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Messiah Psychoanalyst
September 2011
Peter Jones Blog
Resurrection of Messiah
Promised to happen at the beginning of 3rd Millennium

Dedicated to you who believes Messiah to be resurrected at the beginning of this millennium but you do not search for Him.

In my sacred name I begin.
Obstacles on the Road:
Before I advertise my mission, I should clear the way for future believers many obstacles from the road.
Messiah Is not a Preacher:
You should not confuse me with a preacher, or a monk, a rabbi, or a mullah or similar individuals. I have come to accredit all of them and to eradicate all of them.
A One-man Army:
How one man could convince other people that he is the promised Messiah. What characteristics and attributes he has got that others do not have? I discuss these things for any possible period of time until only one person becomes convinced. That is, then, the end of Messiah's mission on earth. From that one person many come in future generations. It is like creation of Adam. Up to this point is anything non-scientific? Is anything against the evolution and physics and biology? Could you solve the story of creation of "man" from a single one?
Christ and Antichrist and Impostor-Christ:
Coming of Messiah needs only three elements to be realized: Christ, Antichrist, and impostor-Christ. Christ or Messiah is the holly saviour of human. Antichrist is the enemy of human and enemy of Christ. Impostor-Christ is the tool of Antichrist and the horse of ITS carriage. Christ has two entity or two sides. One side is heavenly and godly and the other side is His earthly, human entity. Antichrist is not a human. It has carcass of human that drags IT around and makes IT able to talk. It lacks human soul. Impostor-Christ is a human with two sides: one devilish side attached to the will of Antichrist. His other side is a human in ambition of gaining power of god over all humans. He works for Antichrist to learn from IT, asks Antichrist to help him to know how he can reach to this materialistic power. Antichrist is something like an ape. IT is enemy of human; like a germ, not for having any human aim. IT just wants humans not to exist by its instinct not by having a goal. This two complete each other Impostor provides for Antichrist and Antichrist promises power to him, in return.
Antichrist Is a Blank in the Darkness:
I use the pronoun [IT] and adjective [ITS] for the Antichrist. I sometimes use this bracket [ ] to underline it. It is due to the fact that I use English language and in this language "he" is used for referring to male and "she" refers to female. The Antichrist is not male or female or any object of human relation such as an animal. IT is a non-being. IT is a pseudo being. IT is a blank in a blank background that cannot be seen. How can you recognize a blank in a blank background? You should dye IT with some paint. IT is painted with carcass of a human. IT is a darkness in a pitch dark background. IT can be seen by reflecting light that IT steals from Messiah. IT is in thirst of that light. It is the reason that IT chases Messiah, 'The Christ'.
Reason for Being:
My raison d'etre, that is, the reason for coming in this world is to prove that such a being, Ahriman or Satan can exist. You have different pictures in your mind as "Antichrist" or "Satan" or "Ahriman" or "Devil" that has come to your cognition as symbolic description of that entity. It is not correct to believe that Antichrist is a being who has horns and tail and teeth like knife and fiery eyes or having hoofs instead of feet. There is no way that in nature such things can be created without being related to other creations of nature, without evolution and without having any relation with human realities. Devil should be in a way that Christ can prove ITS existence, using the reasonings and knowledge of human, but puts humans on a fork road branching into the believing or into the denial in ordinary capabilities of ordinary people such that non-believers cannot bring excuse that they had offered something beyond the grasp of human mind and believers know that they have accepted it by reason not by dogma. Motive of believers should be faith and not gaining power and wealth over the other people and non-believers should not convert to become a believer upon regret of loss of power and wealth, but should come forward as a conversion and transcend of mind. It is not true also to attribute normal disabilities of human beings to Ahriman as a sign for recognizing IT. Those disabilities such as having one blind eye or limping or crawling on the earth are partly stigmas that were usual at ancient times to show hostility towards enemies, used to show enmity to Devil and partly they were symbols for enlightening human beings about behaviour of Devil.
Messiah Is Understandable:
All that discussion is aimed at the result that if one is to accept ideas such as Messiah and Antichrist, then arguments and evidences should be limited to whatever that limit the others: all should be explainable within usuals of this material world. Does that mean that these are just symbols, as many followers of religions interpret theirs? Answer from Messiah is not affirmative. Messiah is a real human in this side. He is the "perfect human." Antichrist looks in all aspects like a human being in this side. IT is the "perfect enemy" of human being, the "perfect plotter." These two are not symbols within "now." They'll be symbols in future generations when the saved humans help to salvage other human beings.
Messiah Is the Perfect Human:
But nature is not a simple domain of understanding except with an open eye. Using knowledge and science and arguments of reason is subject to variation in different individuals. Messiah is not an idea dedicated to a certain group of learned people. See, there is something common, but, in all levels and stages of material world. Lifeless crystals of matter grow layer by layer to augment and fill more space. Simple building blocks of universe make themselves in more organised shapes. Plants grow to touch more lights from environment and animals move around with curiosity to find out more, until their curiosity shapes something transcendental as human "mind." And human mind, still searches in hope of a higher level of beingness. This search belongs to all human beings as a generality not particularity of learned individual. Messiah says now, "There is no individuality!" We have only one. That one is Messiah, the Perfect Human who suffers for the ancient sin of man.
Significance of Time:
We have come to this point of discussion that there is a material world outside of us, or inside of our mind that overpowers us and there is "us" who wants to overpower that world. We are used to idea of god outside of time and place, out of this material world and the world as its creation, if we believe to such being. Then we say a saviour comes at the beginning of each millennium. We never ask ourselves, "For such almighty being what is the significance of a millennium, specially now with the apparent knowledge that we have accrued regarding events that have happened in the universe in billions of years. Hence, we do not enter the present discourse if we want to put our basics upon things such as "Why the almighty has not created all of us with the highest qualities that we desire and within an environment that is ideal for our perpetual joy?" Or when disaster happens to us, "Why the almighty repeatedly and on a minute by minute basis does not intervene and relieve our disasters and we should toil overcoming difficulties of material world with a promise - never reported by anybody as being verified - of a bless after death from this material world?" If already we are engraved with these ideas, usually we do not approach to such domains of discussions that we have here. In that case we belong to a group of "others" with "other" outlooks and attitudes. They might become converted in future and enlightened with "other" ideas and then come back and taste yet "other" outlooks and horizons. For those who are interested in present discussion, "They should wash them of any judgements they ever have had." This is the meaning of baptising.
Pain of Messiah:
Beginning of our argument is pain. We say Christ was suffered for the sin of man. So if we want to ask god for alternative creation of world, a world relieved of pain why should that god's incipience should be accompanied by pain? Is it similar to delivering a child accompanied with pain of labour?
Evolution of Nature:
I said either we have the material world inside our minds or we have it outside it independent of our existence. Both will get us to the same position. Both are in context. Then I said that Messiah uses the knowledge and wisdom of His contemporaries. Otherwise, He cannot argue for his trueness. One important knowledge of contemporaries is acceptance of evolution. It is said as the "survival of the fittest." Does that mean that Messiah is in favour of the fittest? Fittest is known to nature a posteriori. A priori Messiah is only in favour of the fittest and nobody knows that who is going to be the fittest. Hence, everybody is the fittest for the future of the universe. It is not a matter of a single element and a single factor to determine who or what is going to be the fittest. Messiah has to protect all equally, regardless of any quality that they have right now. Messiah is the "defender" of all as it is promised.
From that, a name attributed to Messiah is "Defender."
Messiah: The Defender:
Messiah is the defender of all. There is no difference for Him if one is poor or rich or innocent or sinful, or one who has committed murder, incest, molesting, robbery or violence, or if he is pious and benevolent. Messiah looks to them indifferently. Messiah mission is something completely categorically different. All these things, rebuking or encouraging these qualities, falls inside the missions of all other humans. Messiah is doing something unique. He has a unique function. We should separate Him from the others. There should be a way for ordinary human to differentiate Him. It is not a game of hide-and-seek that he comes and goes and suffers and we do not understand. Should we look through the history and behold some one that has horns and tail and hooves and some one who can walk on the water and then decide that that one was Antichrist and this one was Christ. Such easy observation does not need to have faith. Why such thing should happen at all? Based on what experience or what knowledge of human such thing should become feasible?
How Satan Looks Like?
We understand that in our material world it is not possible to find out a being that can force humans to obedience and that being looks different from us. If he has got blazing eyes and knife-like teeth and picket ears and these attributions we visualize as Satan or Ahriman then that thing makes us so frightened that it can not deceive us any more; we all could recognize it as a devil enemy and would start to fight back with it. Moreover what have we got for such a being that it might ask us to fulfil for it? IT does not need anything with that shape to be affordable by us to offer, and has not got anything for us tin return. Then we would ask if that entity is a single and uniquely created entity out of what and where and when? Has it got a type with other individuals of its kind? Why those others do not join to its communion? Therefore if we decide to believe that there is a deceit and there is an enemy, it is not as easy as seeing an unusual creature and decide that it is Satan. Likeliness of finding this type of creation in nature is nil.
Difficult or Easy?
At the end is it easy or is it difficult to recognize who is Messiah or what is Satan? We have heard that there is a bridge narrower than a hair and sharper than a blade that takes us to beatitude, to perpetual never ending happiness.
Faith or Reason?
To know Messiah should we rely on findings of science and look into nature, or we know Him by faith and conversion of mind and passion of heart? Everything points to Him if we have kept our intuition and curiosity alight. The world that previous known messengers of God claimed their invitation to people were much simpler and smaller than us. We only know stories mostly narrated by words of mouth without details that now we are interested in our investigations. I said things without already have cleared them such as "God" or "messenger" or "invitation." Most important is we used modifier "previous." Those of us who believe in idea of Messiah believe He is resurrection of the same identity as "Jesus Christ" of Nazareth. Hence there is no "previous" modifier to be used. We should say "same" not "previous." It is correct. Messiah says, "It is correct all are the same entity. He is all. It is the meaning of Him was son of God." It is easy. Just open your heart in search of truth.
Messiah and Contemporary Science:
One dimension of previous assertions was using scientific knowledge of the time for understanding Messiah, The Christ, and enemies of human Antichrist, and Impostor-Christ. Good news is that these concepts are consistent with the scientific knowledge of humans gathered by observation of nature contemporary to the era that Messiah appears in His earthly appearance. That event creates only controversy among the learned people who live at that time. Some accept Him with signs that He has. Some reject Him as a superstition or mocking him as insane or accuse Him of not being righteous. Some argue that they are waiting for such a saviour and they do all preparations but this one is not their expected one.
Prophets Are Consistent with Science:
This is always centre of all controversies. We have soul contradicting with body. We have spiritual contradicting with material. We have mind contradicting with matter. We have subjectivity of the world in contradiction to objectivity. And these pairs are endless. One group attach to the idea that first is the truth and the other group attach to truthfulness of the second. A third group believe in dialectic that each part of contradicting pair is the enemy of the second part of the pair and each side of animosity brings about its own adversary to fight and then reconcile and co-exist to bring their enemy out and this goes on and on. These are not part of mission of Messiah to say pros for or cons against, as if Messiah talks for yellow flowers and against red flowers. Those discussions are part of beauty of human mind and they continue until human continues and they remain in the mind of universe forever. Human is not supposed to solve them. When there is no such mission for human mind to solve these conflicts then in first place it is the mission of Messiah that not to solve them, either. All the war is about this simple notion. Only it is for the Satan that "knows." Only that enemy of human puts an end to these eternal problems. Messiah says as, "This conflict shall never stop! This is the meaning of the War of God with Satan!"
Obstacles Are Numerous:
Having a look at previous posts reveals it for us that such a claim as being Messiah and descriptions of Antichrist and Impostor-Christ comes out to be extremely difficult to prove. Every day we have a claimant and his voice soon becomes suffocated among the plethora of arguments and counter-claims. I should exhaust all these to categories and bring reasons to make them clearer. We also have not a unified understanding of mission of Messiah accepted by all controversing sides and any reason to guide us to believe that such a phenomena can happen. That gives an insight to the fact that why people believe that Jesus Christ could convince only twelve people in his lifetime to his righteousness; the next one he tried to add to his followers came to be a traitor according to stories. We know that even the number "twelve" has a load of ancient believes and could be just a symbol of a handful of followers and perhaps he could convince only one person or two. When Moses came back from the mountain he found only his wife waiting for him and in some stories his brother. The remaining of followers had already joined to the "Antichrist" and "Impostor," enemies of Moses and humans at that time. In story of Noah he could only convince a handful of people during eight hundred years of his campaign to believe in a flood, not even his own son among them. We have heard this about Lot at story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Story of Adam comes to me in this shape. If I can convince only one person, he will be Adam to multiply later to all human race. Messiah says, "You shall not confuse my very existence and my good news as symbols. Symbols are for future humans to interpret my message, not for me when I deliver them."
Chains of Messengers of God:
In our western Christian culture we believe in a chain of messengers bringing good news from God. Some names are very familiar for us from our childhood. Many of us are namesake to these prophets or names from their stories and the people related to them as respectful. Among them we know a handful most important. These are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. In this chain with continuation of their tradition in another branch of descendants of Abraham we also are familiar with name of prophet Muhammad that in our studies we find his experience similar to experience of other prophets in that chain. From other nations we find two more names with similar attributions. One is Siddhartha Buddha from India and the other is Zoroaster from Iran. We have not any information of such claims, accepted by great number of populations and during a long period of time, similar to those handful of people that I named here as prophets.
Millennium: A Rough Chronology:
Is there a secrete in millenniums? I have created a rough chronology of messengers of God. Dates are not certain for humans. Already I discussed briefly if the time has a significance for God. I discuss further, but later. Adam came to earth six thousand years ago. After six hundred years came Noah. It was five thousand four hundred years ago. After one thousand four hundred years came Abraham. It was four millennium ago, and two millennium after Adam. After six hundred years came Moses. Almost three thousand four hundred years ago and two millennium after Noah. Then after one thousand four hundred years Jesus Christ came to earth. It was two millennium after Abraham. Six hundred years after him Muhammad came among people. It was two millennium after Moses. Now it is one thousand four hundred years after Muhammad and two millennium after Jesus Christ.
Messiah and Modern Science:
Modern science, what ever created as experience of human in observing the nature from mostly sixteenth century to present times is based on the "objective" and empirical data gathered from such observations, in contrast to scholastic and "cloister walking" discussions and theories of pre-modern eras. This scientific "outlook" has been absorbed, digested, assimilated and integrated with the texture of the minds of all human beings who are living on the earth right now. This modern consciousness is regardless and usually opposing to the legacy of "faith" that modern people identify themselves as followers. As I said, Messiah cannot invite people to His righteousness by denying this new consciousness or declaring that all fossils and traces of birth of the earth and the sun and galaxies and big bangs are created by almighty six thousand years ago at the same time of creation of Adam to test us if we are believer or not; nor Messiah can say that these are just theories and have not been proved yet. And He cannot say that He is reconciling the religions and their ancient books with modern science; or says that by careful reading of those texts one can find all theories of evolution and atoms and galaxies explained correctly in symbols and codes inside those texts. Messiah cannot say that those texts are for comfort of souls and invitation to psychological conversion of spirits in their own turn and modern knowledge is for the overcoming on the material world and the body and flesh of humans in another perspective. These are cliches of preachers and clerics to mostly run a successful career and personal life style. Messiah is the most important fact of nature and His invitation should not be confused and desecrated with such trivialities tested times and times again. Messiah suffers for the original sin of man. The sin that threw man out of Garden of Eden
Universe in Antique Mind:
Considering the most recent religion. Its message comes to human around fourteen hundred years ago. What was the size of universe and also the attitude of humans at that time. Earth was limited to a twenty million square kilometre round the Mediterranean sea with boundaries in unknown places in western sides of India, Central Asia, Caucasus north and south of Mediterranean sea and somewhere in Ethiopia. During six hundred years from Jesus Christ to Mohammad, individuals from Christendom had gone to expeditions further North, East and West of Europe, converted many but not all of scattered inhabitants of those regions. Earth was a lonely place in the universe inhabited by humans who were living just few miles far from the heaven above that was like a neighbourhood filled with Deity or deities and angles and familiar phenomena. God, from heaven or Olympus or similar places, all the time was watchful of its small dominion in Levant or Hellas or small islands of Polynesia in shape of an old man or a powerful father or a parrot and in constant need of golds and sacrifice and prayers and burning scents, and was administrating those people living there with immediate contingents of angles and daemons and thunders or diseases.
Let's Leave Ancient Mind (1):
When we think about religions, we start to become inconsistent and to negotiate with our modern thoughts. We separate wisdom and faith as two entities one belongs to mind - wisdom - and the other belongs to heart: religion. We say and gradually believe that we can live with such dualism. If we get a simple flu that can be managed with over the counter pain killers then it is all due to modern biochemistry, but if it is an unknown harsh flu with muscle pains we stay at bed, will have natural soups made by God-given vegetables full of natural remedies and moaning "Oh, my God!" As if God is a management mentor and gradually empowers us for delivery of new missions already done by him. Our philosophy, psychology and scientific outlook are also fit in that simple attitude of flu patient. Atheists and materialist philosophers and positivists also reason in a similar fashion that fits in that simple example to refute it. Scientists and philosophers were amazed of creation of God when they were looking in night sky, seeing God has created holes in the sky such that part of the ethereal light of heaven can penetrate to people on earth who had sacrificed for His altar to give them a sign of his omnipresence at night and scare daemons. When all that replaced with a solar system and a fiery object as the sun at its centre they were amazed of creation of God when beholding spectrum of elements burning in a flame. Then they were amazed of electrons circling in a vast emptiness around a dense nucleon. Then they were amazed of quarks and strings. This was the reason for sacrilegious people to deny any god or religion, let alone the idea of appearance of Messiah promised in ancient time as a saviour or son of the God or a prophet.
Let's Leave Ancient Mind (2):
So we are used to think about God as equivalent to our ignorance, similar to what atheists criticize about the idea of God and religion. God means ignorance in this approach. If we know about something, then God does not exist at that dominion for ever. If we know partially, then God exists partially. If we get to next ignorance, the next unsolved puzzle then God comes back and only God knows that thing. The solution for that is to find a view that interweaves God and nature and our knowledge and our ignorance in a unified texture. This is what can be achieved only by prophets. By that I mean Jesus Christ included. Many of us believe Him not as a prophet but as the Son of the God. That makes Him, nonetheless, a prophet, a messenger from the Heavenly Father, God. Prophets experience the universe in that unified beholding. They see, and they ask people to believe them. People will not believe, except a dozen people or less who can see, but not with all details. Prophets ask people to experience the universe as much that they have the endurance but if they believe the message from a deep understanding and empathy to the messenger then they will get to the same position as the prophet. We have conceived in our cognition that it is a high position. We know a higher position safer with more freedom and choice. Freedom means whim to choose. Choice means to fulfil our whims. And we are the actor in between these two boundaries. These two boundaries make our universe. Whatever human thinks from now to eternity comes between these two boundaries.
Modern Mind (1):
Universe in the modern mind is not that small pond and human as a big fish in it. Earth is not even a dot of dust in the hurricane of creation. The whole solar system is that dot. Human has no significance in this universe. For the universe, he does not exist with any effect at all. The entire chain of human evolution is just a fraction in a fraction of life time of universe. For human something is happening there but for the universe nothing is happening here. Our humble events happens among the tumult of explosion of galaxies that accommodate billions of stars similar to our sun and birth of new galaxies and billions of stars inside them, crash of such unimaginable bodies together and collapse and crush of such immense bodies into the smaller bodies. In such a scene we expect that Messiah should be resurrected to prepare armies and battalions for an expedition around the good ancient Levant for the sake of few hundred angry people. That means that God is not a cosmological concept. He is a political activist in search of popularity and winning over a rival political party. If God is in charge of such troublesome universe, then why he does not change the result of polls? This is another reason that tells human that he should put away whatever he already believes is the reason for Messiah resurrection.
Modern Mind (2):
We got to the point that Messiah, or Jesus Christ comes to take Jerusalem from the hands of infidels and gives it to the hands of faithful people. Then who are infidels and who are faithful people? On the other hand Mahdi comes and take yet another group to the rule of the world. On the third place Siddhartha comes and destroys mosques in India and rebuild temples of worshippers. In another place Bahraam comes and fights with Ahriman and rebuilds Zoroastrians fire-temples in place of other temples. We have Cyrus (the same as Christ) and Hormuz (Lord in Zoroastrian faith) as well, and numerous promised ones for smaller groups. Hence, instead of a promised peace, a great chaos is on the way by resurrection of a promised Messiah? And the God among such a business of galaxies and billions stars and black holes should come and intervene in settlement of boarder lines between neighbouring countries and rebuilding of different types of ancient temples. You, who is waiting for Him, where is your ancient temple you want to rebuild? It is not far. Messiah is that temple. In that temple galaxies are small marbles in your hands. When you and Him become unified, you see that everything is just. You are after the sanctuary to house you.
Towards More Understanding:
We so far briefly discussed few trivial facts observable in front of any inquiring faithful of any religion. I recapitulate these predicaments:
  1. Messiah is as if an ordinary average human being.
  2. Antichrist looks like other humans.
  3. Messiah does not resurrect to solve some earthly problem of some special groups of humans.
  4. Messiah should be explainable to average humans with average understanding of contemporary knowledge.
  5. Messiah is part of the texture of universe even if conceived by contemporary knowledge.
  6. Messiah, hence, is as natural phenomenon as the other phenomena of nature.
Even these assertions are enough to prove that, “I am the Messiah,” since no other believer or unbeliever yet has looked to this phenomenon in this way. There are similar issues that my bright reader can appreciate. For example,
  1. Pain of Messiah is not what we have conceived so far.
  2. Miracles of Messiah are not those mentioned in the history and we might expect.
Messiah resurrects similar to the way that we know about Jesus Christ or Moses or Mohammad or Abraham or Noah. Messiah at our time is not a privileged prophet different with those. That phenomena repeats and separates a group of people from the others. Believers get bliss. Non-believers burn in the fire of hell as it is ready in front of us.
Similar to those, Messiah at our time does not ask to be rewarded. He does his ontological mission whether to become appreciated by anybody or not. That mission is winning the God in war with Satan. Son of God, the human being, should overcome, by passing the test of Satan, over the Satan.
Spectrum of Natural Phenomena:
One very observed consequence of modern mind is recognition of spectrum in all phenomena happening in nature. It means that when you single out a class of inter-related events in nature you can infer that those come in a full spectrum. You can see it in very weakest form. Then you can see it in stronger form. Then you move towards more stronger and at last it become very dominant to the extreme. Usually you start to categorise the phenomena at hand. At first different types inside the class seems to become separated easily and strongly but when you want to start to describe them then individuals of each category show border line characteristics that blur their boundaries with the neighbouring category and defuse together the lines that you have drawn to separate cases. For instance, in their chart, among chemical elements you say this group of elements are halogens. They are not metal and they are in gaseous form, aha except bromine which is liquid. And now you have another halogen which is solid and you become happy that bromine is transition from gaseous halogens to solid halogens. Yes iodine is solid but not as solid as iron. Even for attributing the modifier "solid" you cannot sharply categorize ideas. Iodine is solid but it easily sublimes due to the partial pressure of its surface layers that do not satisfy a sharp definition of solidness. It is solid but it shows characteristics of a gas besides, as you expect from a halogen. It is this and it is that. Then again there is another halogen, astatine, if we could have it enough we could not say halogens are non-metals. Astatine is a complete metal and you can imagine that any halogen a layer after astatine is as metal as iron. If you study that little place that you call the chart of chemical elements all the laws of nature until the end of the world are outlined from the view point of philosophy of science. You start from an element then you have to modify every attribution, and attributions of attributions need to be modified again and at the end you are at the beginning. You have one hundred items and one hundred types, only vaguely categorised in groups perhaps just to satisfy a taste. They are all different from each other as they should and they come in a full spectrum from the lightest to heaviest and each item has attributions that again cannot be described comprehensively with a fully agreed phrasing. You only compromise for the practicality: to be practical and pass to another stage. You draw the curtain back but behind the curtain there is no news; there is only another curtain. The satisfaction comes from drawing the curtain and from the fact that human life spans but for a short moment in the life of the material world and he has not a goal of understanding the entire creation and the truth of the world but likes to solve the problems of living with less fear and hardship while he is alive. He is pragmatic all the way. The beauty of the world and appreciation of its ultimate truth only remains for god, and human to get rid of this qualm assumes that such a being exists who in surrogacy is capable of such a pleasing endeavour. But there comes moments in the life of any human that he hears a voice, a sweet melody, from afar that invites him to something unknown and something familiar and something very sweet and something lost that he craves to feel and see and hear and touch and taste and embrace and he knows that none of these feelings are helpful for him to satiate that crave and to quench that thirst.
Between Two Layers:
To begin our study of human life we have to inspect our environment that has cradled, nurtured and flourished the life of ours and other living things. For a moment disregard the destructions and fouls created recently by humans, the last two centuries or better try to imagine the earth twelve thousand years ago when villages were proliferating on the face of earth. Just visualise it in your mind. Yes, it is like a paradise resort that you can find only in advertisements. Even the horrifying diseases we know in middle ages did not exist at those times. Those diseases were due to populated spots and travel of population to other places who carried germs of illness to other populated areas and made the death of masses of people possible. This is one paradise lost. You might believe that at that time there were cold and strife for food and attack of beasts using human flesh as a prey for their own survival, and incurable ailments of individuals and overall fear and ignorance of human about the natural phenomena and other terrorising factors. Still, these shortages did not have any effect on the fact that the earth was a paradise as far as we consider the existence of the life and with all destruction still has kept many of its original features. Where this beautiful safe habitat is placed in the whole universe? It is a thin layer between two layers. It is with all its diversity of objects inside it a layer of at most fifteen kilometre in its thickness, from the bottom of deepest ocean that you might find any shape of living thing to the top of highest point in the atmosphere that life can sustain. Arguments of observing very basic elements of life such as the amino acids in the dust of galaxies does not falsify my present discussion. This thin layer is confined immediately by two hostile layers: one under very hot and suffocating and one at the top very cold and again suffocating. That goes to infinite at the top. As far as you go in either direction there is no place to host any type of meaningful life. Well, as much we are busy of any non-sense, the reality is what I described. There is no help, no miracle, no solution in either direction. It is death and death and death without any angel, any way around, any bypass path. How can you grab galaxies as marbles in your hand. Have a look at night sky. Invent something to make a relation between you and that at the top or under the bottom.
We Should not Ask Why, or Should We?
Some scientists ridicule philosophers that philosophers always ask, "Why." Scientist’s job is to answer "How." I exhausted all these categories of people who do not engage with our discussions in previous posts. If somebody has not any question or any qualm or interest in knowing about the beyond, this place has nothing to add to his knowledge. Those classes of people do not exist in our world and we do not exist in their world. I categorized different groups that never enter in our discourse. Those scientists are among them. One can enter into argument with another if both party can negotiate on some basic, fundamental starting points for their argument. After this reminder, I am interested to see if there is any non-scientific discourse in the world. From the ancient time the question exists in our minds that whether all of our knowledge is gained through the experiment of nature or we know things from the beginning by ourselves. For instance, when you leave your house every morning to go to your work place, you do not comeback every hour or every ten minutes to check that the house is not on fire or being looted. How are you certain? Or why are you certain? Is it due to experience; experience by induction? Have you ever checked it once or twice and then decided that it is safe to be far for a long time perhaps weeks or months in a trip or in a journey abroad? Or from the first day you were confident that you could leave your house without checking it frequently? Or did it start from the time that we were in the caves, or perhaps earlier when we were on the trees, and gradually we gained experience? We do not know if this is an individual insight or it is a collective insight shared by other humans. Our experience frequently breached in centuries when we were back and bandits had attacked our houses. But sooner or later we had to leave it again for a long time for gaining the bread. So for having such a feeling we become engaged in a philosophical argumentation. Even we could not decide what should we use: how or why.
I Ask, "Why?"
I concluded that many of our questions cannot be solved in the domain of modern science with the scope that scientists have put forward for them. I said that it is their choice and Messiah does not ask them otherwise. You invite a musician to play violin for you. Thus you have invited a violinist. Now, you cannot ask him to cook for you or even ask him to play cello instead of violin. It is beyond your agreement. Only by a chance, he might become volunteer for other tasks. My first question is not whether we need a Messiah. My first question within the universe of my own discourse looks as if a scientific question but it is not. It is a "Why?" Before that, I explain why it looks like a scientific one. It is related to biological creation of life at its earliest stage: "Why a cell divides?" I do not ask how it divides. I do not like any lecture in biology in present position. I am interested in biology, but in other usual situations of daily life, not right now. I go to much earlier stages of life and ask why an "RNA" divides. RNA is more primitive than a cell and created earlier. Perhaps the answer to that could be easier. We have similar questions about more basic entities in nature such as, "Why crystals stack over each other and grow?" These questions do not take us to domain of science. We do not allow that. As they have closed that path for us we do not trespass either. We give our answer; the answer that keeps us on our own way.
They ask, "Why?"
When you study the rituals of present religions of the modern world they have certain restrictions on eating. Some ask the followers not to eat any animal, or certain animals, or in doing that they should follow certain rules. People, especially scientists ask them why the religions have these abstains and rules. Different followers also argue that the practice of the other religion is not correct and theirs is correct. They use much reasoning for their propositions. It all return to the division of RNA. To start to appreciate or get an answer I ask why animals become fat in summer by eating too much? People know the answer. Human also have such a nature if left in nature. In summer there are more foods available in the cycle of life and in winter that food becomes scarce. So animals consume more and save it in the form of fat and in winter body of animals can consume that fat and compensate for the scarcity of food. So when there is no food there is fat there to keep you alive, to help you survive by asking from that bag of fat. You want to live forever once endowed with the gift of life. You have come here to stay, not to leave. It is consistent with the work of universe. First there was only a shapeless “something” then it evolved to “forms;” say to quarks and leptons. Quarks came together built proton. Protons come here to stay, to stay forever. It is not their decisions. It is the universe as it exists. Quarks grip together to keep protons here. It is part of the machinery of nature. The next more complex structure has the same destiny: to stay. Crystals already I mentioned. So animals and humans have come here to enjoy the life not for a short sojourn but to stay permanently. If they get food they consume too much not as a greed but as the nature wants them to live. Structure of RNA “knows” it in this way. What happens if this structure decays. That structure knows that the machinery of nature has turned and churned until that RNA as the next ultimate structure is created and that creation is here to stay. So there should be a mechanism to keep it here. If it decays and get destroyed a replica should be available somewhere to be used as the substitution, similar to the fat that is saved in the cell in case of starvation. Hence RNA creates a replica of itself not as its “child” but as his own entity to stay and enjoy the new type of beingness endowed to him in extremely complex environment and complicated form. The whole solar system is engineered in a very careful design to nurture creation of such being, a posteriori stated. If I need food and food does not exist I call fat. If my own structure destroyed I am somewhere else to be replaced. I have a back up of my blueprint.
As usual we remember that I said that I never mean that we should observe the nature and from that to understand a gracious being is hidden in a corner who can create wonderful things and we should know him and pray him out of our amazement. These are clich├ęs of preachers and similar people who have their own agenda. This is not my claim. I am only explaining a mechanism and answering a “Why?” I am not amazed of these things.
He knows!
Therefore, there is a knowledge engraved in protons, in terms of something, that he is there to stay and not decompose. You say, likewise scientists, that many other things decompose and the universe shrugs her shoulders and the universe does not recognize our "good" staying proton from the decomposing entities. I say that I am looking for staying entities and the universe showing them to me as if it is different for her. RNA says, "I know all things become rotten away. I want not to be one of them. I want to stay!" So he creates a replica of himself as a back up of him. He is in two places. Look in this way if you are here to stay, my friend. He is in two places; none can be recognized from the other. You, that is, the cruel undifferentiating nature, cannot destroy him except to find him in two places. You never search for an entity in two places. Hence, it remains as if not attacked. The fearful creature "knows" that it is not the end. He can remember well of horrors of swelling and exploding stars and galaxies and all those. The killing cold above, the burning heat below. He continues replicating. They are all one. And the one is globally all. They know they are many but connected globally by the knowledge that they are here to stay. Where is God, then. He is right here. He is that knowledge. God does not want that that knowledge become discovered. If that comes to surface, the replication stops. Each RNA becomes lonely and naked of his desire to stay.
You know:
If you know, then there is no God there. If you do not know, then there is God there. It sounds familiar. There is an outer and there is inner. Shapes in the inner world come into the surface as symbols and thoughts. Now consider the fat that animal consumes in hunger. Animal is not aware of any other being around. That fat is personal and is used solely for his survival. Cell does not share it with other beings. So he knows that there is some food in a corner for emergency for him. What about his replica. He knows that he has a replica in a corner as a back up that in case "exists." Just that! Not that it exists independently. In an "existence space" there are not two things. There is only one thing. If "number one" decompose, then "number two" is there as if nothing has happened. Each replica is just a shadow. There is only one. Beyond science of RNA there is a meta-science of knowledge in all replicas: they are just substitutes. They are one. They are globally one and the same thing. They are personal replicas of the same global RNA. They are not shared. All have this knowledge. It is beyond the science. Science never can prove or disprove this knowledge. It is not scientific. You cannot find it under scanning tunnel electron microscope or more powerful device. You have to believe it or reject it to the end of the world. Sometimes you accept. Sometimes you cannot believe. You and I are the same as, that very "first" RNA, only to prevent his decomposition. If he decompose then I am here just to be used as the replica and that is all, no importance, no uniqueness, no mission, just a replica to prove that HE has come here to stay. When all die I am here still. From proton came to RNA then it came to my turn. Perhaps after me there is something more robust, more persisting to stay in the ascending ladder of existence. Something more enduring than proton and RNA and me is in the next step: just a piece of knowledge that, "I am here to stay!"
HE Stays:
Then, we have not stars and galaxies and this or that. We have only a proton that stays. HE is here to stay. If HE decompose then the whole universe goes. Then a new universe should come out. Then a new God should appear. We do not have trees and gnats and fish and eagle and Socrates and Jesus and Heisenberg. We only have that very first "RNA" who decided to make a copy of himself and put in a corner in case of his decomposition a copy remains here to stay. If HE goes then the life should begin anew. The solar system should be created again. The stars should begin to come. The proton should be created anew. It needs a new God to come to the throne, then. A new King claims the kingdom of heaven. It is necessary that Messiah resurrects. We are at the end but at the beginning. This is that happens every day. It is written in every language and creed and sign and hint. It is written everywhere: on trees, on mountains, on rivers, on clouds. This looks poetical. Is not it? You know it that way. Proton has the blue print of all the decomposing universe in one code, "Stay!" RNA has the blue print of all the universe in one code, "Stay, proton stay!" And Messiah has the blue print of all, "All, stay!"
Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (1):
These ideas help me to give insights to accepting what you might consider as impossible, or improbable. It is known that all the world, all the living and non-living things are made out of some 85 chemical elements. These elements have been discovered, separated and studied by humans and by some law of nature are arranged in a table, periodic table of elements. By those laws, few places in the table had been left empty without humans know any element in the nature to put in those places and no reasonable attempt of scientists could conclude to their discovery until scientists became convinced that due to known rules of nature those places will be left empty forever. The elements that should occupy those places were too unstable and had been decayed hastily to other elements just after they had been forged in the furnace of nature. Thus never got the opportunity to wait for the creation of life and intelligent life to discover them. But from the middle of twentieth century, scientists could imitate that process of forging elements and artificially created them. Though normally they exist with their elemental identities for a short time and quickly decay to more stable elements nevertheless chemists could study their chemical behaviour and became certain that they are the same elements that should put in the empty boxes of the table. Besides these empty places there were places beyond the last discovered elements of nature. Scientists further advanced to create artificial elements for these extra places until the point that it seems impossible or very difficult at present time to go further. These attempts have resulted to have a table of one hundred and eighteen elements of naturally occurring (eighty eight)and artificially made elements (thirty) all together at present time. Some of these elements came to be so useful that factories are built to produce them in tons and being used as commodities of commerce. We should consider that even the artificial elements are natural but their short lives prohibited them to come in human hands after billions years that has passed from the creation of elements. There is nothing surprising or unusual in terms of nature for them more than what we know regarding the natural elements. They are all at their right places as dictated by the law of nature. This was for artificial elements. Next we get to topic of "Anti-matter."
Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (2):
We could not see any thing being unnatural in artificial elements. They are part of the nature but very unstable, very short living compared to other elements. Anti-matter is another artificially made phenomenon of science. In this form nature of atoms is antagonist with the material elements of our world. Every electrical charge of antimatter is contradicting ours. Our electrons have negative charges, theirs have positive charge. If these two meet they annihilate and burn each other to pure energy without any ashes remain out of them. There remains no charge or matter to be confined at a point. They becomes all something like heat of an oven dissipating. The proton of our world is a positive charge, the protons of antimatter have negative charges. Again these two are antagonist and cannot live together. They annihilate each other if they meet. For those things that have not any charge, like neutrons also there exist some antimatter neutron. If they meet there will be annihilation too. They are like to tops one turns clockwise the other turns the other way. If they meet each other they cannot decide which way they should turn so better to dissipate than not to turn. We can imagine a world that every bit is made out of the antimatter and has not any contact with our material world. In that world also everything is natural and smooth moving and we have a table of eighty ninety elements and there is nothing surprising for its intelligent inhabitants or for humans. Only that we cannot find a way to their world and they cannot find one to ours. Except that in each world advanced scientists can artificially made few atoms of the anti-matter, of the anti-world for demonstration of such a possibility. Those anti-atoms can live for fraction of seconds before meeting the material body of our world and burn into the annihilation. These anti-atoms are natural regularity of their own world.
Some Chemistry: Artificial Elements, Anti-matter, Artificial Atoms (3):
The third kind of elements I discuss are the artificial atoms. Now these never happen or occur in nature. Not that they are very unstable and annihilate soon after their creation but also that they are impossible to exist in nature. Briefly, an atom in our world is a positive charge surrounded and encircled by an equal amount of negative charges. The centre material is very dense and very heavy comparing with the encircling entity which is very light and some how in a considerable distance whirling round the centre. In the simplest form, hydrogen is one heavy positive charge, called a proton surrounded by one electron of equal negative charge. This has specific chemical behaviour that causes it to be in a specific place of its own in the table of elements. This is a natural atom. Equally in the anti mater world we have an anti-atom of a negative charged centre encircled by a positive electrons. This one is also a natural creation in its own world. Now, people have been successful to create endless streams of positively charged electrons (that is, anti-electrons of anti-matter world). If they slow down this stream of positive electrons to a certain speed they can capture negative electrons of our world to encircle the positive electrons as if the negative electrons have mistaken them with the centre of hydrogen. These two, positive electron in centre and negative electron encircling and turning around it, create an artificial atom that behaves just like a hydrogen in its chemical properties, although the centre is not heavy like the centre of hydrogen. But in having a positive charge it is completely like the hydrogen centre. This artificial atom does not belong to any conceived world. Well, they are very short living comparing with any life span in this world, but people could investigate that whatever you can do chemically with hydrogen you can do with this atom which is called "positronium." (Scientists call a positive-charge electron a positron and frequently call a negative-charge electron a negatron.) Some say that it should go to the same place as hydrogen goes and they are both co-occupant of the same box in the table of elements. It is, though, eighteen hundred times lighter than a hydrogen atom. One might appreciate that both negative electrons of our world and the positive electron of anti-matter world are normality of two world that might make a short living system for a fraction of a second. More amazing than this artificial atom is another artificial atom called muonium. Muon is a positive charged particle. It is two hundred times heavier an electron, still it is nine times lighter than a proton at centre of hydrogen. It is completely like a positive electron as if fatter and heavier. This exists in radiation that days and nights showers from the sky. People can create it in machines called particle accelerators. Again, if one of this becomes slow enough, it can capture an electron and makes the electron to circle and turn around it and becomes something like hydrogen; a positive center and a negative orbit. But muonium is nine times lighter than a hydrogen atom. This artificial atom can exist for fractions of a second but enough to be studied like a chemical element with all properties of an hydrogen. For example hydronium is a water with an additional hydrogen. You can replace that additional hydrogen with a muonium and investigate its properties. It is very interesting we can have anti-muonium, with a negative charged muon in centre and positive electron in orbit. We can have mu-muonium, a positive muon in centre and a negative muon in orbit instead of electron. When there is a phenomenon, then there is a range of similar phenomena waiting to be discovered. And still, we have mesonic atoms. In this type we have an ordinary chemical element with one or many electrons turning round a heavy centre. One electron might be replaced by a negative muon. That atom still shows its characteristic chemical properties as before, in spite of the fact that a fat negative muon of two hundred times heavier has sit in place of one of its orbiting electrons.
Then What?
I talked about some phenomena that modern human has beheld. Among all of them I find the idea of "muonium" most useful for my objective. It appears in the world of atoms and molecules in a short time. When it goes into that society, into aggregate of hydrogens working inside the chemicals, none of them hydrogen or others recognize IT as a strange phenomenon, as something that does not belong to world of elements. IT becomes co-occupant with hydrogen in the same box. IT looks as if IT is a hydrogen. Nobody recognize IT as stranger. IT is not a bad thing in ordinary definition of bad. IT is not good. It is not useless. IT is not useful. The essence of the truth is that that IT just does not belong to the world of elements. IT is a look-alike. No world is conceived of being built out of Muoniums. There is no such a goal or such a capacity in muonium to exist and IT is of no help for other elements in achieving such a goal. IT has something, an electron of our world, in ITs outer shell that confuses the other elements. But in the core it is a muonium. IT is not a proton to fuel, to taste and to flourish the existence of the universe. IT is just a flare of a moment, a sparkle of a fire work that attracts the eyes of children. I used the capital letters and pronoun "IT" for the muonium to pave the way for future use of this as an unstable hypothetical element. I also might use that with a bracket, "[IT]" in fashion of chemistry for radicals in a reaction. Satan is muonium among humans.
Future of Human Beings: Version One:
Hundred billion years ago there was a whim but there was not a world
Ten billion years ago there was a universe but there was not the Earth
One billion years ago there was the earth but nobody was walking there
Hundred million years ago there was something walking there but it was not an ape
Ten million years ago there was an ape but it was not a man
One million years ago there was a man but he had not fire.
Hundred thousand years ago there was a fire but there was not a village
Ten thousands years ago there was a village but there was not a book
Thousand years ago there was a book but nobody could fly
Hundred years ago they could fly but not to the moon
Ten years ago they went to moon but not to the Mars
Now they can go to Mars but they have not enough money
After ten years they’ll have money but not for every one
After hundred years everyone goes there but they whim to put Jupiter ablaze
After thousand years they put Jupiter ablaze but they cannot move the sun
After ten thousand years they do it then they like to move the galaxy
After hundred thousand years they move the Milky Way but remains the remaining of the universe
After a million years they engineer the whole universe but they want to conquer the time
After ten million years they conquer the time and the space but they cannot push them to one point
After hundred million years they can push them to one point but they do not know what else they want
After a billion years they know what they want: a whim.
After hundred billion years they’ll have that whim
So they'll create me
And with that, the universe.
I become the father of God.
Future of Human Beings: Version Two:
At these days, it is possible that if some one's heart becomes very ill, they replace it for him if a donor heart can be found. What is bad about it? Nothing! It makes your life longer. Well, it has not details of the original heart. For example you do not enjoy exercise. You do not have blood pressure and feedback to your mind in that sense. Exercise is the fight with death. You already had lost that fight. It is better, notwithstanding, than being all dead. But don’t worry Herr Sinclair †. Sooner or later they will be able to clone your heart with all of its nerves in-place. They put a seed there and it grows into your genetically natural heart. They'll do it though it takes one hundred years from now. You do not believe? In nineteen oh six, university professors of fluid dynamics were teaching their students that if a train gets a speed more than one hundred and forty miles (200 Kilometres per hour) the air inside the wagons would vacuum out and nobody survives. Therefore they believed no machine could fly due to the fact that it should accelerate to two hundred kilometres per hour and air being vacuumed kills any passenger. Now it has passed one hundred years and millions are flying everyday without any suffocation. They are going to do that ‘in-place’ and 'fast' cloning also with other parts of your body, too, if you are damaging them or if they become old and dysfunction. What if your head explodes on your way to holiday on Mars? Then you are beyond economic repair. Happily a solution exists. From the time that you are born from the incubator (nobody will toil to become pregnant in those days) a small chip transmits, uploads, all your moment-by-moment experience of life to a secure centre to be kept on a yotta-byte sim-card. The uploaded information includes, among other things, details of all biochemistry of your body (emotions) at any moment of your life. That sim-card, then, is ‘you’! If something happens to your brain, they clone all of ‘you’ and download your ‘you’ from your sim-card to your brain and you restart (reboot) from the moment after brain death. You even have the experience of the moment of that accident, beyond the point of death. Well, they do it say in one thousand year from now, but they'll do it. Then why do you need any ‘body’ at all?
You can remain a sim-card forever and inside that 'you' can create books and planets and galaxies and population and friends and get energy from sunshine and live forever. You can create images of sim-cards who like caricatures believe that they exist and can walk and have philosophical minds, and while they are just passing of humble photonic pulses (or what I may call it in future) inside your sim-card, they figure out big pictures about creation and aims of their supposed universe. How they can wake up from that horror, from their nightmare?
foot note: † Herr Sinclair, by Hermann Hesse
Conversion of Faith:
I discussed many sound scientific ideas, so far, to show that my claim for existence of Messiah in nature, similar to other phenomena, is within the reach of investigation of ordinary humans. Although, I reiterate that believing it, at the end, is a matter of conversion. This conversion can be seen in every aspect of scientific and daily life. For example, you have seen that repeatedly you want to prove a fact for your colleague, for your spouse, for your students and children. They do not accept it from you. This is the nature of human (and other beings) for protection of integrity of its individuals. Overweight people do not accept your advice. Smokers do not accept your advice. People of high blood pressure do not commit them to a diet. All these happen in face of scientifically proven and globally observable facts. Suddenly, one smoker quits and never comes back to smoking. One overweight becomes slim. The seriousness of some of these facts is a matter of life and death, a matter of better life and more miserable life. Still, only a conversion of faith can help the victim to accept the scientific propositions involved. All the time human finds the devil easier to follow than what is good for him. Human is not rational. That irrationality is part of his nature to sustain his existence against unpredictable and random adversaries. If human was rational then his blue print and pattern of life would become revealed for his adversaries, the destructive forces of nature, and they could foil human plans for survival. Human and other animals are like guerrillas fighting deep inside the enemies territories. They should not carry any identification, weapon or anything that makes their enemies suspicious. If suddenly an engagement with enemy patrols occurred they should be able to use any improvised idea against it. This is partly physical, partly spiritual and partly definable in terms of "information." For example, language or dance in humans are such weapons. I used the term spiritual. It has my own meaning here. By that I do not mean preaching anything you already familiar with.
People have become scientific minded these days. They say, the idea of Messiah is fanaticism, superstition and something belonged to past times when people could not solve the problems of nature and had to attribute them to one or more super beings. Although all of these propositions are easily subject to challenge, I have tried not to become engaged with them until I feel that the backgrounds and foundations are built enough. So far, I have not said anything that could be in contradiction to any scientific achievements of human. In contrast, I have refuted, doubted and rejected any previous idea regarding this phenomenon, Messiah, as it is taught mostly by religions.On the other hand, I do not say that such an idea, the Messiah is weird and rejected. By no means it is so. Almost more than ninety five percent of humans deeply believe in a way or other way in such phenomenon; among them very great living and deceased scientists. Many people, earn money by publishing books and gathering people and associations and organizations, even armies and fans around them, selling this idea to masses and masses of humans. Notwithstanding, they are in the first line of defence together with sacrilegious groups if such a person with all correct descriptions attributed to him emerges in front of their face. All become unified unanimously to attack to Messiah.
How Much Knowledge?
So far, hence, I put myself in front line of scientific thinking in campaigning with all superstitions already advertised by all religions regarding the "Messiah." In doing so I cannot eliminate further counter claims of scientifically minded modern humans. How? For the first, because not all my readers who believe they are scientific minded are so as they assert. These are one group: assume that you are an atheist young student of engineering, then I assert that one cannot measure the position and velocity of a particle at the same time without sacrificing the precision of one quantity in favour of the second quantity. I further assert that it is inherent of nature; nature blocks your measurement not your skill, knowledge and tools. As my young atheist is not familiar with "Quantum Mechanics" and only he has got some familiarity with classical mechanics he might vilify me as saying a non-scientific proposition. Then he does not continue listening to me, rejecting everything as a whole erroneous package of frequently told and falsified dogmas of the antiquity. The second group could be time tasted people of some cultivation and education such as an artist, a physician, a journalist who has another dogma wrongly and in a scrambled shape resided in his mind such as "Galileo Galilei proved that there was no God and any angel by looking into a telescope and for this reason burnt at steak by the order of Inquisition!" They also do not listen any further to me. Another group does not come to the frontiers of human unknown for discovery. I cannot drag them to that place. There is another group who recognises the humble predicaments of vague origin as the scientific truth. One example of that I could find in a TV commercial that, "such a cream can eliminate the wrinkles of your face skin!" Then it was based on the idea of eighty persons who used that cream.
A very important group I have found are those who seek "Messiah" as the embodiment of their ancient prophet. That could be true but needs and waits for your investigation to prove or reject. These groups are actually ignorant mobs but they look like as if they are educated.
Overcoming the Other Loud Voices:
Not all the campaign is with the scientific minds. It contains less than ten percent of the effort. There are more powerful sectors of the society who fight the idea of "Messiah" resurrection. Most of them are from previous religions. Many have a legacy of religion in their minds without practicing a religion or without being sacrilegious or atheist. If they are asked they claim themselves as, say, a Christian. Sometimes they say that their parents were belonged to such and such religion but they only believe in God or a super gracious being as the God. Many are deeply drenched in superstitions rather than being religious and normally the boundary between two is vague and blurred for them. There are fights inside them that which idea is the orthodoxy of religion and which ideas are the superstitions borrowed from ancient fables and paganism. For a scientific minded atheist there is no difference between religion and superstition but inside the doctrine of any religion such a boundary exist and is the subject of much controversy. For example, a monist theologian might become philosophically sceptical of the existence of the material world based on the idea that why the Almighty and abstract God needs a material world to exist (because god is a perfection and need means god lacking something) and how matter might emanate from the all abstract mind of God (then there is god and besides him there is matter). Then he knows conceiving of the God as an old man on a throne a superstition of commoner masses and a blasphemy if that idea proposed by an educated priest. All the existing religions are based on the idea that their religion is the most perfect and ultimate instruction of God and they have a scientific positivist kind of reason for that as claiming that after their prophet or messenger human beings have entered in a phase of matureness and are grown up enough such that no further direct contact of human with the God is necessary anymore. They assert that if a bad happens to the faith it is because the followers do not carefully follow the rules as originally advertised by the God and their messenger and it is because that they have not followed written scripts carefully. And, they assume, if they follow those then they can overcome to other religions and blasphemies and injustice that has gripped the earth.
For the reasons I wrote in previous post, people searching to know about "Messiah" when they come here or to the Messiah website become disappointed of not finding what they want. They want Messiah follow them in their religions and their desires. They wrongly believe Messiah is something as their private asset to help them to fight with the rival local church or to a rival religion. They believe Messiah should repair their Mosques and temples and start a war with infidels and He should side for a group. We know Jesus Christ said that He belonged to all humanity even those who committed atrocity to him. One can deprive himself from Messiah but Messiah cannot deprive Him from the others. If Messiah is the peace and justice crystallised in form of human how could he be property of a certain faith or certain aggregate of people. That fact is true for Abraham, and Moses and Muhammad and Buddha and Zoroaster, too. They belong to all humanity. They all were the same element cast in different times. Where they are, there is no time passing by so they are only one. No time passing Him by; He passes by the time. They pass by the time, seen to the eyes of humans as different people. All came to humans to suffer and to show to human that Satan, is their enemies. Ahriman can exist and can be seen by material eyes in the material form and every time Antichrist cheats the human again with the same trick and human repeats the original sin, as if no lesson has learned and then Messiah pays for the sin of man with suffering anew and save the humanity towards eternity, towards eternal existence towards "coming here to stay!"
What is Anti-Christ?
That helps me to explain further what Satan could be. Messiah is not busy fighting Satan like a normal usual fight with goals ascribed to other affairs of humans. If it was that should not be categorised as something supernatural. That would be included into other famous entities and would be remembered in the same way. Messiah should have a unique mission and position not volunteered by other individuals. The position already offered to heavens, to earth to mountains and all rejected to accept. It should be the lowest so that all humans loath to accept. Should be the most difficult such that no other human can achieve to fulfil. See, Julius Caesar was living around the time of Jesus Christ. He has no attribution to us, to people who are living right now. Everything around him are like him. They are not of significance to us let alone die or live for them. He was a political military leader with extreme capacity of a conqueror; a general, a statesman with power over a big part of earth that even in present time is almost impossible to rule in unification without dispute. All the time try to compare him with Jesus Christ with his donkey, his worn out robe with humble voice and demeanour. Well, you say statesmen and political and military leaders with any capacity cannot project them on a long history of humans. Everybody whether on the side of Jesus or against him approve this assertion. So this excludes Jesus Christ long standing position among humans due to he being a political leader. That also excludes the idea that He had been any type of rebellion or revolutionary leader since that capacity belongs to a man who is on the path to become a statesman or a general or a conqueror, like Julius Caesar, but perhaps with a bit more agreeable slogans. We do not know any instance of a rebellion leader who ever had come to lead the mind of humans for long enough time to rival the position of Jesus Christ. But we keep such an idea for further examinations. We compare a rebel with Jesus Christ to ratify appropriateness of that leader as a just leader. But, conversely, we never compare Jesus Christ with a rebel leader to ratify capacities of Jesus Christ. People follow Jesus not for his art of planning a rebellion. There are certain zealots of religions who try to attribute such art to Jesus. That more happens in followers of Muhammad and Moses since these two messengers of god had to show some political leadership in certain part of their lives. Similarly, for Jesus we saw that he needed food and sleeping, and He said that he had an earthly material being as he appeared among the sons of man. We should separate these two parts and we are doing this.
What is Anti-Christ? (2)
Therefore, we excluded Messiah of being a political leader, a rebel, a general. No other occupation or extraordinary talent you might attribute to Messiah. One never says that Messiah is a great athlete, or a great violinist. The great violinist becomes a great violinist. A great athlete becomes a great athlete. Spartacus, the gladiator who rebelled near the time of Jesus Christ who had many great characteristics and cruelly crucified was a great athlete and suffered what you might believe similar to Jesus Christ, but he only is remembered where you might remember Jesus Christ good messages and not by his own.
People might say that Jesus Christ was a great orator or a great philosopher. Around the time of Jesus Christ there were living very great orators such as Cicero, speaking in the mother tongue of Romans, great philosophers like Plotinus with deep understanding of God as an abstract entity in creation of the world. Ideas advertised by Jesus, or old testament, or Muhammad looks humble comparing with them. Do you know how great are Plato, and Aristotle, even in our modern philosophy? They were recognised already by the learned people of the time as having a sound position why Jesus Christ should be preferred who was companion of vagabonds and centre of attention of illiterate people. Learned people of temple did not argue with Jesus. They knew him of no intellectual value to argue with him in a valid way. This much was attitude of his own people, let alone Romans who were ruling half of the world and constantly were in conflict with rebels and native ideas behind those rebels. Frequently, they had to send big armies and finest generals and warriors and great amounts of bribes for opposing chieftains and warlords to settle such conflicts. They just did not consider to talk with Jesus for a second. They sent a couple of illiterate villain soldiers to finish whatever was the cause of the buzz. With no ordinary reason you ever know why each one of you hangs a cross of Jesus, or a star of David on his neck or blows himself for the name of Muhammad, but name of Plotinus is hidden in few books in dusty libraries. Do you believe ideas of Marx with all greatness with all compassion that exists in them, with all mobilization that they have given to minds and hearts of modern man will endure a century from now? What is in their names, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Buddha that does not exist in Marx, Hegel, Plotinus, Plato, and Aristotle?
Before continuing, I must answer a question that might arise. Why am I speaking about Christ while the title is, "What is Anti-Christ?" It is because Anti-Christ is the shadow of darkness. It is a blank in a dark background that finds existence as a parasite to emergence of Christ in the material world. When I know what a Messiah is then the road is paved to acknowledge what Anti-Christ is.
People attribute miracles to Jesus or Moses or Muhammad. For instance, Jesus walked on water without submersion in the water. Assume some one comes to you, as a modern human, and tells you that he can walk on water and shows it to you. What happens to you, then? You know illusionists, do not you? People give them money and fame and comfort and applaud for what that people know only as a trick. Do you go and crucify illusionist. Do illusionists advertise any thing other than their jobs. Do they insist to the death that they are something else. What about in ancient time, the time of Jesus Christ? There were illusionists with their own tricks in those times, too. They also had status similar to modern ones in their societies. Sometimes they had claims of being something else. Their difference with Jesus Christ was that they were conforming to money, fame and applaud. Nobody can remember them later. If somebody without any illusion or trick genuinely can walk on the water an upheaval happens in the society. How people can remain indifferent, after that? Jesus Christ converted water to wine. He was from a tribe who were famous as good investors. How then they left him to be crucified in loneliness while he could convert cheap water to high quality wine? He did those miracles only once to show that he was genuinely the Son of the God; you might say. Well, he could arrange sessions for different groups of people, for people from the Temple, for Romans for different groups until news become accepted by everybody or by the most people that he was really the promised one. Then what was his mission? People would accept after those sessions that He was genuine. Now what should they do? What requirements should be fulfilled? What then? Should they go and do prayer day and night? Should they close the doors to themselves and dedicate themselves to God? Should they mobilise for a war. Do they need anything to do for bread for sustenance. Or Jesus Christ should provide for them similar to story of one bread for five thousands people. Muslims believe that Messiah (Mahdi) comes and opens the gold mines for them. It seems tests that humans put forward for being a Godly entity is more difficult to pass than tests that God puts forward for human salvation. For few dollars an hour people commit themselves to most dangerous jobs such as being a soldier in a war zone then what happens if some one comes and opens gold mines for them. Who might crucify such a benefactor? People rush and kiss the soil that he steps on.
I already fully elaborated on the idea of a spectrum for natural phenomena. You observe something weak here then definitely you find its full-fledged happening somewhere else. You see this happens in a small scale then that can happen in a very large scale. I said, sometimes when you cannot find the whole spectrum in nature then human can create it artificially, by predicting that in its spectrum. Messiah and anti-Christ are also extreme of a phenomenon in nature that on a daily basis at any moment a human can experience in its mild and milder and mildest forms within him and without in the society. For further preparation of argument, man should refer to his "mind." Mind of a human is the most complex and end product of the nature. Well, I do not mean the "brain." Brain of very advanced primate is also somehow extreme of creation of nature. Sometimes, one might be deluded, when reading about black holes and quarks and gluon's and these things that what surprises they have and you might forget that the surprise is not into basic very crude and primitive objects of nature. The surprise exists in the tool that observes, studies and analyses them; not the brain, the human mind. Before going further one could be too stiff in protesting that there is only brain and talking of mind means that I want to bridge the gap and jump into the world of metaphysics and leave the physics behind. I might do it but in future. For now, I am using only physics. We have two sets and one function from one to the other. One is nature and the other is the result of action of physical brain on the nature. Brain is the function. Result or in mathematical term, "image" of this function is mind. You might say, "Its arrangement of molecules." Well, just asserting the previous statement inside the quotes is mind not the brain. Your mind says that not your brain. Why is it physics. We should go back to the entities who are here to stay. First one we could find was proton. It emerged from the creation as an entity that does not "want" to decay except that you force it. Then we noticed crystals. They want to stack and fill the space in spite of the fact that they have to swim upstream. "Then we had RNA who wants to stay by creating a replica of himself. He believes if he needs himself when he is decaying then he is there by presence of the replica," said so Messiah when he was asked why we multiply. I called those surprising objects, black-holes, quarks, and gluon basic since RNA already was present in its timeless abstract existence next to them and could not find them enough to be left alone at those stages and evolved and evolved them until he created the paradise, the blue warm, wet friendly cradle for his own creation. Then he, I mean RNA, created water, methane, more complex chemicals. When everything was ready RNA was there. Then as he had aimed he started to put one backup for himself at each point on the earth. "I am everywhere and always here. Look, I am here. No, look at me I am here, no ... heeere!" Then enemy could not decide which one is the original which one should be annihilated. Perhaps there is a mirror shattered in pieces and each is the beautiful face of Him, the RNA? Enemy, the annihilator who presses our blue marble from the above and from the below remains wandering in search of him forever. Shattered pieces of mirror carry the same and one thing. Each show the same face and when you put the jigsaw of the broken pieces together they show the same thing, an RNA who is here to stay. Those pieces are our minds and they are parts of our global mind. They are attached in unification but their projections into our local time space seems separated and enemy is wandering forever to annihilate them; wonders which. The enemy is one who has not that picture. So he is in search of that picture. Leave this sweet fable. Wake up back to the physics such that in a dialectic of physics and "non-"physics start to believe that you are here to stay. You know that how proton is so stable and how RNA became created as a replicator. If you do not know and you are interested you can go to school and learn it. Here you learned "why." Therefore we negotiated that there is our mind as the result of evolution. We add that we have evolved drastically from a time-space localisations of some primitive magma of energy into the protons and we passed crucibles after crucibles until RNA and then there were fights and survivals until into the shape of a human. You know how we started to walk on our hind legs until we had to twist our face ninety degrees downwards to be able to see front of us instead of watching the sky. See, in each stage, at each mile stone with the big gap that exist between them a transformation happens. The universe of that entity changes. He leaves a universe behind him. Proton never decays, RNA lays many of him everywhere. It is natural that we extrapolate for another surprise. That surprise does not exist somewhere else that we start to create tools and labs to discover it. That is continuation of our existence. We are at the head of the arrow and we are going towards that stage; knowing or not knowing.
Still, there were arguments that mind is the same as brain. Rearrangements of molecules in their ultimate happens in the material brain. It is as you say proton is just concentration of energy. You might say that, it is just three quarks attached to each other. That kind of reasoning means that you even do not believe that there is such thing as brain. RNA is just an aggregate of hydrogen carbon nitrogen and oxygen with few other elements. We might be left in a hollow of "nihil." Then there is the "good news" that you cannot reason for "nihil." You hear the good news and you cannot ignore it because you have a mind that recognizes it without you can help it. And that holy creature, "mind" also reasons to keep you integrated in favour of a controversy, as, "there is only nihil." Hence, reasoning for "nihil" is equivalent to reasoning for mind. Good news is that you exist in spite of your reasoning against it. You can keep your "cool status" while at the same time you are enjoying secretively as a member of "boring kids club" of those who are here to stay. Proton knows that it is a new entity. It is not concentration of energy. It is equivalent (please calculate it using physics of high school) to myriads units of energy of sunshine shining to myriads square kilo-meters of empty space but gathered in the smallest possible volume to create next stages of existence. Proton knows that it refuges other wandering entities (electrons) and decaying entities (neutrons), whom without him will not have any role in the nature, in a safe haven of a family which is the first stone of the foundation of higher stages of beingness in nature. He cannot ignore such a good news by reasoning that he is just another name for arrangement of three quarks.
Usually, I have read many ideas about "Ahriman" or Satan, other names for and the same entity as "Anti-Christ." They attribute such entity to a political character, sometimes to very cunning rich people, or to criminals. Such characters, if bad, or even worst of them are bad in the context of ordinary human experience. Their actions could be satanic but they are not Satan. Satan is a cosmological phenomenon. He, if we can use this pronoun for It, cannot commit itself to such engagements. That things is not here to become rich or famous or rule over the material world. It has a mission, as the enemy of humans, to eradicate the humanity. Not that to replace of something by bad things, but to substitute nothingness in place of beingness. He is enemy (of Messiah) by its nature and should concentrate all its activity towards fighting with Messiah. If It goes to politics, or acquiring wealth and power then people would become partitioned towards him as enemies or as friends. Then he would not be able to mobilize all the people but few, perhaps only one person left on the side of Messiah, as its mission is such a mobilisation. It is not the case that there is an Armageddon of usual armies to decide who wins who forfeit. Satan is extreme of slyness and treachery. When it becomes incarnated he can cheat "everybody" towards his chicanery. You have heard from teachings of religions that when God created man, all angels prostrated to submission to man but Satan, who said that it remains enemy to the man to the end. So Satan does not come to earth to buy and sell things or ask people to vote for him. He is friend with none. How such thing can happens in the material world. How can you find something who looks like a human and can communicate with humans (to urge them against Messiah) but do not engage in daily affairs of human. What power and specification it has that it can conduct such an Armageddon against the one man army of Messiah.
If people become partitioned towards Antichrist then they'll become partitioned towards Messiah. Then it changes to a fair game of humans not something beyond affairs of daily life. Part of suffering of Messiah and all the prophets is that they become left lonely and mocked at without being believed. They should not share their visions with groups of people, as they could not. We said that people should accept this phenomenon as a conversion of faith not by evidences and proofs but by hints and road maps. Perhaps you have heard or are familiar with the Socrates' notion of dialectic. One should annihilate all attributes that a phenomenon apparently shares, and owns in common with other phenomena until at the end of annihilation one gets to the desired phenomenon that he is studying with all its pureness and carved out of its background, solid and existing and tangible in front of him, until he becomes sure that that phenomenon actually exists in its reality, all sparkling and shining and eye dazzling with its all beingness. At the beginning you believe that you are killing that phenomenon by denying everything from him, but at the end your desired one comes out more alive for you than anything else. If Messiah stays longer among us, he is describing prophets, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Abraham in a new way for modern human. For the faithful of those religions, at first it might come heavy to accept but then they appreciate that if those people have had something related to all the creation then believing them as philosophers, orators, physicians, shrewd merchant, converter of water to wine or to blood is actually degrading them to ordinary humans with similar interests. All of them were face to face to Antichrist, to that carrier of the most profane. It is not that Antichrist was only at the time of Jesus Christ. That entity is part of the mission of all messengers of god, including Buddha and Zoroaster.
Hence, proton only stays but RNA stays and replicates. He builds him times and times again. He is one step upper. Man stays and replicates and "knows" that there should be one step upper than RNA. Proton has a doubt that he can stay so joggles all the time its constituents to become sure. RNA has doubt that it can stays and it actually has one of himself -replicated- in a corner. Hence it replicates and replicates. Man joggles with his mind all the time to quench the thirst of doubt he has got about being a mind. We know that there are myriads of stages between being a proton and being an RNA. There are myriads of stages between being an RNA and being a man. But those stages are not sharp enough to help to define a special position for them. We know there are groups of people who interpret world scientifically to deduce existence of God from those interpretations. For instance, they say there should come together say sixty or seventy factors to make the creation of life on earth possible. Say, in solar system earth should be in a narrowly defined distance from the Sun and from the Jupiter and should have a moon of this size, pattern of radiation of the Sun, iron core of the earth, spatial coordination of carbon orbitals, polarity of water molecule and its amazing angle (between hydrogen bonds). Yes, I admit that it is fascinating but in terms of understanding of beyond they are not more amazing than this: How can you become millionaire in a night in a casino? Assume you shuffle cards and the outcome of the shuffling be a straight flush for you. Are you a winner, guaranteed? Definitely, not; since you are a winner if at least one opponent has got a hand near to yours to multiply the table "pot." Best is that you shuffle in a way that everybody has got a good hand. Normally in the next round you lose all you have earned except that the same pattern of hands happens to you. If you win quite a few hands, some large size but otherwise polite employees of the casino inform you that you look too tired out to be allowed to remain in casino just due to their concern for your health. Hence, what is the likeliness that shuffling of brand new cards becomes tandem together for you and your opponents and with a fair casino who let you win all through the night? Now, try to figure out the likeliness of the next story. There are rare fluctuations in nature that break all the laws of nature based on pure statistics. For example, it can cause half of the water in the glass in front of you boils and the other half becomes frozen as the expense for boiling the other half. This is against the laws of thermodynamics, but it is probable. Any thermodynamic event can have such a free paid casino winning. What is the odd that you can take on a jet-liner and it takes you to your destination by such a gamble wining process? Having said that, there are fluctuations that can happen in a very remote future of the world even after all the black holes who devoured all the galaxies then, they themselves become evaporated and all the most stable nucleon of irons (which are even more stable than black holes) become evaporated and the universe turns to an amorphous uniform, almost in zero degree Kelvin, magma of "leptons" those fluctuations can act against the odds and do the impossible and create a world. The first hand is not a winner. Needs another fluctuation. The second hand is winner but has not good hands for the opponents. It shuffles and serves hands until a tandem of shuffles and servings set you behind a computer but without a nose so the world collapse to another round of shuffling until everything is at their right and correct places as this moment. Next round of shuffles should sustain the physical laws of the universe to prevent its collapse back to an unknown situation. Why this story is probable but your casino night is not? It is because if you want to win in that way in the casino you should own all the money of the world and the night should be as long as a million nights. That amorphous magma has all the necessary materials and a time to infinity so it can shuffle and serve until it wins. As if children are playing with fake money and show their cards to their opponents when they feel pity for him. I told this story to say that those groups with their rare fascinating sixty seventy factors of life cannot over-power a serious atheist equipped with the told story of fluctuations. If you do that you are continuing to admit your ignorance. You have to retire your propositions until the next discovery that is going to amaze you. You cannot prove anything. Still, if you are a preacher of a religion you might decide that those amazing findings might help your audience to juggle with their minds to discover, what they can discover, alone into a conversion and transcend of their minds towards higher tiers of evolution.
They teach to children that during the Moses' time witches and their witchcraft were the most important feat one could achieve. During the Jesus' era medicine was considered the prodigy to follow. During Muhammad's time and place creating literature was what one should show to gain the attention of public. Perhaps you might think that I have selected psychoanalysis as people of our time are infatuated with that kind of rhetoric to be compelled to follow. In all of those childish catechisms you are wrong. It is the idea of preachers who believe these historical figures are extraordinary humans or demi-gods with perfections in talents of humans as the winners of some Olympiad games. I heard from one follower of Muhammad that formula for solving the quartic equations could be extracted from their holly book. He was familiar only with a high school basic algebra and that problem seemed very difficult for him. I have had a look at the holly books of Abraham's descendants including Muhammad and also at the holly books of Buddhists and Zoroastrians. There is nothing about witchcraft or medicine or literature or equations in them. You can exhaust all of them in one sentences: God is gracious and human has an enemy in a corner that is so easily can be seen but even god cannot over-power it. That was all. That entity, called Satan, wages a war against the God on the excuse of the "mistake" of god in creation of human. It knows that the God exists; in certitude, not like humans in all the time doubt. It knows that the God is almighty and omnipotent. It KNOWS. But in the face of god, It rebels. Modern humans, in spite of accepting the idea of god among ninety-five percent of them, if asked about their belief, they become perplexed admitting such trivial contradicting story. Satan declares war against god but god has no asset to be violated but His humble creature, the man. (My Christian friend, now do you understand why Christ is the son of the Lord?) Such a vast universe is of no value for invasion of Satan except a feeble couple that god has created as His only sign of power. The amazing quad-polar neutron star was not enough for God to appreciate His own power. God could only be satisfied if a human discovers that. Hmm? Hence, Satan an angel in a corner unknown to god came out of its amorphous background he had among other angels at the same time that man was created. After finishing delivering Its ultimatum to god it sneaked into the Paradise, the honey moon resort that god had booked for the newly coupled, to corrupt the man and his wife. 
Hence, god made a "mistake" who created man and Satan rebelled. Then why religions are obsessed with the original sin of the man? Because it is wrongly understood. Satan appears in the arena at the same point that man appears on the stage. Satan is interwoven with human. Son of the God should pay back for the original sin of man. But it is supposed that the Son is a different entity from the man and He should pay for him. God sacrifices His own Son for the sin of man. Already Abraham should sacrifice his son for a promise to God. God had asked him to do such a sacrifice. But later god sent the angel to inform Abraham that it had been just a test of his faith and obedience towards the god. We are on the track of discovery of an old, an ancient story but otherwise a wisdom, a wisdom of the past by putting pieces of time tormented puzzle together. We have to figure out what could be the parts that we have not found but actually existed at the dawn of human civilisation in its recent and more sophisticated form. What man saw at that time that he recorded in this way, and it is full of inspiration for all humans on the earth through the history. Why so many passionate heads climb voluntarily on the gallows of history to defend different forms of this story without asking a reward and they become the most admired characters remained on the hearts of humans century after century. Messiah says, "There is no original sin committed by man. It is 'mistake' of god in creation of man that has been interpreted wrongly as the sin of man." When you cut a piece of marble from the mountain to create a statue its empty place remains as a sin in the mountain; by chiseling out each piece that sin becomes greater. Your sin remains in the form of geometry of the created piece to the end of time. Your sin accompanies the beauty of your creation. The hollow in the mountain screams to take your creation back and that hollow remains there as a wound. They both appear at the same point and intertwine together. The hollow seduces the beauty all the time and frightens him of going back to shapelessness that he has had. RNA comes into the world not by the fear of hunger but by the fear that it has not a backup in the world if he suffers annihilation. Hence he creates himself again and again. He takes chemicals from the world and leaves hollow in their place. He weaves them like the most perfect artist, perfect with the whole meaning of the perfection. He weaves them with not even a slightest difference into his own form, by watching his beautiful face in the mirror of space-time and puts them in a corner of the gallery. This exhibition gallery is full of similar artworks, in shape, form and colors and shadings, but in the eyes of beholder who is the only lonely guest there, all are consummate of artifacts; all are masterpieces in splendour. Up is freezing cold and lacking the chemicals for the sculptor. Down is hot and molten. He occupies diligently, all that is possible to occupy, to the deepest down and to the highest up and extends the dominion of his creation. He is here to stay.
Psychoanalysis is a human achievement and supposedly is very materialistic and takes god from the arena of human life and knows other factors affecting human destiny. First, I said that I am talking with modern human and his modern mind in modern words. I am empty of any religion. All cults and religions and ideas existing at this time are part of career of a group of people and they are not for connection to the God. People who consume those products might benefit or might use it as some remedies for their daily pains but at the end they might become confused of inherent contradictions of those teachings with their modern mind. I already used some facts and findings of modern mind such as proton and RNA and muonium to navigate ahead. But I have used the psychoanalyst for my Blog and my web site names. I use this similarly for navigation only, until it remains the truth with its shininess. Second, this word, psychoanalyst, and part of its methods of interpretation of the human soul have been subjected to abuse by any type of preachers from its own discipline of psychology to every domain of day to day life of humans. Normally, I do not mention any name, since I am not writing any science here to cite names of discoverers and scientists. As psychoanalysis has huge impact on and blurring boundaries with religion I have to talk a paragraph about it. I did not write such a paragraph, say, about proton because people have been so frightened by modern science to interfere, or doubt about that modern ecclesiastical. Hence, they take it granted and I could move smoothly in that part. When it comes to the soul of humans, then everybody has a firm idea that cannot be disputed and he could abuse words in expanding anything from any beginning proposition to any ending proposition. Psychoanalysis established with vast discoveries about human soul at the beginning of twentieth century similar to modern physics. Its difference with modern physics was that, after its founder, it was not guarded by the same zeal as modern physics and it did not enjoy to be flourished and ramified with equal ingenuity of minds compareable to the founder of psychoanalysis, similarly. As the flow of science started to move towards the new world, it soon married with money and became arena of banality. Media used it to promote consumption of sex products. Governments and politics used it to opiate people with a scientific-like reasoning. Preachers and mushrooming cults used it to preach any idea. It became the language of generalised non-sense that can be interpreted by the audience individual suppositions. Until now that, everyday millions of words are pushed into the minds of humans as the pshychoanalyst insights. Gradually it is becoming the tool of Satan for corrupting the language of human, The Words. Humans, making their tower towards the heaven towards reaching to the God and bringing him down, become corrupted in the language and they lose communications with each other ever increasingly.
We understood that the only sin is the creation in an arena that everything is hostile to the creation. Everything is dying. Everything is destroying to the most delicate of all: the life. That hostility remains accompanying and chasing, intriguing the ascending being towards descend and annihilation. It is a wound, not healing ever, left back. It remains as a whisper in the ear, in the mind, in the existence of the upwardness of creation. It looks for a lapse for a wink to overcome and take everything back. It accumulates more and more when creation soars higher and higher. That is the pain. It happens that that pain falls on the shoulder of man with all of its heaviness. It is offered to heavens. It is offered to mountains. None accepted. They said, "Let's draw lot. One whose name comes out he carries it." But then they cheated. They wrote on all the ballots only one name; only Messiah's name. And when they drew the lot it came to Messiah to carry it. It is the cross that Messiah carries. Son of God, man, sacrifices for the sake of creation. He tolerates all the pains of the wound that He himself has created in creation. He tolerates for the original sin of man - original sin of God - creation. And Antichrist remains in the back, fallen and defeated again dying and burning in his jealousy of witnessing the creation and evolving of the human mind.
Psychoanalysis, in its original advertisements of its founder, has touched a vast arena of human rituals and their relation with some phenomena seen in certain groups of humans, described as neurosis. Psychoanalysis, in its endeavour to discover that, had to investigate remote concepts such as totems, taboos, and the role of phallus and the role of the primitive ruler and the role of father in human societies. It explains ideas such as patricide and regicide and the feeling of guilt. As said, ingenuity of the founder was not followed with an integration of his ideas in a more unified and honest approach of his advertisers. Do not make a mistake and do not accuse me that I am knowing him a prophet. Let me clear me. It is an analogy that I use. He was like a prophet, honestly advertising his findings as a scientist should, but his followers were like preachers who advertise a religion as a career to earn a sustenance of worldly values, some vehemently, some hopelessly, and some with no appetite at all. I said my talks about this branch of human knowledge has as much use for me as my talks about proton and RNA. Messiah, is a defender, but not more than that. Messiah is not follower. Others are follower. Messiah is the balance and the gauge for others. Others are connections and nodes to connect to Him: not to connect anything to him, but to connect He to Him; to connect Man to Man, to connect the entire existence to existence. In first emergence's of human societies, we have family: mother, father, children and grandchildren, ruler, and an entity there: he is the witch, or medicine man, or something around this concept. There are details. For instance, father was not there similar to what we then had until now. Mother was. She was carrying the result of human regeneration and hence attachment was to her. Father could be anyone. Psychoanalyst discovered that the male child of human has a hidden tendency to eliminate his father. (Regretfully, later these novel ideas fell in the hands of brothel runners.) In place of father there was the uncle. This uncle was brother of mother. He was the mirror that could inspire the male child. Look! Pieces of puzzle are here. Abraham had no father, brought up by his uncle. Generations after generations people never asked why. But Abraham means father of people. He established fatherhood. His fatherhood established by many rituals that needs to be investigated. Moses had no father. You do not know the story in this way, none of you. His name shows that: Moses, taken from the water. Jesus had no father. His father was god. Next and the last one was also known as the "Mohammad the Waif" These stories later has been modified by the preachers to alter the life of these greatest unique personalities of humans to become similar to a spoiled prince or a hero of no value with many similar entities born everyday in a corner of the Earth.
In older posts, I described briefly about some modern observations in nature of chemical elements. I talked about anti-matter and artificial elements and nonperceivable elements such as muoniums. I left out one important case, purposefully for now, and that is the exciton. This element is created when nothingness becomes excited! It exists but in twilight of existence. What is the use of such thing in the nature. All you see right now in screen of your computer is due to such existence. Assume you are inviting equal numbers of girls and boys to a school ball. You expect people become paired when the band plays a cheek-to-cheek. What happens if a girl or a guy does not get their invitation card on-time. You are lacking a coupling place; some one remains alone. If you make the environment excited enough by changing the music to a more modern rhythm, the lonely person can snatch his/her couple from a pair and makes the other partner alone. The left alone individual can do the same with the nearest couple and this can create an additional observable commotion rippling over the dancing motions of people. There is an empty place for one missed individual but it seems as filled by the excitement. You can say one person is dancing with a bubble, with a "hole!" There is a couple there created by excitation, compensating the absent guest.They look as a natural couple similar to others. This "hole" dancer only is a bit more heavier and sluggish than all other dancers in turning and bending and other motions. You can create senarios and by taking snap shots from above the dance floor calculate weight of this invisible dancer. You can 'inject' a spare partner from opposite door of the ball room until two single dancers meet up in the centre of the room, the hole gets filled. Suddenly, all will have their partners, shout in relaxation and the excitement fades out; many scenarios, just "gedanken." The couple might win the fruit basket of the best dancers of the night and the umpire calls the "exciton couple" as the winner. Remains where is psychoanalysis in this discussion?
First, allow me to discuss exciton in nature. When you dope some impurity in a semiconductor material, inside the crystal structure of that material you can create an additional electron coupled with a lack of electron (a positive hole). They act like a Hydrogen atom: Hole is a light weight (compared with a proton) positive charge with a mass a little more than mass of an electron. You can create many of these atoms. All modern electronics and lasers and LED's are working on this basis. There is a hope that you can create such an immense concentration of Excitons to turn them into a metallic form similar to metallic hydrogen. (Hydrogen is actually a metal with properties similar to lithium and sodium, but it shows that under unbelievable pressure to keep its atom in a metallic structure.) Then there is a hope that you can increase concentration to degenerate that metal to a superconductor (similar to super-conducting high temperature metallic hydrogen); a superconductor inside a semiconductor. In that case it is possible to manufacture computer parts that do not need cooling and can work with a torch battery. They'll do it, though in fifty years. Then what is a hole in our ball room party? It does not exist on the dance floor as far as all dancers are paired. When there comes an unpaired individual, the dance floor becomes a little excited due to that presence, but not enough to create an Exciton, as far as the dance lattice remains stiffed due to a calm music. It should become excited by applying a more exciting music to the environment. When an unpaired individual enters then a hole is created. What is that? It is an effect due to presence of an unpaired one. It becomes created with speed of infinity (in nature we do not have speed more than speed of light, but that hole defies that postulate). It is non-causal: Hole is there before its cause enters the room. It is not the matter. It is somewhere. It is a spirit. You know the room is full of holes waiting to grab an unpaired individual, when excited.
I have written frequently that my aim is not to prove the god and religion by using science. Modern science and the idea of god and religion as we know them are contradictory. I said that I do not mean that the idea of god is good for the psychological benefits of human and giving him comfort and insight for his daily behaviour or inspire and frighten him towards a better moral behaviour. Everything that you claim is so vast and vaguely understood by man that exclude me to commit. It goes into realm of dedicated scholarships of individuals and groups of people. Why god sends his son or a messenger who has a very partial knowledge of human affairs let alone to help them to eternal salvage? Messiah only brings a news and some people could only believe him and mostly people could not believe except by conversion, by sudden transformation of soul. I have shown the contradictory nature of these two discourse. Hence, what is all that about the excitons and psychoanalysis? I want to show that there are things that are conceivable. I want to show that the idea of god and Satan is in the spectrum of human thoughts without creating a contradiction or using glib of preachers in bypassing and jumping over the contradiction. I want to show that if modern science tries in denying my argument it similarly has to jump and bypass its own contradictions. In this way I'll be able to demonstrate a unified outlook. Exciton is something in a spectrum - spectrum of artificial elements - that has been created in a very unusual conditions. It is part of the nature but man cannot find it in the nature. On the other hand, I want to show that an instance of the language has been created by the modern man that puts locks and knots on the human mind and when the man tries to open it, that instance overpower the human mind and converts it to a new lock and knot such that when man believes that he is opening and opening he is sealing and locking and knotting. He makes the wall around his individuality thicker and thicker and imprison him in a prison that there is no escape for him but it is crystal clear and hurdle-less for intrusion of Satan and inflicting of pain, misery and hopelessness upon man. I want to show that we modern humans cannot and are not allowed to communicate with each other and when we do it, Satan assertively and immediately outreaches to us to punish us. This is the panopticon that some recent humans have recognised as the last retreat of humans into his loneliness.
You know the room is full of holes waiting to grab an unpaired individual, when excited. I said that already: One individual enters the party without his couple accompanying him. He has left alone. All couples are dancing. He is watching. Until the music becomes more exciting and more groovy, then couples "coupling" becomes loose and also the lone boy becomes excited towards rugged edge of the dancing people and grabs the next girl at the edge nearest to him. The girl's partner grabs one from the inner crowd and so on. We said, assume at the same time a lone girl enters from the diagonally opposite door and starts the same process. We said each one has got an opposite sex hole with them. Therefore we have two holes in the room: one girl and one boy. We said we can actually arrange experiments to take picture from them. We said they are not as groovy as others but a bit sluggish. And there will be a point in the middle that they reach together. Now all people are paired. What happens to our hole couples? They go and sit on chairs at a corner waiting if new singled out individual arrives. They have not names. They are not invited. They do not know how to dance. They do not have any acquaintances in the crowd. They do not have a body of flesh materialised. They are just nobody. They just wait for a lonely individual and an excited dance floor to start to groove. How many of them exists? There is no difference. Holes do not exist at all. You can say, many pairs, or just one or just none, until the floor becomes degenerated: If you invite fifty couple and forty of them come singled then with no genre of music you are able to excite the dance floor.
I said that the holes on the dance floor break causality of events. It means that before stimulation comes response is there (do not confuse it with the response in anticipation of stimuli, which is actually causal). This might make you surprised since you know causality the most sacred knowledge of human. Even if you say there are experiments that break causality you implicitly have acknowledged causality. Those experiments are cause of the knowledge you get from the experiment. But wait a minute. We know that a low-pass filter, say in your radio, an ideal low pass filter breaks the causality. To have an ideal low pass filter your system should be turned on from infinite time ago; should be turned on before you switch it on. Hence, it is not realisable. You cannot build an ideal low pass filter and even if you build the best digital radio, there always will be some noise mingled with the desired signal that you like to listen to, because the filters are not ideal at all. You can make a good filter but not an ideal one. We have a saying that "he is so groovy that dances before the music plays." Holes are that groovy. They are dancing before the guest enters the dancing room. They are there grooving and when the individual with no partner enters they attach to him. They wait until the environment becomes excited. They attach to you with the speed of infinity. This is their second breach of nature's law. It is believed that nothing can move faster than light. Well, some say that when you think about a galaxy one million light years away your thought flies with speeds much faster than the light. It is an allegory. You have that information in your mind and you retrieve it very fast; perhaps with the speed of light, and we do not know more than that. But the hole gets information of your presence and that you are a left-alone immediately; with speed of infinity. You cannot decide if the hole is already in the salon or it joined to you in the parking or if it was with you before any time from infinite time ago. Holes become your dancing partner if the environment becomes exited not when it is gelid. If you are too shy they are like real partners they do not come to you. Another hole comes to you ask you to sit in a corner and talking together. This bridges the holes to the psychoanalysis that I have selected as the name of this site.
If you are too shy they are like real partners; they are groovy and they do not like to mix with shy people. Another hole comes to you ask you to sit in a corner and talking together. You talk with something that does not exist out there. Or, rather, something that does not exist out there talks with you. It is your choice you can go and dance with them or sit and converse. Well, there are plenty of holes around to mix with. Remember that holes are as real as you. I did not mean allegory or symbolism. They need two factors to be realised. First a single individual and then an excited environment. You can arrange the ballroom with uniformed people and similar caps such that pictures taken from the ceiling do not reveal their sex and their individual features. From the left door enters a single; immediately from the right door enters a hole. You can take picture that he or she snatches the first partner at the side and left alone partner of the snatched dancer takes his next door dancer until at the other end, at the left door, a singled out partner becomes kicked out of the salon by the bouncer. When you enter as a single in the dancing room you are already bringing some discomfort with you as an excitement into the room, but this is not enough. Further excitement will come with the music. I had to add this small post to emphasise that the holes are real and as physically observable as humans in such an arrangement. They are actually invisible humans, perhaps a little heavier, if all the individuals in the room have equal shape and weight in a thought experiment.
See, mind-reader comes in a society and tells them that he has a certain unbelievable art. People see that he has not hooves, or horns, or fiery eyes or claws or fangs. He looks like completely like them. They ask what is his art. He says that he can read mind of an individual who is living among them. After now I call that individual the targeted victim or just the victim.
At first they believe he is a magician or something and wants to hustle them. Perhaps he wants to become rich. Perhaps he wants to become their king or chieftain. Perhaps he wants beautiful women. Perhaps he wants to live in ease and luxury in their king's palace or in the great temple. Perhaps he wants fame, respect, and honour in the society. No; surprisingly, he does not want any of those. He only wants to use this art for a great goal that is also of demand of their society in exchange of nothing. Not for nothing but for a charitable goal to help the society and that individual. The targeted society does not believe.
They ask him what is his unbelievable art. He says that he knows everything about that individual. He knows every detail of his childhood. He knows his friends. He even knows what he is eating or drinking right now. Whom he loves. Whom he hates. Even what he sees in his dream and what the victim can remember from his past dreams. He says that he can induce dreams into the mind of the targeted victim. People do not believe such a story. Many of them are magicians and know all these tricks but it does not look like any of their arts. They assume perhaps the victim is a confederate of the mind-reader. But no one, near to the victim or far from him have ever seen the victim with this mind-reader. Perhaps the mind reader wants boot-licking the victim. There has been no friendship no kinship or congruity between these two. But the victim, himself is a humble person of no special recognition in the society. Those who know the victim recognise that every detail that the mind-reader claims about the victim is correct.
Perhaps, he has watched the life of the victim for a long time. But they ask themselves that one usually do these things for some material gain, for fame, for honour. Why should the mind-reader watch the victim, an ordinary person, for a long time and then who has provided for sustaining of such a watch for the mind-reader? If a watch already had been, first the mind-reader should convince a benefactor for his art then commit himself for watching or investigating somebody else's life. They arrange tests to examine the truth of his claims. They send people impromptu to the victim and talk with him.
On the other side, far from them, the mind-reader tells every detail of the conversation; every move of the conversant. They ask the victim what he has dreamt last night. He remembers them lucidly as exactly as it is planned by the mind-reader. People become mesmerised by such an art. They ask him what he wants. They take him to their ruler, to their highest priests. At first these people also cannot believe until they become convinced and mesmerised. They become convinced that the mind-reader does not want anything they grudge for other people such as wealth, power and such.
The mind-reader does not ask any inconvenience from them. What if the victim rebels and attack their churches and palaces. The mind-reader convince them that such things need planning. When the victim plans for them, the mind-reader becomes aware and immediately people overpower him. If the victim decides to approach certain people and becomes confederate with them, beforehand they inform the potential confederates. Mind-reader's only request is the total access to the victim.
Why? What is the benefit of such an absurd total access for the ruler, priests and people.
Now, mind-reader looks to the society texture. If they believe in devil ghosts, he says that the victim is occupied by those ghosts and the victim might help the ghosts to overcome their society. If the society believes that they like to hear the voice of their ancestors to help them into the heavens, then the mind-reader says that he can adjust the victim as a medium to hear those voices and when the victim hears those voices the mind-reader also can hear and will tell them. If the society believes there is a way to live an eternal life, the mind-reader says that by watching gradual death of the victim they can discover the secret of eternal life. If the victim is an illegitimate child, say, like Jesus Christ according to his enemies, the mind-reader claims that he helps the society to clean that foul.
But, wait a minute. If the mind-reader can so perfectly knows about the victim, perhaps king or one of his entourage also can learn this art and read the mind of neighbour kings and conquer all the world, but on the condition that they also do not become aware of existence of such art. Great priest has his own dreams. He knows that he has no real power in connection with god or gods or evils and his rituals are void, fake plays to cheat people and for satisfaction of his own greed and lust. If he only partially can learn this art and keep it in his secret rings and descendants, then he can cheat thousands and thousands instead of the small population of his fanatics.
Is not the mind of human the ultimate fruit of the entire nature from big-bang and black holes and galaxies and quarks and planets; all worked, until their product can think?
What should that society do in return for such a charity that makes the mind-reader happy as he asks nothing that they have. The mind-reader tells them if he asked one of them inflict a pain to the victim they should obey. But, if the victim dies or be killed the art of the mind-reader remains unfinished and inconsequential. King should give time to the mind-reader to make the king able to harness and use that art for his own goals. Priest should have enough time to learn that art.
No; no killing or fatal injury is intended - mind reader assures them. They should use words to inflict pain on the victim. They should keep the victim harassed, isolated, sanctioned, hopeless, in twilight of death and life, confined as if buried alive, suspended as if on the cross, always looking to see the light at the end of the tunnel but desperate of such glimmer, living but dying, dying but living, deprived of any kindness, deprived of love, affection and sympathy, deprived of validity, deprived of conversation, earning bread, reproducing.
There is only one small obstacle on the way. That is, the victim does not agree with this scheme. He does not want to be sacrificed on the altar of mind-reader. He wants to go around and talk with people and socialise with them. He wants to live his own life; not the life destined for him by the mind-reader. He might protest. He might attack to the maddening annoying crowd. He might punch people to death out of spontaneity and the ruler cannot ignore the blood-shed and relatives of the dead might betray the whole plot.
The first thing that the mind-reader does ask to be done is to intimidate the victim by accusing the victim as being a rebel under persecution of the ruler, under the threat of being executed by the ruler for his crimes against the state.
The origin of ruling a society is the erection of phallus of the ruler. That has sublimated generations after generation in the mind of human as fear from the ruler, from the king, from disobedience to “law,” fear of regicide. It has been sublimated into offering yourself and succumb into a compromising position for the (sexual) gratification and fulfilment of the ruler and his demands. In this way the mind reader locks the manhood of the victim into his own possession.
This is the first element of Satanic ritual of sacrificing man.
The victim knows that human society is not the colony of ants and bees. Not all men are created to think and obey unison in consensus even on the smallest unimportant matters. Inside a house a wife with his husband quarrel for the colour of curtain. How is it possible that a wide society all agree on his suffering even if the most sacred and important matters be at stake.
We were talking about the holes in the semiconductors, then we promised to connect it to psychoanalysis. Then we jumped on the dance floor until we got to the shy person who was not groovy and we said that we relate it to psychoanalysis. Another leap took us to the mind reader in the ancient societies. What is the synthesis of camel, cow, and leopard; a giraffe? We have seen holes in the semiconductors actually exist; they are not a convenience. A hole is an extra positive charge, but if you examine a piece of superconductor its total charge is zero; it is neutral. Dance floor analogy is also quite convincing.

But the mind-reader has not any precedence in our knowledge, or in preachers' language and teaching of religions. You might say, "Enough; existence of such a thing as a mind-reader seems pure delusion!"

We said that when we look at natural phenomena we should look at a spectrum of each phenomenon. We should look at the continuity of that in evolution. We should see what has changed a fish to a crocodile. What has changed a fish to a dove. What has changed a crocodile plus dove to a horse and what has changed a horse to an ape and ape to human and what will be the next stage. The next stage should be searched inside the human evolution. Human is the tip of arrow. That does not mean that evolution of fish has been stopped. Human evolution is vertically upward, but laterally we can see very shocking events. There is a type of fish living in pitch dark caves, where even a gleam of light cannot be seen for thousand and thousands of years. They look like a trout. They are actually trout, but that they have not eyes. They have eyes in the same place that a trout has, but as if they have eyelids and they have closed their eyelids. They do not need seeing, hence they have lost their eyes as being a redundant item. They eat and reproduce and play and jump up and down and find their ways around and defend themselves without being able to see. Trees are green and human's eye is most sensitive to green light and bulk of the energy of the Sun radiates in green.

What is the state of hydrogen in the centre of the sun where temperature is hundred million degrees and pressure is so immense. Is it a metallic hydrogen and it creates energy in cold fusion actually? If one can push hydrogen atoms , that is protons, under immense pressure next to each other protons might fuse together only due to population not due to temperature and a cold fusion could happen. Neutron stars are so dense that electrons have been fused into the protons and made a whole neutron object. But surprisingly they have a magnetic poles like earth and more surprisingly some have been observed with four magnetic poles. Magnetic poles of earth are due to its iron core. Where the neutron star magnetic poles come from as there is no element inside them but pure neutron? How two magnets remain in some type of stability next to each other?

All these surprises are based on some evidence. How the postulate of a mind reader is supported by any evidence. They even do not exist in our religious teaching. I asserted that Antichrist is a mind reader. Antichrist has been mentioned as the enemy of Jesus Christ as the Satan embodied in form of human. But there is no mention of such a capacity about Antichrist as being a mind reader.

You should note that some ideas have been the consequence of a brave postulate inferred from previous observations not inferred from existing evidences.

You should note that great pyramids were not built by knowing Euclidean geometry; centuries before Euclid. In their buildings their designers used all the Euclidean geometry but they had not a clue of such a beautiful abstraction as the Euclidean geometry.

You should note that Babylonians and many other nations all around the earth could predict lunar and solar eclipse, length of the year, time of equinox and solstice without knowing the theory of Ptolemy; centuries before Ptolemy.

But the other way is correct. Euclid and Ptolemy abstracted and inferred what they had seen from Egyptian buildings and Babylonians astronomy among other things.

We hope we can infer such a creature from the stories that have passed to us, from observation of primitive religions such as druids, and shamans and from more familiar teachings of modern (I mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) religions, and besides, from the psychoanalyst theories.

Religion Is Abstraction
I frequently reiterate that I am not one who wants to preach any of the existing religions. I am not one who wants to prove that any of the existing religions is actually consistent with the modern science or modern psychology, or modern politics and is good for the well being and moral behaviour though they look superstitious and old fashioned. I do not want to prove that modern life is analytic and people should have a synthetic soul and should escape from the maddening tumult and lust of their environment in cities to comfort and peace of religions in the convents and monasteries and meditate.
No, I want to say that religion is not religion. Pyramids supposedly were built as being very big tombstones for a wealthy and powerful person as the symbol of his religion. And archaeologists go there and clean bones with a fine brush and sit there for years to find a piece of charcoal. For me it shows practical people sitting together, calculating, knowing materials, managing workforce, and defending projects to sponge more money from the king for their wild imaginations. It means they knew formulas of trigonometry. They were true when they told the king that with such a project he would be resurrected. They were true when they said that the king needed all those paraphernalia when he would resurrect. He needs the golden mask to be recognised as with his real face as a king. They were true that he needed those paintings and writings on the walls with servants and ministers and story of his daily life when he should be resurrected. They were not fools to put stones on top of the stones because of their wrong stupid idea of resurrection of their king.
Now listen to people who were descendants of builders of those pyramids and were living millenniums after those builders. They had all kinds of stories about those pyramids such as being built by monsters and jennies and such; couldn't believe their great great-grandfathers were in that capacity which they attribute to monsters. Even in modern times some people said that man could not build such colossal buildings. They say that those were built by aliens from other worlds. Some say that those were built by whipping slaves. You can gather not slaves, but a million of paid workers and start to shout at them to build a mound of dirt and then go and come back after a year and see if anything has been done. But, we have Euclid who could make an elegant abstraction out of those builders' rough ideas; abstractions that did not include monsters and aliens and slaves.
In the similar way we have other types of stories such as a garden of Eden and a married couple and a mesmerising snake who could defy the sanctuary of god and could tempt the woman to eat from a certain forbidden tree. What is its abstraction? Here, a most dreadful animal for human becomes tempting. Why that thing should not come in a more presentable form?
Then we get to the story of a flood that covers all the earth since in a village a group of people were making fun of a crazy person who was building a ship far from any water in the middle of the desert. This is more acceptable story than the tempting snake.
Then Abraham's story and after him Moses' gradually become more acceptable: There is no tempting snake and Sweden will not become flooded for the sin of a village in the Middle East.
Until we get to story of Jesus Christ which includes even less supernatural events. Still, he has got some strange arts such as converting water to expensive wines but people kill him instead of making a profitable business out of him. When it gets to Muhammad it becomes so realistic that "Muhammad goes to mountain if mountain does not come to him." Then people know very detailed account of his time and day to day life of him.
What is the abstraction of these. You might say that it is enough since you can guess that I am going to paraphrase them as symbols of something earthly. No, remember, Euclidean geometry is abstraction of the facts and by itself it is divine. It is not earthly.
Stories of Messengers Become More Realistic
We concluded that as we were moving towards more recent events of history and human became more rigorous in writing and recording of events, messengers of the God also became less supernatural in behaviour and their lives became recorded as the life of ordinary people. The last one established himself among the people and part of his mission covered ordinary administration of a society.

If you read history, the life of Muhammad very carefully has been recorded. What he has left behind has been divided in two parts: one part, based on his own instruction is from God and is collected as a holy book sent from the God, and all of his followers have consensus on every detail of that. Another part of his legacy his followers quote from him as an ordinary person talking from his own intelligence and in many occasions his followers have controversy about.

Read stories of ordinary people who were not prophet and are known as saints and similar entities, living after Muhammad until very recent eras. Still, there are fables attributing strange things to them not attributed to Muhammad. In the Muhammad's holy book, except for his journey to Jerusalem over one night, there is nothing to be interpreted as Muhammad being supernatural being or has done as a supernatural feat; in contrast in any occasion it is emphasized that he was an ordinary human but with a mission. That assertion does not end to Muhammad alone. His book also extends that to other messengers who came before him.

What is the rational inference of this chronology. It is that the positivist philosophy seems to come around. When humans become more scientific they become less superstitious, less believing in supernatural phenomena. It shows that we can reach to the conclusion that prophets before Muhammad also were similar. It is not possible that Moses becomes endowed with such a convincing power and can sink an army chasing him into the sea, but God deprived his son of being able to overpower three soldiers who came and arrested him. As details about Muhammad have been written clearly he completely followed rules of ordinary conflicts and tactics in his campaigns. Sometimes became defeated, sometimes could win.

What I want to say is that if we say the messengers were supernatural beings it is similar to saying pyramids were built by jennies and ghouls and aliens from other planets not by project managers and geometricians and calculating people. It is similar to saying that man has not capacity to build such a colossal monuments and man has not the capacity to receive the message of god.

Now read history of Muhammad; parts which are not written as the holy book. We read that he talked with people. He invited people for dinner and he invited people to believe. He went to different places and asked them to believe. People stoned him and insulted him without he being able to convince them or stop them. He led some wars and instructed his army to such and such. Sometimes he defeated his enemy's army. Sometimes defeated by them near to be killed, and there were occasions he had to negotiate. Everything was absolutely earthly.

Let's go back a few century and go to the time of Jesus Christ. There are similar stories about him. He travelled from this place to other place and talked and invited people and it is said that he faced a court, a trial. Story of that court has been told millions of time during the centuries. It shows defence of an earthly skilled lawyer who foils an unjust prosecutor. The Roman, as it is said, washed his hand. That was correct and meant that in his soul he could not reach  to a legal verdict against Christ. Consider that Romans had a sophisticated administration and lawyers were part of their cultivation; for instance Cicero was a famous lawyer. Romans were familiar with defendants who could thwart government prosecutors by pointing out the right precedence and written laws.

That will eliminate the need to add thunder bolts and lightning to the story.
On Suffering of Jesus Christ and Flood
People said that Romans nailed the wrists of Jesus Christ to the cross and this was the suffering of the 'Son of the God'; what a pain, he even did not die. He survived the cross! People also attribute to Jesus a lot of useless knowledge of every preacher that one should be kind with his neighbours and give a coin to beggars and so on. Accordingly, this is all that Jesus suffered for the stupid sin of someone (Adam) who lost easy life of paradise to hunger and death on the earth. And he did that for a humble apple, and it was because his wife intrigued him. What was the tool of the wife for intriguing? Before eating the apple they were not aware of the sexual organ of each other; peacefully were next to each other naked without noticing that they were naked. They even were not aware that they had that organ, let alone use it for intriguing or become intrigued. When there is no other man or woman around and no sexual life then what is the meaning of intriguing? Why human being needs such a nonsense story for generations and so vehemently embrace such a myth? You might say that it is symbolic. Then go and ask Pop or archbishops, or ayatollahs or rabies or Dalai Lama what is the meaning of the symbol. Do they know? No, only Jesus knows. In Roman Empire even a wealthy person could crucify his chef if the chef could not provide prestigiously for his special banquets, without any court or answering anybody. Every week Roman authorities crucified scores of people mostly innocent who had little children and were thirsty and had half grey beards and looked very humble in talking and demeanour.
In the stories we read that Noah had eight hundred years time to convince people that a flood would come and take them with, and Noah would be safe and  had the know-how to tell them how they could survive safely by joining to him. He received harassment and mockery and almost nobody joined to him and a lot of other unbelievable things such as flooding the earth to the top of highest mountains and taking all the animals to a humble one-man-made do-it-yourself ship. You say it is a nonsense fable, or it is a symbolic story about fights of human being against the nature. Your reasons are feasibility and possibility and so on. Why for many thousands years people have accepted this story? You say that they are fanatics. Well, why do they depict people of Noah's time so intellectual and objective? Why not those people were fanatics? Why they were not simpletons and scary and start to pray and beg Noah to do something for them to save them? They were intellectuals and asked Noah for hard evidence such as some satellite pictures and data and atmospheric models, but after them people lost their wisdom and started to believe in retrospect that such things had actually happened and they did not enquire for any evidence. Moreover, situation became reversed and non-believers became object of harassment and mockery.

My story is like that. No one will believe it as much as I try to write it down and expand it even in eight hundred years.

On Holes and Psychoanalyst

I assigned for me the task of bridging holes, mind reader and psychoanalyst together. I said that any phenomena in nature is seen in a continuum; in a spectrum of very weakly or rarely observable to  stronger more accentuated and more observable.

I mentioned periodic table as one of the strongest evidences of such assertion. Moving from left of the table to the right we go from the strong chemistry of metallic forms to non-metals and at last to the so called inert elements. Inert elements are there to prove that, in the spectrum, somewhere you can not have any chemistry of bonding. Even the last assertion appears in a continuum. At the top of the inert elements you find neuteronium; it is one isolated neutron. It is radioactive and unstable and after a while it decays to a hydrogen atom. As it should, it has zero electron as it has no proton; hence, no chemical affinity. Its state is not gaseous, liquid or solid. Next, towards bottom, there is helium which is completely inert and only can be solidified in extreme low temperatures. It is almost an ideal gas. As you go to the bottom of inert elements, towards the heavier ones, solidification becomes more possible and they become farther from being an ideal gas. It is conceived that beyond the last natural inert element, radon, the inert elements if ever could be realised in observable amounts will be in solid form and even metallic with easily possible chemical bonding. On the other side we have alkaline metals. As you go down, the melting point of alkaline elements decreases and any conceivable element beyond francium might appear as gaseous. Inside the table you find any incipience of all the phenomena. For example, suddenly nature stops to create an element in certain points, such as technetium, which by all expectation should occur naturally similar to other elements. Nature, has got another secret to be observed for that incipience.

Psychoanalyst in its advertisement didn't consider this principle of spectrum, while at around the same time, theory of evolution with such principle was in full swing. When you observe behaviour of humans they swing in an n-dimensional (arguably in an infinite dimensional)  state space; in each dimension we can observe a continuous spectrum. Such cluster of dimensions makes it beyond simplicity of those simple observations that one beholds inside the periodic table. For human, you need to sum up whatever you see in the realm of living things on our planet. Whatever any plant or animal has intrinsically had, from the dawn of creation of life on earth, might be hidden in a corner of our behaviour. We are in a consensus that human is at the top of evolution. What is the gauge for this assertion. It is just an axiom we accept. Simply, birds might believe that they are at the top of evolution as they can navigate distances as far as the distance between two continents above and over any terrain, or salmons who return to their birth place swimming up stream, up the cliffs with no fear of annihilation, with no map and no compass. There are other magnificent examples, too. Therefore, this is just an axiom, as we observe ourselves. Based on this axiom we should have hidden every capacity that can be seen around the living nature. Remember again, this blog is not about proving Almighty by science or psychology or such ideas. It is not to prove anything. I try only to make an abstraction. That starts with axioms and tries to infer some propositions.

You respond that human has the largest brain as the sign of being the highest evolved animal. Golden Eagle believes the widest span of the wings is the sign of being at the top of evolution. Bring the question among the humans. Which one is more evolved: a martial artist, an orator, a millionaire or a mathematician. The last one in the real life becomes easily overpowered by the other three. All of them have the same brain and if you believe to something extra as the mind, all of them, even the martial artist actually, use their minds to perform their skills.

Now let me go back to the dance floor. I said that if you do not be accompanied by your partner and you do not be groovy enough, then under any exciting conditions, you do not join the boogie and you are going to sit in a corner. At this point you feel another invisible partner, similar to the imaginary invisible groovy holes already I described, and friendly with you, comes and attaches to you. Yes, it is attaching rather than keeping the distance and sitting respectfully. This new type of hole, being slimy, viscose and attaching is the first point of bridging into the world of psychoanalysis. Is that you or part of you or half of you? Is it the "other-half" as they say? No, you can recognise yourself. How do you recognise? From the suffering that you feel in your soul. (I use the word, soul, in its linguistic use not as a philosophical term.) You want to repel it and be left alone and enjoy watching dance floor and go back to your friends. You are suffering. That suffering is the beginning of understanding the pain of Messiah. It is the bridge from psychoanalyst to Messiah.

Good Holes, Bad Holes

A friend asked for further clarification of the dance floor. He wrongly understood that it is you that move to other side and there is no hole. I clear once more.
Assume a female enters without a partner into the hall from the left door and finds all people are coupled in cheek-to-cheek. She is standing at the edge of dancing folks. Now music becomes more excited. The network of people becomes loose. She starts to move her body, though without a partner, to adjust her level of excitement to the background music. She is dancing with a 'nobody,' with a hole, with a male hole. When excitement reaches a certain level, and the people are not solidly attached together, she finds a moment that she grabs and becomes coupled with a real male at the leftmost edge. The male hole already dancing with her moves one place towards the female that now has been left alone. This girl in her turn grabs the boy next to her and leaves, pushes the hole to the right, lets the hole to dance with the boy's partner. Hole moves one more space towards the right edge. So the single girl is still at the left edge, coupled with a real male, only the hole moves one by one to the centre and then terminates at the far right, leaves a girl at the right edge alone.

You can conceive a situation in which at the time that the singleton girl enters from the left door, by some chance a male enters from the right whose partner has not accompanied him. This boy upon excitement of arena start to move his body at the edge with a female hole and with more excitement he grabs a girl at the edge and pushes the hole to the left. Partner of that girl, not being a fun ruining guy, starts to dance for a short transient time with the hole until he faces with the next girl at his left and grabs her and pushes the hole further to the left. What happens then? Female hole coming from the right to the left and male hole coming from the left to the right meet each other and they disappear; nobody needs them anymore. Ripple dies upon their demobilisation.

The situation in this thought experiment is arbitrarily idealised. In reality the hole moving randomly around the arena; not necessarily in a straight line to the left. The same fact is true about a piece of semiconductor.

As you do not know that a potential partner has arrived from the other end, that lack of knowledge reflects in the form of a non-causal (i.e., it is there before you) ghost partner, a hole, that follows you. It is non-causal as the dancing arena does not know that you are not accompanied by your partner. It is part of the excitement of the arena. Also, it is attached to your excitement. You paint it and you make it real. Speed of its attachment is immediate.

These holes are good and helpful and keep your bounds to other humans. When your bound established they disappear. In the previous post I was talking about the bad holes. You have a point of contact with other individuals, the bad hole comes and cover it. It asks you to sit and if you do not obey, it stresses you. It does not go away. It comes closer and create a barrier between you and others. These bad holes have certain properties. It can read your mind. But those properties gradually will be revealed for you.
At this point I have another caveat added for clarification my goal to invite your attention. There are cults or gurus or preachers or religions whatever you might call them, especially in this era of fast and pervasive dissemination or selling of ideas that talk about holes in their own contextual meaning that I am not familiar with. They say everything is hole and god or Satan or what ever is hole and galaxies are holes. And as I am not familiar with those ideas, I cannot judge them in any way and I just have heard that such thing as "hole" is in their discourse. I borrowed this word from modern electronics just to enlighten my argument. I will pass over it similar to discussion that I had about muonium; nothing more. There is nothing "holy" about "holes" in these notes.


Bad Holes and Satan

You have a point of contact. Where is it? You get a signal from this and pass it to that. To appreciate we return to nature and to evolution. When you touch something hot a signal becomes created and each cell from the tip of your fingers to wherever you believe it is being interpreted, mind or brain, asks the next door cell to inform his next door that the first cell is hot and might be damaged and it needs another type of signal to be forwarded to him to be contracted and to avoid burning. They have a system of communication and command. Perhaps physiologists are aware of that mechanism, or if not then in future might learn. What if the cells were not attached together and a small gap existed between them? Could they communicate? They could. We behold it in nature. Ants are not actual individuals. They are units of a single body but they are separated and extended. They do not follow rules of separate living things in search of food and reproduction. People wrongly call them social beings. They are not social. They are not even as social as some mammals such as wolves or dogs who create a small pack. One colony of ants living in an "ants hill" as their living place is called, are one big ANT and can't live with another colony or accommodate the other's individual ants. Here you see how far sex, phallus and essence of psychoanalysis could explain things. Ants are not individuals since they do not reproduce individually. I said RNA divides since it has an existential need to be served. It needs to stay. It is here to stay. He says I should remain. One cell stores fat to survive when there is no food but what happens if it becomes annihilated. He needs to keep one copy of himself somewhere and consequently he fills the entire planet with his copies. In a much more basic than ants those copies know that they belong to the same clan; ants know their own clan. It is not a clan. It is the body; their body. All ants serve one queen for sexual reproduction but they work and communicate though they are not attached as a single organ. In evolution of human mind, human keeps blue prints of communication of separated ants somewhere deep and deep hidden in him. First, there is a queen of ants somewhere in you that controls the reproduction and integration of ants of your body in their specialised duties, some for communication, some for movements and so on. Second, you have kept an evolution blue print to summon and integrate individuals of the society. It is naturally that human has created large clans with individuals at their specialised duties. You tend to accommodate and incorporate new individuals who emerge as alien into your society, by birth or by moving to your vicinity. This is the reason that when music becomes more exciting, you make a distance from your couple. You allow the network becomes loose but you remain bounded together and even can accommodate singled out individual. You create bubbles, holes with all specification of humans to compensate for the absent partners. Music does not create excitement. You create excitement; exciting music is your creation. Salmons who swim up streams and jump on the top of cliffs for reaching to their mating spring, hear that melody that exciting music that reminds them that they are one and the same individual, but has been left as many copies to fill the earth and to know that they are here to stay.

Why do you become engaged in a fighting? Because you are in cheek to cheek bound. If the music becomes more excited, the melody of the origin, you become more and more integrating until you become unified and one in an amorphous and asexual fluid. Then you attack your neighbouring clan in a unified self. But at the same time they also were engaged in their dance of unification. You communicated with them and they became alarmed and they could not recognise the essence of the signal they were receiving. It was the melody of the origin but not tuned harmoniously on the second clan frequencies. You beat each other. Those who remain from the both sides, winner or loser become one newly integrated clan. So not only you communicate in near field of dancing floor but in far fields when you were scattered clans in primitive nature. As has been studied by anthropologists and psychoanalysis at the beginning of the last century, these wars were considered by primitive men as a game rather than deep hostility that now we witness in wars. Far field and remote communication have been verbalised in forms of war propaganda in our modern world that humans cannot integrate them in unification. In essence, it is invitation messages to integrate all clans; they are from your cousins. Why do they conclude to hostility? Because the tuning melodies differ in pitch and tone and frequency of resonance and receive distorted. There are hostile terrains on paths of signals; annihilating elements. Fears that accompany man from the beginning origin of the life. Each clan encrypts its own communication signals to keep it secret from the real natural enemies, but that makes them undecipherable for other human clans as well, in the same way that each human clan has created his own verbal language and by moving around each language immediately finds its way into changing into a new language undecipherable by other alien clans. Language comes deep from the essence of human nature from his mind from a deeply buried and conserved reservoir of blue prints that man carry from the origin of creation to today. That reservoir is not in you or in me. It is somewhere, far and well kept. Study of languages is far more surprising than study of a cell or even the human brain.

In the dance floor you are separated but communicative from a distance. You talk with each other without using speech. You are talking with body language. You are using good holes to take the message. You were innocent and pure in your ancient rituals of dance to the drums and strings and pipes. Satan entered in paradise of your innocence. Made you ashamed. Suddenly you felt that you are naked. Your excitement turned into the shame. You left the dance floor and went to sit to talk in a corner with the bad holes. Satan turned your unified being into antagonist individuals. Satan took your peace and spread the seeds of hostility among men. Satan asked you to sacrifice a man for its own purported excitement. You did that and you tasted pain of regret and shame. Then Satan came and found the point of your connection and filled it with its voice of blame. So instead of connection  to each other you became busy of being engaged with Satan. You were wandering to connect to each other to return to the spring that once you had descended from it into the ocean but you were forced to feed Satan and  entertain its desires.

That reservoir is not in you or in me. It is somewhere, far and well kept. It is in a virtual space that has been  created by a first desire: "You stay there and replace me as a copy of me, in case that I do not be here." Virtual space that exists in excited dance floor in amorphous integration of all. That reservoir is Messiah.


Bad Holes are Independent Entities

You are eager to know if the bad hole is part of you or independent of you and what is "bad" in it. It is not part of you. "You," means all things which are in favour of you. Similar to good holes bad holes are out there waiting,  non-causal, until they attach to you by a cause. That cause is not related to you. If your dance partner has not received their cards or received it very late it is not your fault. This is the first step that you can take, to get rid of the bad holes. Viruses use the machinery of your cells into their possession and destroy the life or make it miserable. Cancer cells are human flesh but they are not part of the human body and their goal is not improve or sustaining life for the inflicted person. Psychoanalysis did not recognise this and confused them with you. I hope I can progress further, if Messiah stays with us. Bad hole jumps on your nerve like an independent living individual and ruin your night out. Otherwise, you can sit and enjoy many hours there. You need not to be one of the dancing individuals to have a pleasing time. You can sit and drink and watch the dancers. You can listen to different tunes played by the orchestra, enjoy the lighting and decoration of arena. Think about forms, sounds, solve something you had at the back of your mind from work, home, or school. Suddenly a bright idea could come to your head. You could easily feel being inside the social bonding of the dancing group firmly bound into their lattice. You are human with infinite dimensions to play with. But the bad hole knocks you only about the sole activity that you did not commite to: the dance. IT tries to blame you and keep you busy with its blame. You are being knocked. Your being blamed. IT is knocking. IT is blaming. It gives the feeling of humiliation by belittling you. The amount that you surrender to its influence, will be the amount of miserable feeling in you; that is being beaten and stung by an alien invisible enemy within you. You succumb to Satan - your enemy - in its burgeoning form. Psychoanalysis calls this a burgeoning neurosis. You avoid infinite activity of mind and accept surrender to some ignorable retreat.
Bad hole, even in its dwarf stage, like a good hole is a full human with all intelligence of a human. IT does not like to remain dwarf and unnoticed. IT wants to replace you in the society and fill you and move your physical body like a cloak, like a carcass of a zombie around and to show all the arts that it has, to other humans. IT likes to be mobile and flowing in society and activate dormant members of ITs kind inside the others into the rebellion phase. IT moves inside your psyche, inside your mind, your soul, you memory in search of pieces useful for its mission to tighten its grip on you. You have just missed an opportunity, a very unimportant one. Your partner could be with you and by all fairness one of you could be very tired from the daily chores and would prefer to sit and to talk. But the bad hole has no forgiveness for you. Bad hole wants to make a disaster from you are being left alone. Bad hole takes a full picture, a full copy of your psyche at that miserable situation with all shades, colours and details and keep it somewhere usurped in your memory for ITs future referral. It smears your soul with its own footprints and saliva and its insectile fecula.

Bad holes have four essential characteristics. They are in charge of creating almost all of your dreams. They create undesirable somatic discomfort. They talk to your psyche as if being an authorised in charge and owner of you and lastly they try to shut you down and talk in place of you with people, mostly through the body language and your unwanted lapse of tongue.

Most human beings experience them as dreams, and that is it. Then they talk about those dreams and sometimes believe them or become frightened and thoughtful of those dreams then the bad hole becomes satisfied. Bad hole tries to materialise itself from that launch pad.
Bad hole partially shuts down you.


 Four Characteristics of Bad Holes

I try to engage further with psychoanalysis, without using their ideas. It is my own ideas but could coincide with theirs or use their type of discourse.
First characteristic of bad hole is that IT likes to talk with you. Its talk is not friendly. It talks as if it has got its authority from the god, or as if you are its slave or a child under its guardianship. It talks only to blame you as if you have done an unforgiveable sin. Remember, story of Adam and garden. Satan seduced man to something then god forgave man. If the sin was serious god would not forgive him. Seriousness of the sin is the blame that man receives from Satan. You can sort out things with god but you can't with Satan. You are from the material of god but you have not anything with Satan. Satan is like a shadow and you can't fight with a shadow. Bad hole means lack of something. It looks real since you are the real one.

Second, the bad hole tries to connect to your body and asserts itself. Bad hole has not a body and needs your body to move around and brings the dormant bad holes into the life such that in human society only bad holes move around and human succumbs to their overwhelming dominance and human race becomes annihilated.  Later we'll see if the bad holes can get enough soldiers they will annihilate the entire universe. That is a future proposition that we might infer from our arguments. Well, back to dance-floor, you might become ashamed not joining the boogie and that is a somatic condition triggered by the bad hole. When you are bashful, your body is passing a stage synchronising with state of your mind. Your mind is busy analysing the environment and planning strategies to attach to social lattice. It commands secretion of a modest amount of chemical to engage with situation. It is a good potion for the body. You have seen a four-year-old child  taken to a friend's house. At the beginning she is silent and "polite" and behaving, sitting in an armchair next to mum. You say that he is bashful. After an hour you have to leave the friend to take the child out before she demolishes your friend's house beyond any economical repair. Therefore, that shyness is part of human nature and fades upon reconnaissance of place . One is not sure if the visiting environment is friendly or hostile. It is not fear (which is a kind of shyness and vice versa). It is not a sin (again shyness). "God put me in this garden. I am not sure if that tree is something edible or poisonous. But, anyway, I am bashful to approach and examine. Let me wait for a while and then taste." And, after a couple of days, god has to take you out before you demolish the garden beyond any repair. At the point that you are bashful to examine, bad hole finds the opportunity to realise itself towards becoming existing. It compresses all the information of that point of the time-space-chemistry-etc. in a code, adds fear to it and save it somewhere for ITS own future reference. How can IT do that job? Where in nature you have seen that a chunk of information can be encapsulated? Yes, remember ants. The ant who returns from its search gets encapsulated information of the address of its colony from the coming ants and gives encapsulated information of address of the food to them: "Where is the queen?" and the other "Where is the food that you have found?" And we said, "Where is the path to brain?" and next door neuron or something asks, "Where is the point of burning?" When the ant gets to home it is yet another ant; he cannot remember where was the food. He only remember the address of colony. When signal of burning gets to brain then it is not burning anymore; it is a pain inside the brain

Third specification of the bad hole is that it creates dreams. When you are sleeping, you are rejuvenating your body. Your mind allows your body to sort out itself and make up for sufferings you have received during the day. Your mind allows its slave to rest. Primitive man in nature had another way of sleeping. Modern man should wake up and connect with and check the environment every ninety minutes. That is similar to the point that you were bashful. You are excited to face the arena. It is deeper than entering your friend's and chemicals are more readily available for the bad hole to jump. Your mind does not accompany you as coordinated as should be. While you are in preparation, the bad hole makes your cognition full of the scattered points of bashfulness capsules.

Last characteristic is that the bad hole, upon acquiring certain level of control over you, starts to talk with people. IT completely overpower you in many arenas of activity where IT has got its keys to switch you off.


Can I Invest on Holes?

Psychoanalyst, correctly, has based its paradigm on the idea that these capsulated information bits and pieces, called complexes in their jargons, can be deciphered and opened and faced with by deep thinking to remember past memories and dreams. What has been found wrong with psychoanalysis that it has been deserted? I already discussed it. First, it became the tool of Hollywood and Satanism that is pervading in modern societies. Second it was not followed and corrected by generations of people who should be as bright and innovative and discovering as its founder. Third it fell in the hands of pseudo-science and charlatans and started to be used to create generalised babbles to sooth and cheat and gather wealth and power. It created descriptions that almost every person with any personality could accept as his own description (these are kind of keys that can be abused to open the inner sanctuary of humans for Satan, and has been used so). It helped to excite new frequencies for bad holes. You cannot say that internal combustion engines discovered but only few wealthy people could use its benefits and others mostly became hurt by it.

I talked about bad holes as if I have seen them and have taken their pictures. It seems like what they call nominalism. I create a name and mount attributions on it without being able to prove that the basic entity exists at he first place. Again I remind you that I got the idea of holes from  semiconductors and holes that I describe as the excitements in lattices of human societies fit comprehensively in those models similar to a pseudo-particle. I also mentioned similar abstractions useful for practical benefits that in theory defy the laws of nature. Such were an ideal band pass filter or a choke in electrical current, passing  into superconductivity and other second degree phase transformations in  material, existence of liquids that looks like solid due to extreme viscosity. You need to assume an axiomatic entity and see if it fits your requirement, inclusively and excluding.

Again it comes where is Messiah in these arguments. Psychoanalyst, approached brilliantly to connect tumults of human soul with his societal behaviour and his religious, transcendental thoughts, perceptions and interpretations and among those phenomena claims of certain humans as being a messenger from a supreme divine being. However, having an atheist bias, due to the prejudices of the time that inhibited any assertion of such kind of investigations as blatantly dismissed and superstitious, it did not commit itself to further and deeper exploration.


Dreams Are not You. Satan walks on earth

As an animal, man in nature, should not go into the deep sleeping phases in the way that civilised man experiences. That contradicts with him being on guard against vulnerabilities that he has in the nature in terms of constant threats and miseries surrounding him.
As brain and body of animals evolved more their nervous system became tasked to more house-keeping and information gathering business and his duties of search and finding food, survival and reproduction became more complicated. That made him exhausted in need of rest. While in rest and fall of any movement, vital forces inside him try to shut the entire system into recuperation phase. His eyes become closed to prevent him continuing gathering information and adding to the load of his exhausted body; other senses and means of external communication follow. Only the most necessary activities and those activities that in course of evolution have become adopted with rest state continue to function.
But this period of relaxation does not and cannot continue. Fear and alertness for survival return the body into the awake state. Eyes fall for seconds, ears for a second, nose for less than a second. Then noises, heat and cold and wind and rain interrupt him; most important is the call of duty.
He needs to be careful of his environment. He is vigilant. He is experiencing fear. He is alone sitting in a corner watching the dance floor. A tiny little bad hole starts to converse with him. Bad hole starts to take a picture of his "mind" to use and to aggrandise and to use later. Bad hole takes random pictures. Your eyelids only fall for couple of seconds and fear opens them.
Bad hole injects a couple of random pictures into your mind; you remember them as your dream. Fear, bad holes and dreams become interwoven together. A new creature similar to mind of man but invisible and without body and adversary to man begins to emerge next to man. It digs to open more room for itself and less room for you. Serpent sneaks into the Garden of Eden.
At any occasion the bad hole takes the opportunity to approach to you and carve out a piece of you. Best time is when you are not fully on guard: just at the moment that your body becomes numb and your eyes fall, capitulated and completely exhausted, and the moment that your body returns to alertness, and you are not sure what information just at that moment is the most important to be fetched from your memory, or needs to be acquired from the environment.
Interval between these two in civilised human has reached to as long as ninety minutes, in most natural and safe situations.
How far how deep the bad hole can penetrate and occupy the man, occupy you?
Similar to other natural phenomena it occurs in a spectrum from very weak to very powerful. In weak occurrences most-of-you is you yourself integrated and under your own control. Bad holes are in check and long way to grow. This is among most of population.
If bad holes grow man starts to fight with them. That can consume part of his energy and functionality.
Cases happen that man is completely goes under the control of bad holes. He exists but cannot overcome the bad hole commands, communication and control. He is overwhelmed by constant intervention of bad holes.
What if nothing remains of man and man completely becomes occupied with the bad hole? Then the bad hole has a body of its own. This is rare in nature. Even a small residue of man inside his body fights back with all his might against full occupation of bad hole. (Remember protons are stable but even among them you might find few that disintegrate to other entities - a very rare occasion.)
However, similar to all phenomena, one might observe in few rare occasions, through the history, such a situation that a man is empty of man and filled only with bad hole.
Bad hole occupies an apparently human entity fully with no human residue in its body. What is this, embodiment of bad hole, then? This THING that I said should be shown like chemical radicals inside brackets as [IT]. This THING that is not he or she or even usual it? What is that THING?
Bad holes suffer their host with fear, shame, dis-functionality, and other malaises. Bad hole, as already I explained, reads the mind of its host and brings a picture of the past bad experience synchronised with the present situation to make that bad experience more persistent. What such embodiment of bad hole might look for? There has remained no host for it to suffer what will be behaviour of such a muonium element?

Humans have experienced occasional occurrence of such entity. They have called it Satan. An embodiment of human shape that is full of evil; the perfect bad hole. There is no hooves, horn and tail and no fiery eyes and no fork teeth.

Satan looks for, searches for someone to suffer in place of the host that it lacks. Satan looks to find the Perfect Human among the human aggregate.


Put Your Night Dreams All Away
To further explain, let me put forward few terms in way that I use.
  • Psychology : Whatever any of you understand from this word, whether on consensus or not. It is study of one person regardless of others.
  • Family : Man plus woman plus zero or more child(ren).
  • Sociology :  Study of aggregate of humans when they are establishing something, a structure, out of more than one family.
  • Social psychology or psychological sociology: philosophers might emphasise to choose and use one or the other; it is the study of psychology of an entity such that that entity constitutes of more than one person in its sociological background.
  • There is no such thing as study of one imaginary person grown from his birth, alone and in isolation, in a remote island.
This introductory paragraph helps us to recognise different instances of bad holes in their different sizes, and in different settings from very unrecognisable instance to one that I described as the one who is lacking any human host inside its body. We are unmasking bad holes when we encounter pathologies. Pathologies are exaggerated  and amplified demonstration of inner and most of the time invisible bad holes that at its final form comes as Satan:

The bad hole that now has got his own body is hungry, and there is no human inside it to satiate [IT].

Whatever man produces as dream-thoughts could be daydreams, i.e., good holes or night dreams, i.e. bad holes. Regression is also of the texture of good holes. I define regression as going back in time in your mind and remembering your experiences of life and in a daydream forgetfulness repairing faults, revenging miseries and in a quantum leap restarting your life from that point in all glory and success that you believe you deserve.

Hence, when you are sleeping and you see the dreams, know all of them from the bad hole not from you; not anything related to you and not to your existence what so ever. Source of all of them is the bad hole. You find yourself and part of your affairs among random pieces of those dreams but they are actually constituents of the enemy inside visualised in that way, using your  vocabulary to communicate with you.

I already said that psychoanalyst knows the dreams important as keys to your fears and to your fearful experiences and tries to use them in interpreting the root and episodes of your past frightening and fearful events that suffer your soul in an attempt to heal them. This is very rudimentary understanding of bad holes as the complexities of bad holes are already in level of human mind by itself and they act with that complexity so also, especially when it gets so powerful that might appear as a dysfunction or malaise against normal behaviour of average human.

That entity should be burned completely as we see in the book of Moses when he encountered the burning tree and then he came out all white and his staff (his phallus that already had been raped by the antichrist) live and lively again and he in charge of it. That staff anihilated the staff of antichrist which is not the phallus of human but actually the tail of serpent. He kneeled down the power of chicanery of Satan.

If one needs to interpret anything should interpret his own daydreams and regressions when his soul is in charge and in control.

Satan I said is the carcass of human filled with the bad hole and empty of any human residual entity. It is interpreted by Messiah as a human filled with the serpent as if the head of serpent coincides with the head of man and its tail coincides with what the phallus of the man should be.

This is the reason that man circumcise to physically differentiate between phallus and tail of snake. Man also believed that clitoris of woman is the tail of serpent in the sense of this discourse and knew women the source of influence of Satan. This is absolutely wrong and inspired by Satan. Satan only has carcass of human and inside is all bad hole. It has no gender and physically  perhaps hermaphrodite. As we see in the book of Women, man and woman are two complementing pieces that together make one unit of human, each bring a part of human phallus to make a whole phallus.