Monday, October 23, 2017

Find Messiah

Real Messiah does not come and tell you that he is the promised Messiah. Anti-Christ, the mind reader, comes and introduces Messiah. IT asks people to suffer Messiah. Then everyone recognises in his heart that the victim is the Messiah. He inflicts the wound on messiah but he feels and understands that it is himself who has been wounded. Because before he accepts the invitation of Anti-Christ, Anti-Christ sucks and removes the phallus of its accomplice.

Anti-Christs makes its confederate blind in mind such that the abet to its crime becomes a robot who could not see Messiah. The accomplice could not hear the words of Messiah and has no compassion in his heart. Those wounds overwhelm the accomplice into a perpetual pain which is the same as the descend and fall of man from Garden of Eden into the hell.

The accomplice of Devil gets a bad hole, a very bad hole instead of his phallus. He becomes Devil.

From this point on as much the Christ tries to convince and chastise the accomplice, the injured man goes deeper in his blindness. There will be no remedy for him; no preach will guide his soul into the salvation.

It remains if the antichrist has got any use for this army of phallus-less horde. The word "use"' has not a meaning for the antichrist; we should say what is the consequence of this phenomenon, instead. Devil gets nodal points to spread its spores of destruction.

Remember the ants. There is an ant as the organ of reproduction in the colony and there are asexual ants similar to spread-moving organs who provide food and are specialised similar to an animal organ who have not any memory or independent  brain. They only carry messages from the sexual organ.

Similarly, the antichrist, though an asexual thing in the world of humans, but like an ant queen- the ant colony female organ, is to reproduce species of cruel, inhumane and enemy to humans, similar to itself. These nodal points are its children, its army of mindless asexual distributed scattered ant-like "antoids." They are children of Devil who are all evilness. They have lost their phallus copulating with Antichrist. Now they are in search to remedy their faults and suck and hunt the phalluses of other humans.

In the same way that their own phallus could not cure the fault of the antichrist, the sucked and hunted phallus of others also would not be able to cure the fault of its army.

I said that messiah sings the tune of the sanctuary, that is, the garden of Eden, and invites the soul of humans into the unity towards ascendance of mind as the final juice, essence and abstraction of material world. These nodal points of Antichrist disturb humans' hearts and prevent them to hear that sound and that song. They push humans into the hostility with self, with others, and with nature.

The nodal points constantly send noise to disturb the tranquillity of humans and nature and invite them into the fear and self-destruction.

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