Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Psychoanalyst? (2)

Psychoanalysis is a human achievement and supposedly is very materialistic and takes god from the arena of human life and knows other factors affecting human destiny. First, I said that I am talking with modern human and his modern mind in modern words. I am empty of any religion. All cults and religions and ideas existing at this time are part of career of a group of people and they are not for connection to the God. People who consume those products might benefit or might use it as some remedies for their daily pains but at the end they might become confused of inherent contradictions of those teachings with their modern mind. I already used some facts and findings of modern mind such as proton and RNA and muonium to navigate ahead. But I have used the psychoanalyst for my Blog and my web site names. I use this similarly for navigation only, until it remains the truth with its shininess. Second, this word, psychoanalyst, and part of its methods of interpretation of the human soul have been subjected to abuse by any type of preachers from its own discipline of psychology to every domain of day to day life of humans. Normally, I do not mention any name, since I am not writing any science here to cite names of discoverers and scientists. As psychoanalysis has huge impact on and blurring boundaries with religion I have to talk a paragraph about it. I did not write such a paragraph, say, about proton because people have been so frightened by modern science to interfere, or doubt about that modern ecclesiastical. Hence, they take it granted and I could move smoothly in that part. When it comes to the soul of humans, then everybody has a firm idea that cannot be disputed and he could abuse words in expanding anything from any beginning proposition to any ending proposition. Psychoanalysis established with vast discoveries about human soul at the beginning of twentieth century similar to modern physics. Its difference with modern physics was that, after its founder, it was not guarded by the same zeal as modern physics and it did not enjoy to be flourished and ramified with equal ingenuity of minds compareable to the founder of psychoanalysis, similarly. As the flow of science started to move towards the new world, it soon married with money and became arena of banality. Media used it to promote consumption of sex products. Governments and politics used it to opiate people with a scientific-like reasoning. Preachers and mushrooming cults used it to preach any idea. It became the language of generalised non-sense that can be interpreted by the audience individual suppositions. Until now that, everyday millions of  words are pushed into the minds of humans as the pshychoanalyst insights. Gradually it is becoming the tool of Satan for corrupting the language of human, The Words. Humans, making their tower towards the heaven towards reaching to the God and bringing him down, become corrupted in the language and they lose communications with each other ever increasingly.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Original Sin

Hence, god made a "mistake" who created man and Satan rebelled. Then why religions are obsessed with the original sin of the man? Because it is wrongly understood. Satan appears in the arena at the same point that man appears on the stage. Satan is interwoven with human. Son of the God should pay back for the original sin of man. But it is supposed that the Son is a different entity from the man and He should pay for him. God sacrifices His own Son for the sin of man. Already Abraham should sacrifice his son for a promise to God. God had asked him to do such a sacrifice. But later god sent the angel to inform Abraham that it had been just a test of his faith and obedience towards the god. We are on the track of discovery of an old, an ancient story but otherwise a wisdom, a wisdom of the past by putting pieces of time tormented puzzle together. We have to figure out what could be the parts that we have not found but actually existed at the dawn of human civilisation in its recent and more sophisticated form. What man saw at that time that he recorded in this way, and it is full of inspiration for all humans on the earth through the history. Why so many passionate heads climb voluntarily on the gallows of history to defend different forms of this story without asking a reward and they become the most admired characters remaining on the hearts of humans century after century. Messiah says, "There is no original sin committed by man. It is 'mistake' of god in creation of man that has been interpreted wrongly as the sin of man." When you cut a piece of marble from the mountain to create a statue its empty place remains as a sin in the mountain; by chiseling out each piece that sin becomes greater. Your sin remains in the form of geometry of the created piece to the end of time. Your sin accompanies the beauty of  your creation. The hollow in the mountain screams to take your creation back and that hollow remains there as a wound. They both appear at the same point and intertwine together. The hollow seduce the beauty all the time and frighten him of going back to shapelessness that he had. RNA comes into the world not by the fear of hunger but by the fear that it has not a backup in the world if he suffers annihilation. Hence he creates himself again and again. He takes chemicals from the world and leaves hollow in their place. He weaves them like the most perfect artist, perfect with the whole meaning of the perfection. He weaves them with not even a slightest difference into his own form, by watching his beautiful face in the mirror of space-time and puts them in a corner of the gallery. This exhibition gallery is full of similar artworks, in shape, form and colors and shadings, but in the eyes of beholder who is the only lonely guest there, all are consummate of artifacts; all are masterpieces in splendour. Up is freezing cold and lacking the chemicals for the sculptor. Down is hot and molten. He occupies diligently, all that is possible to occupy, to the deepest down and to the highest up and extends the dominion of his creation. He is here to stay.