Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is Anti-Christ? (3)

Before continuing, I must answer a question that might arise. Why am I speaking about Christ while the title is, "What is Anti-Christ?" It is because Anti-Christ is the shadow of darkness. It is a blank in a dark background that finds existence as a parasite to emergence of Christ in the material world. When I know what a Messiah is then the road is paved to acknowledge what Anti-Christ is.
People attribute miracles to Jesus or Moses or Mohammad. For instance, Jesus walked on water without submersion in the water. Assume some one comes to you, as a modern human, and tells you that he can walk on water and shows it to you. What happens to you, then? You know illusionists, do not you? People give them money and fame and comfort and applaud for what that people know only as a trick. Do you go and crucify illusionist. Do illusionists advertise any thing other than their jobs. Do they insist to the death that they are something else. What about in ancient time, the time of Jesus Christ? There were illusionists with their own tricks in those times, too. They also had status similar to modern ones in their societies. Sometimes they had claims of being something else. Their difference with Jesus Christ was that they were conforming to money, fame and applaud. Nobody can remember them later. If somebody without any illusion or trick genuinely can walk on the water an upheaval happens in the society. How people can remain indifferent, after that? Jesus Christ converted water to wine. He was from a tribe who were famous as good investors. How then they left him to be crucified in loneliness while he could convert cheap water to high quality wine? He did those miracles only once to show that he was genuinely the Son of the God; you might say. Well, he could arrange sessions for different groups of people, for people from the Temple, for Romans for different groups until news become accepted by everybody or by the most people that he was really the promised one. Then what was his mission? People would accept after those sessions that He was genuine. Now what should they do? What requirements should be fulfilled? What then? Should they go and do prayer day and night? Should they close the doors to themselves and dedicate themselves to God? Should they mobilise for a war. Do they need anything to do for bread for sustenance. Or Jesus Christ should provide for them similar to story of one bread for five thousands people. Muslims believe that Messiah (Mahdi) comes and opens the gold mines for them. It seems tests that humans put forward for being a Godly entity is more difficult to pass than tests that God puts forward for human salvation. For few dollars an hour people commit themselves to most dangerous jobs such as being a soldier in a war zone then what happens if some one comes and opens gold mines for them.Who might crucify such a benefactor? People rush and kiss the soil that he steps on.