Sunday, July 19, 2009

Towards More Understanding

We so far briefly discussed few trivial facts observable in front of any inquiring faithful of any religion. I recapitulate these predicates:
  1. Messiah is as if an ordinary average human being.
  2. Antichrist looks like other humans.
  3. Messiah does not resurrect to solve some earthly problem of some special groups of humans.
  4. Messiah should be explainable to average humans with average understanding of contemporary knowledge.
  5. Messiah is part of the texture of universe even if conceived by contemporary knowledge.
  6. Messiah, hence, is as natural phenomenon as the other phenomena of nature.
Even these assertions are enough to prove that, “I am the Messiah,” since no other believer or unbeliever yet has looked to this phenomenon in this way.  There are similar issues that my bright reader can appreciate. For example,
  1. Pain of Messiah is not what we have conceived so far.
  2. Miracles of Messiah are not those mentioned in the history and we might expect.
Messiah resurrects similar to the way that we know about Jesus Christ or Moses or Mohammad or Abraham or Noah. Messiah at our time is not a privileged prophet different with those. That phenomena repeats and separates a group of people from the others. Believers get bliss. Non-believers burn in the fire of hell as it is ready in front of us.
Similar to those, Messiah at our time does not ask to be rewarded. He does his ontological mission whether to become appreciated by anybody or not. That mission is winning the God in war with Satan. Son of God, the human being, should overcome, by passing the test of Satan, over the Satan.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Modern Mind (2)

We got to the point that Messiah, or Jesus Christ comes to take Jerusalem from the hands of infidels and gives it to the hands of faithful people. Then who are infidels and who are faithful people? On the other hand Mahdi comes and take yet another group to the rule of the world. On the third place Siddhartha comes and destroys mosques in India and rebuild temples of worshipers. In another place Bahraam  comes and fights with Ahriman and rebuilds Zoroastrians fire-temples in place of other temples. We have Cyrus (the same as Christ) and Hormuz (Lord in Zoroastrian faith)  as well, and numerous promised ones for smaller groups. Hence, instead of a promised peace, a great chaos is on the way by resurrection of a promised war? And the God among such a business of galaxies and billions stars and black holes should come and intervene in settlement of boarder lines between neighbouring countries and rebuilding of different types of ancient temples.You, who is waiting for Him, where is your ancient temple you want to rebuild? It is not far. Messiah is that temple. In that temple galaxies are small marbles in your hands. When you and Him become unified, you see that everything is just. You are after the sanctuary to house you.