's eye is most sensitive to green light and bulk of the energy of the Sun radiates in green.

What is the state of hydrogen in the centre of the sun where temperature is hundred million degrees and pressure is so immense. Is it a metallic hydrogen and it creates energy in cold fusion actually?  If one can push hydrogen atoms , that is protons, under immense pressure next to each other protons might fuse together only due to population not due to temperature and a cold fusion could happen. Neutron stars are so dense that electrons have been fused into the protons and made a whole neutron object. But surprisingly they have a magnetic poles like earth and more surprisingly some have been observed with four magnetic poles. Magnetic poles of earth are due to its iron core. Where the neutron star magnetic poles come from as there is no element inside them but pure neutron? How two magnets remain in some type of stability next to each other?

All these surprises are based on some evidence. How the postulate of a mind reader is supported by any evidence. They even do not exist in our religious teaching. I asserted that Antichrist is a mind reader. Antichrist has been mentioned as the enemy of Jesus Christ as the Satan embodied in form of human. But there is no mention of such a capacity about Antichrist as being a mind reader.

You should note that some ideas have been the consequence of a brave postulate inferred from previous observations not inferred from existing evidences.

You should note that great pyramids were not built by knowing Euclidean geometry; centuries before Euclid. In their buildings their designers used all the Euclidean geometry but they had not a clue of such a beautiful abstraction as the Euclidean geometry.

You should note that Babylonians and many other nations all around the earth could predict lunar and solar eclipse, length of the year, time of equinox and solstice without knowing the theory of Ptolemy; centuries before Ptolemy.

But the other way is correct. Euclid and Ptolemy abstracted and inferred what they had seen from Egyptian buildings and Babylonians astronomy among other things.

We hope we can infer such a creature from the stories that have passed to us, from observation of primitive religions such as druids, and shamans and from more familiar teachings of modern (I mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) religions, and besides, from the psychoanalyst theories.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Antichrist is the mind reader: Part one

See, mind-reader comes in a society and tells them that he has a certain unbelievable art. People can behold that he has not hooves, or horns, or fiery eyes or claws or fangs. He looks completely like any of them. They ask what is his art. He says that he can read mind of an individual who is living among them. After now I call that individual the targeted victim or just the victim.
At first they believe he is a magician or something and wants to hustle them. Perhaps he wants to become rich. Perhaps he wants to become their king or chieftain. Perhaps he wants beautiful women. Perhaps he wants to live in ease and luxury in their king's palace or in the great temple. Perhaps he wants fame, respect, and honour in the society. No; surprisingly, he does not want any of those. He only wants to use this art for a great goal that is also of demand of their society in exchange of nothing. Not for nothing but for a charitable goal to help the society and that individual. The targeted society does not believe.
They ask him what is his unbelievable art. He says that he knows everything about that individual. He knows every detail of his childhood. He knows his friends. He even knows what he is eating or drinking right now. Whom he loves. Whom he hates. Even what he sees in his dream and what the victim can remember from his past dreams. He says that he can induce dreams into the mind of the targeted victim. People do not believe such a story. Many of them are magicians and know all these tricks but it does not look like any of their arts. They assume perhaps the victim is a confederate of the mind-reader. But no one, near to the victim or far from him have ever seen the victim with this mind-reader. Perhaps the mind reader wants boot-licking the victim. There has been no friendship no kinship or congruity between these two.  But the victim, himself is a humble person of no special recognition in the society. Those who know the victim recognise that every detail that the mind-reader claims about the victim is correct.
Perhaps, he has watched the life of the victim for a long time. But they ask themselves that one usually do these things for some material gain, for fame, for honour. Why should the mind-reader watch the victim, an ordinary person,  for a long time and then who has provided for sustaining of such a watch for the mind-reader? First the mind-reader should convince a benefactor for his art then commit himself for watching or investigating somebody else's life. They arrange tests to examine the truth of his claims. They send people impromptu to the victim and talk with him.
On the other side, far from them, the mind-reader tells every detail of the conversation; every move of the conversant. They ask the victim what he has dreamt last night. He remembers them lucidly as exactly as it is planned by the mind-reader. People become mesmerised by such an art. They ask him what he wants. They take him to their ruler, to their highest priests. At first these people also cannot believe until they become convinced and mesmerised. They become convinced that the mind-reader does not want anything they grudge for other people such as wealth, power and such.
The mind-reader does not ask any inconvenience from them. What if the victim rebels and attack their churches and palaces. The mind-reader convince them that such things need planning. When the victim plans for them, he becomes aware and immediately people overpower him. If the victim decides to approach certain people and become confederate with them, beforehand they inform the potential confederates. Mind-reader's only request is the total access to the victim.
Why? What is the benefit of such an absurd total access for the ruler, priests and people.
Now, mind-reader looks to the society texture. If they believe in devil ghosts, he says that the victim is occupied by those ghosts and the victim might help the ghosts to overcome their society. If the society believes that they like to hear the voice of their ancestors to help them into the heavens, then the mind-reader says that he can adjust the victim as a medium to hear those voices and when the victim hears those voices the mind-reader also can hear and will tell them. If the society believes there is a way to live an eternal life, the mind-reader says that by watching gradual death of the victim they can discover the secret of eternal life. If the victim is an illegitimate child, say, like Jesus Christ according to his enemies, the mind-reader claims that he helps the society to clean that foul.
But, wait a minute. If the mind-reader can so perfectly knows about the victim, perhaps king or one of his entourage also can learn this art and read the mind of neighbour kings and conquer all the world, but on the condition that they also do not become aware of existence of such art. Great priest has his own dreams. He knows that he has no real power in connection with god or gods or evils and his rituals are void, fake plays to cheat people and for satisfaction of his greed and lust. If he only partially can learn this art and keep it in his secret rings and descendants, then he can cheat thousands and thousands instead of the small population of his fanatics.
Is not the mind of human the ultimate fruit of the entire nature from big-bang and black holes and galaxies and quarks and planets; all worked, until their product can think?
What should that society do in return for such a charity that makes the mind-reader happy as he asks nothing that they have. The mind-reader tells them if he asked one of them inflict a pain to the victim they should obey. But, if the victim dies or be killed the art of the mind-reader remains unfinished and inconsequential. King should give time to the mind-reader to make the king able to harness and use that art for his own goals. Priest should have enough time to learn that art.
No; no killing or fatal injury is intended - mind reader assures them. They should use words to inflict pain on the victim. They should keep the victim harassed, isolated, sanctioned, hopeless, in twilight of death and life, confined as if buried alive, suspended as if on the cross, always looking to see the light at the end of the tunnel but desperate of such glimmer, living but dying, dying but living, deprived of any kindness, deprived of love, affection and sympathy, deprived of validity, deprived of conversation, earning bread, reproducing.
There is only one small obstacle on the way. That is, the victim does not agree with this scheme. He does not want to be sacrificed on the altar of mind-reader. He wants to go around and talk with people and socialise with them. He wants to live his own life; not the life destined for him by the mind-reader. He might protest. He might attack to the maddening annoying crowd. He might punch people to death out of spontaneity and the ruler cannot ignore the blood-shed and relatives of the dead might betray the whole plot.
The first thing that the mind-reader does ask to be done is to intimidate the victim by accusing the victim as being a rebel under persecution of the ruler, under the threat of being executed by the ruler for his crimes against the state.
The origin of ruling a society is the erection of phallus of the ruler. That has sublimated generations after generation in the mind of human as fear from the ruler, from the king, from disobedience to “law,” fear of regicide. It has been sublimated into offering yourself and succumb into a compromising position for the (sexual) gratification and fulfilment of the ruler and his demands. In this way the mind reader locks the manhood of the victim into his own possession.  
This is the first element of Satanic ritual of sacrificing man.
The victim knows that human society is not the colony of ants and bees. Not all men are created to think and obey unison in consensus even on the smallest unimportant matters. Inside a house a wife with his husband quarrel for the colour of curtain. How is it possible that a wide society all agree on his suffering even if the most sacred and important matters be at stake.