Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Can I Invest on Holes?

Psychoanalyst, correctly, has based its paradigm on the idea that these capsulated information bits and pieces, called complexes in their jargons, can be deciphered and opened and faced with by deep thinking to remember past memories and dreams. What was found wrong with psychoanalysis that it became deserted? I already discussed it. First, it became the tool of Hollywood and Satanism that is pervading modern societies. Second it was not followed and corrected by generations of people who should be as bright and innovative and original discoverer in the same level as its founder. Third it fell in the hands of pseudo-science and charlatans and started to be used to create generalised babbles to sooth and cheat and gather wealth and power. It created descriptions that almost every person with any personality could accept as his own description (these generalised descriptions are kind of keys that can be abused to open the inner sanctuary of humans for Satan, and has been used so). It helped to excite new frequencies for bad holes. See, you cannot say that internal combustion engines discovered but only few wealthy people could use its benefits and others mostly became hurt by it.

I talked about bad holes as if I have seen them and have taken their pictures. My propositions seems like what they call nominalism. I create a name and mount attributions on it. Then I believe it exists without being able to prove that the basic entity should exist at the first place. Again I remind you that I got the idea of holes from  the semiconductors; holes that I describe as the excitements in lattices of human societies fit comprehensively in those models similar to a pseudo-particle. I also mentioned similar abstractions useful for practical benefits that in theory defy the laws of nature. Such were an ideal band pass filter or a choke in electrical current, passing  into superconductivity and other second degree phase transformations in  material, existence of liquids that look like solid due to extreme viscosity. You need to assume an axiomatic entity and see if it fits your requirement, inclusively and excluding.

Again it comes where is Messiah in these arguments. Psychoanalyst, approached brilliantly to connect tumults of human soul with his societal behaviour and his religious, transcendental thoughts, perceptions and interpretations and among those phenomena we find claims of certain humans as being a messenger from a supreme, superior, divine being. However, having an atheist bias, due to the prejudices of the time that inhibited any assertion of such kind of investigations as blatantly dismissed and superstitious, psychoanalyst did not commit itself to further and deeper exploration of such realms.

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