Sunday, October 09, 2016

On Messiah Complex and Similar Issues

Yes this could have been true: Messiah Complex. If you have carefully read and understood what I have put here then you already have got the idea of such 'complex.' People come and declare that they are the promised messiah.

There are different classes of such people. Most of the time they are already from  certain groups of preachers. They are familiar with books and teachings of the religions that they used to preach; they are sometimes very educated in those religions.

They use debates about validity of  their assertion by referencing to those educations. They go to the other preachers of the said religion trying to convince them that based of certain verses they are true and they are the promised one.

They start to prove that the other preachers are ignorant, vile, pervert and for the earthly profits deny the acclaimed messiah his righteousness.

What is the test of the other preachers to accept the claim of the candidate Messiah? It is the same things that claimant condemns. They ask him to fly, to go to war for them and in a breath defeat their enemies; to bring golds and foods from heaven.

We are sure that no one can do any of theses things; otherwise, he would not come to preachers for any debate. He would not need any helping hand.

Preachers say that for example, Jesus could walk on water. Well, did he do it in front of people? They say that they are positive about it. Then why only twelve people accepted him and thirteenth could not believe and betrayed him?

People swarm and applaud magicians and illusionists for much more basic feats then why people killed Jesus Christ seeing his miracles.

Followers of religions, after some debate to convince the claimant of his invalidity, or even without any debate, will kill him for blasphemy if the time and place allow them. They have done that with Jesus Christ, even though we believe that he is righteous.

What if someone right now walks on the water in front of you and tells you that he is messiah or is from the god or such things. You won't believe him. Doctor tells someone that he dies if he continues taking salt with food. Some believe and some do not.

Those who believe already have a belief in doctors by some conversion of 'heart.'

(to be continued)

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