Monday, September 28, 2009

You know

If you know, then there is no God there. If you do not know, then there is God there. It sounds familiar. There is an outer and there is inner. Shapes in the inner world come into the surface as symbols and thoughts. Now consider the fat that animal consumes in hunger. Animal is not aware of any other being around. That fat is personal and is used solely for his survival. Cell does not share it with other beings. So he knows that there is some food in a corner for emergency for him. What about his replica. He knows that he has a replica in a corner as a back up that in case "exists." Just that! Not that it exists independently. In an "existence space" there are not two things. There is only one thing. If "number one" decompose, then "number two" is there as if nothing has happened. Each replica is just a shadow. There is only one. Beyond science of RNA there is a meta-science of knowledge in all replicas: they are just substitutes. They are one. They are globally one and the same thing. They are personal replicas of the same global RNA. They are not shared. All have this knowledge. It is beyond the science. Science never can prove or disprove this knowledge. It is not scientific. You cannot find it under scanning tunnel electron microscope or more powerful device. You have to believe it or reject it to the end of the world. Sometimes you accept. Sometimes you cannot believe. You and I are the same as, that very "first" RNA, only to prevent his decomposition. If he decompose then I am here just to be used as the replica and that is all, no importance, no uniqueness, no mission, just a replica to prove that HE has come here to stay. When all die I am here still. From proton came to RNA then it came to my turn. Perhaps after me there is something more robust, more persisting to stay in the ascending ladder of existence. Something more enduring than proton and RNA and me is in the next step: just a piece of knowledge that, "I am here to stay!"

He knows!

Therefore, there is a knowledge engraved in protons, in terms of something, that he is there to stay and not decompose. You say, likewise scientists, that many other things decompose and the universe shrugs her shoulders and the universe does not recognize our "good" staying proton from the decomposing entities. I say that I am looking for staying entities and the universe showing them to me as if it is different for her. RNA says, "I know all things become rotten away. I want not to be one of them. I want to stay!" So he creates a replica of himself as a back up of him. He is in two places. Look in this way if you are here to stay, my friend. He is in two places. none can be recognized from the other. You, that is the cruel undifferentiating nature, cannot destroy him except to find him in two places. You never search for an entity in two places. Hence, it remains as if not attacked. The fearful creature "knows" that it is not the end. He can remember well of horrors of swelling and exploding stars and galaxies and all those. The killing cold above, the burning heat below. He continues replicating. They are all one. And the one is globally all. They know they are many but connected globally by the knowledge that they are here to stay. Where is God, then. He is right here. He is that knowledge. God does not want that that knowledge become discovered. If that comes to surface, the replication stops. Each RNA becomes lonely and naked of his desire to stay.

Monday, September 14, 2009

They ask, "Why?"

When you study the rituals of present religions of the world they have certain restrictions on eating. Some ask the followers not to eat any animal, or certain animals, or in doing that they should follow certain rules. People, especially scientists ask them why the religions have these abstains and rules. Different followers also argue that the practice of the other religion is not correct and theirs is correct. They use much reasoning for their propositions. It all return to the division of RNA. To start to appreciate or get an answer I ask why animals become fat in summer by eating too much? People know the answer. Human also have such a nature if left in nature. In summer there are more foods available in the cycle of life and in winter that food becomes scarce. So animals consume more and save it in the form of fat and in winter body of animals can consume that fat and compensate for the scarcity of food. So when there is no food there is fat there to keep you alive, to help you survive by asking from that bag of fat. You want to live forever once endowed with the gift of life. You have come here to stay, not to leave. It is consistent with the work of universe. First there was only a shapeless “something” then it evolved to “forms;” say to quarks and leptons. Quarks came together built proton. Protons come here to stay, to stay forever. It is not their decisions. It is the universe as it exists. Quarks Grip together to keep protons here. It is part of the machinery of nature. The next more complex structure has the same destiny: to stay. Crystals already I mentioned. So animals and humans have come here to enjoy the life not for a short sojourn but to stay permanently. If they get food they consume too much not as a greed but as the nature wants them to live. Structure of RNA “knows” it in this way. What happens if this structure decays. That structure knows that the machinery of nature has turned and turned until that RNA as the next ultimate structure is created and that creation is here to stay. So there should be a mechanism to keep it here. If it decays and get destroyed a replica should be available somewhere to be used as the substitution, similar to the fat that is saved in the cell in case of starvation. Hence RNA creates a replica of itself not as its “child” but as his own entity to stay and enjoy the new type beingness endowed to him in extremely complex environment and complicated form. The whole solar system is engineered in a very careful design to nurture creation of such being. If I need food and food does not exist I call fat. If my own structure destroyed I am somewhere else to be replaced. I have a back up of my blueprint.
As usual we remember that I said that I never mean that we should observe the nature and from that to understand a gracious being is hidden in a corner who can create wonderful things and we should know him and pray him out of our amazement. These are clich├ęs of preachers and similar people who have their own agenda. This is not my claim. I am only explaining a mechanism and answering a “Why?” I am not amazed of these things.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Ask, "Why?"

I concluded that many of our questions cannot be solved in the domain of modern science with the scope that scientists have put forward for them. I said that it is their choice and Messiah does not ask them otherwise. You invite a musician to play violin for you. Thus you have invited a violinist. Now, you cannot ask him to cook for you or even ask him to play cello instead of violin. It is beyond your agreement.Only by a chance, he might become volunteer for other tasks. My first question is not whether we need a Messiah. My first question within the universe of my own discourse looks as if a scientific question but it is not. It is a "Why?" Before that I explain why it looks like a scientific one. It is related to biological creation of life at its earliest stage: "Why a cell divides?" I do not ask how it divides. I do not like any lecture in biology in present position. I am interested in but in other usual situations of daily life, not right now. I go to much earlier stages of life and ask why an "RNA" divides. RNA is more primitive than a cell and created earlier. Perhaps the answer to that could be easier. We have similar questions about more basic entities in nature such as, "Why crystals stack over each other and grow?" These questions do not take us to domain of science. We do not allow that. As they have closed that path for us we do not trespass either. We give our answer; the answer that keeps us on our own way.