Saturday, December 04, 2010

Story of Prophets

If people become partitioned towards Antichrist then they'll become partitioned towards Messiah. Then it changes to a fair game of humans not something beyond affairs of daily life.  Part of suffering of Messiah and all the prophets is that they become left lonely and unbelieved and mocked at. They should not share their visions with groups of people, as they could not. We said that people should accept this phenomenon as a conversion of faith not by evidences and proofs but by hints and road maps. Perhaps you have heard or are familiar with the Socrates' notion of  dialectic. One should annihilate all attributes that make a phenomenon shared, and owns in common with other phenomena until at the end of annihilation one gets to that phenomenon that he is studying with all its pureness and carved out of its background, solid and existing and tangible in front of him, until he become sure that that phenomenon actually exists in its reality, all sparkling and shining and eye dazzling and all beingness. At the beginning you believe that you are killing that phenomenon by denying everything for him, but at the end it comes out more alive for you than anything else. If Messiah stays longer among us, he is describing prophets, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Abraham in a new way for modern human. For the faithfuls of those religions, at first it might come heavy to accept but then they appreciate that if those people have had something related to all the creation then believing them as philosophers, orators, physicians, shrewd merchant, converter of water to wine or to blood is actually degrading them to ordinary humans with similar interests. All of them were face to face to Antichrist, to that carrier of the most profane. It is not that Antichrist was only at the time of Jesus Christ. That entity is part of the mission of all messengers of god, including Buddha and Zoroaster.