Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Future of Human Beings: Version Two

At these days, it is possible that if some one's heart becomes very ill, they replace it for him if a donor heart can be found. What is bad about it? Nothing! It makes your life longer. Well, it has not details of the original heart. For example you do not enjoy exercise. You do not have blood pressure and feedback to your mind in that sense. Exercise is the fight with death. You already had lost that fight. It is better, notwithstanding, than being all dead. But don’t worry Herr Sinclair1. Sooner or later they will be able to clone your heart with all of its nerves in-place. They put a seed there and it grows into your genetically natural heart. They'll do it though it takes one hundred years from now. You do not believe? In nineteen oh six university professors of fluid dynamics were teaching their students that if a train gets a speed more than one hundred and forty miles (200 Kilometers per hour)the air inside the wagons would vacuum out and nobody survives. Therefore they believed no machine could fly due to the fact that it should accelerate to two hundred kilometres per hour and air being vacuumed kills any passenger. Now it has passed one hundred years and millions are flying everyday without any suffocation. They are going to do that ‘in-place’ and 'fast' cloning with other parts of your body, too, if you are damaging them or if they become old and dysfunction. What if your head explodes on your way to holiday on Mars? Then you are beyond economic repair. Happily a solution exists. From the time that you are born from the incubator (nobody will toil to become pregnant in those days) a small chip transmits, uploads, all your moment-by-moment experience of life to a secure centre to be kept on a yotta-byte sim-card. The uploaded information includes, among other things, details of all biochemistry of your body (emotions) at any moment of your life. That sim-card, then, is ‘you’! If something happens to your brain, they clone all of ‘you’ and download your ‘you’ from your sim-card to your brain and you restart (reboot) from the moment after brain death. You even have the experience of the moment of that accident, beyond the point of death. Well, they do it say in one thousand year from now, but they'll do it. Then why do you need any ‘body’ at all?
You can remain a sim-card forever and inside that 'you' can create books and planets and galaxies and population and friends and get energy from sunshine and live forever. You can create images of sim-cards who like caricatures believe that they exist and can walk and have philosophical minds, and while they are just passing of humble photonic pulses (or what I may call it in future) inside your sim-card, they figure out big pictures about creation and aims of their supposed universe. How they can wake up from that horror, from their nightmare?
foot note: 1. Herr Sinclair, by Hermann Hesse

Future of Human Beings: Version One

Hundred billion years ago there was a whim but there was not a world
Ten billion years ago there was a universe but there was not the Earth
One billion years ago there was the earth but nobody was walking there
Hundred million years ago there was something walking there but it was not an ape
Ten million years ago there was an ape but it was not a man
One million years ago there was a man but he had not fire.
Hundred thousand years ago there was a fire but there was not a village
Ten thousands years ago there was a village but there was not a book
Thousand years ago there was a book but nobody could fly
Hundred years ago they could fly but not to the moon
Ten years ago they went to moon but not to the mars
Now they can go to mars but they have not enough money
After ten years they’ll have money but not for every one
After hundred years everyone goes there but they whim to put Jupiter ablaze
After thousand years they put Jupiter ablaze but they cannot move the sun
After ten thousand years they do it then they like to move the galaxy
After hundred thousand years they move the Milky Way but remains the remaining of the universe
After a million years they engineer the whole universe but they want to conquer the time
After ten million years they conquer the time and the space but they cannot push them to one point
After hundred million years they can push them to one point but they do not know what else they want
After a billion years they know what they want: a whim.
After hundred billion years they’ll have that whim
So they'll create me
And with that, the universe.
I become the father of God.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Then What?

I talked about some phenomena that modern human has beheld.Among all of them I find the idea of "muonium" most useful for my objective. It appears in the world of atoms and molecules in a short time. When it goes into that society, into aggregate of hydrogens working inside the chemicals, none of them hydrogen or others recognize IT as a strange phenomenon, as something that does not belong to world of elements. IT becomes co-occupant with hydrogen in the same box. IT looks as if IT is a hydrogen. Nobody recognize IT as stranger. IT is not a bad thing in ordinary definition of bad. IT is not good. It is not useless. IT is not useful. The essence of the truth is that that IT just does not belong to the world of elements. IT is a look-alike. No world is conceived of being built out of Muoniums. There is no such a goal or such a capacity in muonium to exist and IT is of no help for other elements in achieving such a goal. IT has something, an electron of our world, in ITs outer shell that confuses the other elements. But in the core it is a muonium. IT is not a proton to fuel, to taste and to flourish the existence of the universe. IT is just a flare of a moment, a sparkle of a fire work that attracts the eyes of children. I used the capital letters and pronoun "IT" for thae muonium to pave the way for future use of this as an unstable hypothetical element. I also might use that with a bracket, "[IT]" in fashion of chemistry for radicals in a reaction. Satan is muonium among humans.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (3)

The third kind of elements I discuss are the artificial atoms. Now these never happen or occur in nature. Not that they are very unstable and annihilate soon after their creation but also that they are impossible to exist in nature. Briefly, an atom in our world is a positive charge surrounded and encircled by an equal amount of negative charges. The centre material is very dense and very heavy comparing with the encircling entity which is very light and some how in a considerable distance whirling round the centre. In the simplest form, hydrogen is one heavy positive charge, called a proton surrounded by one electron of equal negative charge. This has specific chemical behaviour that causes it to be in a specific place of its own in the table of elements. This is a natural atom. Equally in the anti mater world we have an anti-atom of a negative charged centre encircled by a positive electrons. This one is also a natural creation in its own world. Now, people have been successful to create endless streams of positively charged electrons (that is, anti-electrons of anti-matter world). If they slow down this stream of positive electrons to a certain speed they can capture negative electrons of our world to encircle the positive electrons as if the negative electrons have mistaken them with the centre of hydrogen. These two, positive electron in centre and negative electron encircling and turning around it, create an artificial atom that behaves just like a hydrogen in its chemical properties, although the centre is not heavy like the centre of hydrogen. But in having a positive charge it is completely like the hydrogen centre. This artificial atom does not belong to any conceived world. Well, they are very short living comparing with any life span in this world, but people could investigate that whatever you can do chemically with hydrogen you can do with this atom which is called "positronium." (Scientists call a positive-charge electron a positron and frequently call a negative-charge electron a negatron.) Some say that it should go to the same place as hydrogen goes and they are both co-occupant of the same box in the table of elements. It is, though, eighteen hundred times lighter than a hydrogen atom. One might appreciate that both negative electrons of our world and the positive electron of anti-matter world are normality of two world that might make a short living system for a fraction of a second. More amazing than this artificial atom is another artificial atom called muonium. Muon is a positive charged particle. It is two hundred times heavier an electron, still it is nine times lighter than a proton at centre of hydrogen. It is completely like a positive electron as if fatter and heavier. This exists in radiation that days and nights showers from the sky. People can create it in machines called particle accelerators. Again, if one of this becomes slow enough, it can capture an electron and makes the electron to circle and turn around it and becomes something like hydrogen; a positive center and a negative orbit. But muonium is nine times lighter than a hydrogen atom. This artificial atom can exist for fractions of a second but enough to be studied like a chemical element with all properties of an hydrogen. For example hydronium is a water with an additional hydrogen. You can replace that additional hydrogen with a muonium and investigate its properties.It is very interesting we can have anti-muonium, with a negative charged muon in center and positive electron in orbit. We can have mu-muonium, a positive muon in center and a negative muon in orbit instead of electron. When there is a phenomenon, then there is a range of similar phenomena waiting to be discovered. And still, we have mesonic atoms. In this type we have an ordinary chemical element with one or many electrons turning round a heavy center. One electron might be replaced by a negative muon. That atom still shows its characteristic chemical properties as before, in spite of the fact that a fat negative muon of two hundred times heavier has sit in place of one of its orbiting electrons.