Saturday, December 07, 2013

Bad Holes are Independent Entities

You are eager to know if the bad hole is part of you or independent of you and what is "bad" in it. It is not part of you. "You," means all things which are in favour of you. Similar to good holes bad holes are out there waiting,  non-causal, until they attach to you by a cause. That cause is not related to you. If your dance partner has not received their cards or received it very late it is not your fault. This is the first step that you can take, to get rid of the bad holes. Viruses use the machinery of your cells into their possession and destroy the life or make it miserable. Cancer cells are human flesh but they are not part of the human body and their goal is not improve or sustaining life for the inflicted person. Psychoanalysis did not recognise this and confused them with you. I hope I can progress further, if Messiah stays with us. Bad hole jumps on your nerve like an independent living individual and ruin your night out. Otherwise, you can sit and enjoy many hours there. You need not to be one of the dancing individuals to have a pleasing time. You can sit and drink and watch the dancers. You can listen to different tunes played by the orchestra, enjoy the lighting and decoration of arena. Think about forms, sounds, solve something you had at the back of your mind from work, home, or school. Suddenly a bright idea could come to your head. You could easily feel being inside the social bonding of the dancing group firmly bound into their lattice. You are human with infinite dimensions to play with. But the bad hole knocks you only about the sole activity that you did not commite to: the dance. IT tries to blame you and keep you busy with its blame. You are being knocked. Your being blamed. IT is knocking. IT is blaming. It gives the feeling of humiliation by belittling you. The amount that you surrender to its influence, will be the amount of miserable feeling in you; that is being beaten and stung by an alien invisible enemy within you. You succumb to Satan - your enemy - in its burgeoning form. Psychoanalysis calls this a burgeoning neurosis. You avoid infinite activity of mind and accept surrender to some ignorable retreat.
Bad hole, even in its dwarf stage, like a good hole is a full human with all intelligence of a human. IT does not like to remain dwarf and unnoticed. IT wants to replace you in the society and fill you and move your physical body like a cloak, like a carcass of a zombie around and to show all the arts that it has, to other humans. IT likes to be mobile and flowing in society and activate dormant members of ITs kind inside the others into the rebellion phase. IT moves inside your psyche, inside your mind, your soul, you memory in search of pieces useful for its mission to tighten its grip on you. You have just missed an opportunity, a very unimportant one. Your partner could be with you and by all fairness one of you could be very tired from the daily chores and would prefer to sit and to talk. But the bad hole has no forgiveness for you. Bad hole wants to make a disaster from you are being left alone. Bad hole takes a full picture, a full copy of your psyche at that miserable situation with all shades, colours and details and keep it somewhere usurped in your memory for ITs future referral. It smears your soul with its own footprints and saliva and its insectile fecula.

Bad holes have four essential characteristics. They are in charge of creating almost all of your dreams. They create undesirable somatic discomfort. They talk to your psyche as if being an authorised in charge and owner of you and lastly they try to shut you down and talk in place of you with people, mostly through the body language and your unwanted lapse of tongue.

Most human beings experience them as dreams, and that is it. Then they talk about those dreams and sometimes believe them or become frightened and thoughtful of those dreams then the bad hole becomes satisfied. Bad hole tries to materialise itself from that launch pad.
Bad hole partially shuts down you.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bad Holes and Satan

You have a point of contact. Where is it? You get a signal from this and pass it to that. To appreciate we return to nature and to evolution. When you touch something hot a signal becomes created and each cell from the tip of your fingers to wherever you believe it is being interpreted, mind or brain, asks the next door cell to inform his next door that the first cell is hot and might be damaged and it needs another type of signal to be forwarded to him to be contracted and to avoid burning. They have a system of communication and command. Perhaps physiologists are aware of that mechanism, or if not then in future might learn. What if the cells were not attached together and a small gap existed between them? Could they communicate? They could. We behold it in nature. Ants are not actual individuals. They are units of a single body but they are separated and extended. They do not follow rules of separate living things in search of food and reproduction. People wrongly call them social beings. They are not social. They are not even as social as some mammals such as wolves or dogs who create a small pack. One colony of ants living in an "ants hill" as their living place is called, are one big ANT and can't live with another colony or accommodate the other's individual ants. Here you see how far sex, phallus and essence of psychoanalysis could explain things. Ants are not individuals since they do not reproduce individually. I said RNA divides since it has an existential need to be served. It needs to stay. It is here to stay. He says I should remain. One cell stores fat to survive when there is no food but what happens if it becomes annihilated. He needs to keep one copy of himself somewhere and consequently he fills the entire planet with his copies. In a much more basic than ants those copies know that they belong to the same clan; ants know their own clan. It is not a clan. It is the body; their body. All ants serve one queen for sexual reproduction but they work and communicate though they are not attached as a single organ. In evolution of human mind, human keeps blue prints of communication of separated ants somewhere deep and deep hidden in him. First, there is a queen of ants somewhere in you that controls the reproduction and integration of ants of your body in their specialised duties, some for communication, some for movements and so on. Second, you have kept an evolution blue print to summon and integrate individuals of the society which constitute the aggregate of humans. It is a natural phenomenon that human has created large clans with individuals at their specialised duties. You tend to accommodate and incorporate new individuals who emerge as alien into your society, by birth or by moving to your vicinity. This is the reason that when music becomes more exciting, you make a distance from your couple. You allow the network becomes loose but you remain bounded together and even can accommodate singled out individual. You create bubbles, holes with all specification of humans to compensate for the absent partners. Music does not create excitement. You create excitement; exciting music is your creation. Salmons who swim up streams and jump on the top of cliffs for reaching to their mating spring, hear that melody, that exciting music that reminds them that they are one and the same individual, but has been left as many copies to fill the earth and to know that they are here to stay.

Why do you become engaged in a fighting? Because you are in a cheek to cheek bound. If the music becomes more excited, the melody of the origin, you become more and more integrating until you become unified and one in an amorphous and asexual fluid. Then you attack your neighbouring clan in a unified self. But at the same time they also were engaged in their dance of unification. You communicated with them and they became alarmed and they could not recognise the essence of the signal they were receiving. It was the melody of the origin but not tuned harmoniously on the second clan frequencies. You beat each other. Those who remain from the both sides, winner or loser become one newly integrated clan. So not only you communicate in near field of dancing floor but in far fields when you were scattered clans in primitive nature. As has been studied by anthropologists and psychoanalysis at the beginning of the last century, these wars were considered by primitive men as a game rather than deep hostility that now we witness in wars. Far field and remote communication have been verbalised in forms of war propaganda in our modern world that humans cannot integrate them in unification. In essence, it is invitation messages to integrate all clans; they are from your cousins. Why do they conclude to hostility? Because the tuning melodies differ in pitch and tone and frequency of resonance and receive distorted. There are hostile terrains on paths of signals; annihilating elements. Fears that accompany man from the beginning origin of the life. Each clan encrypts its own communication signals to keep it secret from the real natural enemies, but that makes them undecipherable for other human clans as well, in the same way that each human clan has created his own verbal language and by moving around each language immediately finds its way into changing into a new language undecipherable by other alien clans. Language comes deep from the essence of human nature from his mind from a deeply buried and conserved reservoir of blue prints that man carry from the origin of creation to today. That reservoir is not in you or in me. It is somewhere, far and well kept. Study of languages is far more surprising than study of a cell or even the human brain.

In the dance floor you are separated but communicative from a distance. You talk with each other without using speech. You are talking with body language. You are using good holes to take the message. You were innocent and pure in your ancient rituals of dance to the drums and strings and pipes. Satan entered in paradise of your innocence. Made you ashamed. Suddenly you felt that you are naked. Your excitement turned into the shame. You left the dance floor and went to sit to talk in a corner with the bad holes. Satan turned your unified being into antagonist individuals. Satan took your peace and spread the seeds of hostility among men. Satan asked you to sacrifice a man for its own purported excitement. You did that and you tasted pain of regret and shame. Then Satan came and found the point of your connection and filled it with its voice of blame. So instead of connection  to each other you became busy of being engaged with Satan. You were wandering to connect to each other to return to the spring that once you had descended from it into the ocean but you were forced to feed Satan and  entertain its desires.

That reservoir is not in you or in me. It is somewhere, far and well kept. It is in a virtual space that has been  created by a first desire: "You stay there and replace me as a copy of me, in case that I do not be here." Virtual space that exists in excited dance floor in amorphous integration of all. That reservoir is Messiah.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good Holes, Bad Holes

A friend asked for further clarification of the dance floor. He wrongly understood that it is you that move to other side and there is no hole. I clear once more.
Assume a female enters without a partner into the hall from the left door and finds all people are coupled in cheek-to-cheek. She is standing at the edge of dancing folks. Now music becomes more excited. The network of people becomes loose. She starts to move her body, though without a partner, to adjust her level of excitement to the background music. She is dancing with a 'nobody,' with a hole, with a male hole. When excitement reaches a certain level, and the people are not solidly attached together, she finds a moment that she grabs and becomes coupled with a real male at the leftmost edge. The male hole already dancing with her moves one place towards the female that now has been left alone. This girl in her turn grabs the boy next to her and leaves, pushes the hole to the right, lets the hole to dance with the boy's partner. Hole moves one more space towards the right edge. So the single girl is still at the left edge, coupled with a real male, only the hole moves one by one to the centre and then terminates at the far right, leaves a girl at the right edge alone.

You can conceive a situation in which at the time that the singleton girl enters from the left door, by some chance a male enters from the right whose partner has not accompanied him. This boy upon excitement of arena start to move his body at the edge with a female hole and with more excitement he grabs a girl at the edge and pushes the hole to the left. Partner of that girl, not being a fun ruining guy, starts to dance for a short transient time with the hole until he faces with the next girl at his left and grabs her and pushes the hole further to the left. What happens then? Female hole coming from the right to the left and male hole coming from the left to the right meet each other and they disappear; nobody needs them anymore. Ripple dies upon their demobilisation.

The situation in this thought experiment is arbitrarily idealised. In reality the hole moving randomly around the arena; not necessarily in a straight line to the left. The same fact is true about a piece of semiconductor.

As you do not know that a potential partner has arrived from the other end, that lack of knowledge reflects in the form of a non-causal (i.e., it is there before you) ghost partner, a hole, that follows you. It is non-causal as the dancing arena does not know that you are not accompanied by your partner. It is part of the excitement of the arena. Also, it is attached to your excitement. You paint it and you make it real. Speed of its attachment is immediate.

These holes are good and helpful and keep your bounds to other humans. When your bound established they disappear. In the previous post I was talking about the bad holes. You have a point of contact with other individuals, the bad hole comes and cover it. It asks you to sit and if you do not obey, it stresses you. It does not go away. It comes closer and create a barrier between you and others. These bad holes have certain properties. It can read your mind. But those properties gradually will be revealed for you.
At this point I have another caveat added for clarification my goal to invite your attention. There are cults or gurus or preachers or religions whatever you might call them, especially in this era of fast and pervasive dissemination or selling of ideas that talk about holes in their own contextual meaning that I am not familiar with. They say everything is hole and god or Satan or what ever is hole and galaxies are holes. And as I am not familiar with those ideas, I cannot judge them in any way and I just have heard that such thing as "hole" is in their discourse. I borrowed this word from modern electronics just to enlighten my argument. I will pass over it similar to discussion that I had about muonium; nothing more. There is nothing "holy" about "holes" in these notes.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Holes and Psychoanalyst

I assigned for me the task of bridging holes, mind reader and psychoanalyst together. I said that any phenomena in nature is seen in a continuum; in a spectrum of very weakly or rarely observable to  stronger more accentuated and more observable.

I mentioned periodic table as one of the strongest evidences of such assertion. Moving from left of the table to the right we go from the strong chemistry of metallic forms to non-metals and at last to the so called inert elements. Inert elements are there to prove that, in the spectrum, somewhere you can not have any chemistry of bonding. Even the last assertion appears in a continuum. At the top of the inert elements you find neuteronium; it is one isolated neutron. It is radioactive and unstable and after a while it decays to a hydrogen atom. As it should, it has zero electron as it has no proton; hence, no chemical affinity. Its state is not gaseous, liquid or solid. Next, towards bottom, there is helium which is completely inert and only can be solidified in extreme low temperatures. It is almost an ideal gas. As you go to the bottom of inert elements, towards the heavier ones, solidification becomes more possible and they become farther from being an ideal gas. It is conceived that beyond the last natural inert element, radon, the inert elements if ever could be realised in observable amounts will be in solid form and even metallic with easily possible chemical bonding. On the other side we have alkaline metals. As you go down, the melting point of alkaline elements decreases and any conceivable element beyond francium might appear as gaseous. Inside the table you find any incipience of all the phenomena. For example, suddenly nature stops to create an element in certain points, such as technetium, which by all expectation should occur naturally similar to other elements. Nature, has got another secret to be observed for that incipience.

Psychoanalyst in its advertisement didn't consider this principle of spectrum, while at around the same time, theory of evolution with such principle was in full swing. When you observe behaviour of humans they swing in an n-dimensional (arguably in an infinite dimensional)  state space; in each dimension we can observe a continuous spectrum. Such cluster of dimensions makes it beyond simplicity of those simple observations that one beholds inside the periodic table. For human, you need to sum up whatever you see in the realm of living things on our planet. Whatever any plant or animal has intrinsically had, from the dawn of creation of life on earth, might be hidden in a corner of our behaviour. We are in a consensus that human is at the top of evolution. What is the gauge for this assertion. It is just an axiom we accept. Simply, birds might believe that they are at the top of evolution as they can navigate distances as far as the distance between two continents above and over any terrain, or salmons who return to their birth place swimming up stream, up the cliffs with no fear of annihilation, with no map and no compass. There are other magnificent examples, too. Therefore, this is just an axiom, as we observe ourselves. Based on this axiom we should have hidden every capacity that can be seen around the living nature. Remember again, this blog is not about proving Almighty by science or psychology or such ideas. It is not to prove anything. I try only to make an abstraction. That starts with axioms and tries to infer some propositions.

You respond that human has the largest brain as the sign of being the highest evolved animal. Golden Eagle believes the widest span of the wings is the sign of being at the top of evolution. Bring the question among the humans. Which one is more evolved: a martial artist, an orator, a millionaire or a mathematician. The last one in the real life becomes easily overpowered by the other three. All of them have the same brain and if you believe to something extra as the mind, all of them, even the martial artist actually, use their minds to perform their skills.

Now let me go back to the dance floor. I said that if you do not be accompanied by your partner and you do not be groovy enough, then under any exciting conditions, you do not join the boogie and you are going to sit in a corner. At this point you feel another invisible partner, similar to the imaginary invisible groovy holes already I described, and friendly with you, comes and attaches to you. Yes, it is attaching rather than keeping the distance and sitting respectfully. This new type of hole, being slimy, viscose and attaching is the first point of bridging into the world of psychoanalysis. Is that you or part of you or half of you? Is it the "other-half" as they say? No, you can recognise yourself. How do you recognise? From the suffering that you feel in your soul. (I use the word, soul, in its linguistic use not as a philosophical term.) You want to repel it and be left alone and enjoy watching dance floor and go back to your friends. You are suffering. That suffering is the beginning of understanding the pain of Messiah. It is the bridge from psychoanalyst to Messiah.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On Suffering of Jesus Christ and Flood

People say that Romans nailed the wrists of Jesus Christ to the cross and this was the suffering of the 'Son of the God'; he even did not die. He survived the cross! People also attribute to Jesus a lot of useless knowledge of every preacher that one should be kind with his neighbours and give a coin to beggars and so on. Accordingly, this is all that Jesus suffered for the stupid sin of someone (Adam) who lost easy life of paradise to hunger and death on the earth. And he did that for a humble apple, and it was because his wife intrigued him. What was the tool of the wife for intriguing? Before eating the apple they were not aware of the sexual organ of each other; peacefully were next to each other naked without noticing that they were naked. They even were not aware that they had that organ, let alone use it for intriguing or become intrigued. When there is no other man or woman around and no sexual life then what is the meaning of intriguing? Why human being needs such a nonsense story for generations and so vehemently embrace such a myth? You might say that it is symbolic. Then go and ask Pop or archbishops, or ayatollahs or rabies or Dalai Lama what is the meaning of the symbol. Do they know? No, only Jesus knows. In Roman Empire even a wealthy person could crucify his chef if the chef could not provide prestigiously for his special banquets, without any court or answering anybody. Every week Roman authorities crucified scores of people mostly innocent who had little children and were thirsty and had half grey beards and looked very humble in talking and demeanour.
In the stories we read that Noah had eight hundred years time to convince people that a flood would come and take them with, and Noah would be safe and  had the know-how to tell them how they could survive safely by joining to him. He received harassment and mockery and almost nobody joined to him and a lot of other unbelievable things such as flooding the earth to the top of highest mountains and taking all the animals to a humble one-man-made do-it-yourself ship. You say it is a nonsense fable, or it is a symbolic story about fights of human being against the nature. Your reasons are feasibility and possibility and so on. Why for many thousands years people have accepted this story? You say that they are fanatics. Well, why do they depict people of Noah's time so intellectual and objective? Why not those people were fanatics? Why they were not simpletons and scary and start to pray and beg Noah to do something for them to save them? They were intellectuals and asked Noah for hard evidence such as some satellite pictures and data and atmospheric models, but after them people lost their wisdom and started to believe in retrospect that such things had actually happened and they did not enquire for any evidence. Moreover, situation became reversed and non-believers became object of harassment and mockery.

My story is like that. No one will believe it as much as I try to write it down and expand it even in eight hundred years.